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  • Can't afford new system for gaming, then I might have a solution


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    For those that can't afford a new computer, but the current one you have isn't meeting up to your demands try this on.
    This is not an advertisement this is something I want to share with all CotP users that are not in the best of Financial savings for a new system.

    $35.00 per month (-10.00 with my discount code) you can have a system that is WELL worth your money. So just some insight, all you need is the internet and a computer and their systems will take the load off.

    Each system is its own - no one else will be able to use it 

    (What you get to use on the other side)
    CPU: INTEL XEON 8 cores dedicated threads
    GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 equivalent
    STORAGE 256GB Secured
    Memory 12GB DDR4

    Each time the technology upgrades so do your system with no additional cost. 




    Works on Laptops MAC or OS
    Just pick up where you left off at... Pretty cool

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    So how exactly does this work, I mean, i've heard about it a fair bit, but now you've got me curious because I can only assume there'd be a fair bit of lag from the distancing/it being cloud-based (I ASSUME.)

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    $35 x 12 = $350+$70 = $420 a year, $1260 for 3 years.

    HIGH END upgrade kit for Motherboard, CPU, and Ram = $750. - Good for 3 years or more.
        https://www.newegg.com/Product/ComboBundleDetails.aspx?ItemList=Combo.3821024&Description=upgrade kit

    MID Grade upgrade runs about $300 for an I7, $100 for a MB, and $200 for 16gb 3200 Ram = $600.
      CHip prices will come down a bit in June as the global CPU shortage will wane a bit.

    With one upgrade kit your system is good for another 3 years at least, equal to $1260 bucks for 3 years of their rental service.
    In between those three years, you can upgrade your Graphics card - which is what most people need but is prohibitively expensive right now. ($800)

    Over the long run, you do better if you spend the time to shop, reserve purchases for holiday sales, and do your homework.
    Also, you have zero guarantee that these services are not reading your data and selling it - like all these services either do, or will do later when they need more money.

    Pay yourself, buy your own computer upgrades, use a credit card, wait for a sale, and space out the purchases, either way, you do better yourself, and you know and own your own gear.

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