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  • Version: v287.110


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    Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v287.110

    Current Version: v287.110


    Improved Managarmr's ice breath accuracy
    Buffed Managarmr stamina regen slightly
    Managarmr babies can now be trained to behave better ;)
    Managarmr babies will no longer lose patience 100% of the time when following

    Velonasaur will no longer hit the area underneath large dinosaurs
    Velonasaur head whip should no longer harvest bodies
    Fixed issue with spines not always appearing on non authoritative clients
    Velonasaur head whip no longer shoots through walls
    Fixed Velonasaur spines shooting through shields
    Velonasaur now grounds flyers slightly faster
    Corrupt Dinos

    Corrupted Wyverns will despawn if they get too far from a completed Element Vein or Orbital Supply Drop
    Fade out added to Corrupt dinos when teleporting
    Corrupt Dinos will de-prioritize flier targets, or targets based on fliers
    Corrupt Dinos now deal more damage to Tek Shields

    Titans despawn timer checks only regard players within the arena
    Potential fix for increasing timer after long cooldown scenarios
    Increased starvation time for Titans (~30m to just over an hour)
    Consuming Kibble will no longer increase food for Titans
    Desert Titan

    Prevented flocks from being able to hit through buildings/terrain
    Flocks will now dismount riders during the boss fight
    Forest Titan

    Fix for Forest Titan hitting things through ground terrain
    Forest Titan arena wyverns now take damage from Forest Titans
    Trees will now be cleaned up after Forest Titan is despawned

    Fix for crash caused by garbage collected replicated properties
    Fix server crash when running DumpDinoStats cheat as a spectator
    Fixed server crash related to Forest Titan and damage numbers

    Fix for Mek occasionally consuming 1x element when not refueling
    Improved accuracy of the Mek sword swing when the server is running at less than 10 fps
    Prevented the Q button from allowing spyglass use while riding the Mek

    Reduced damage taken from corrupted dinos by 60%

    Reduced disconnects

    Updated localization strings from CrowdIn

    Cryo freezing is now reported in tribe log
    Snow Owl

    Snow Owl is now much better at actually hitting things with their melee attacks

    Gasbags is now much better at actually hitting things with their melee attacks
    Allowed rider to fish from Gasbags
    Element Vein

    Fixed replication issue with secondary Element Vein colors
    Orbital Supply Drops

    Supply Crate shields take damage from projectiles/other damage sources again
    Delivery Crate

    Engrams no longer count towards delivery crate weight

    When controlling a Scout, any voice chat comes from the Scout rather than the player controlling the Scout. 

    Non-crater forest Redwoods will no longer take damage and fall

    Fixed for Gacha sadness not resetting in SP
    Fixed for dummy items getting left in Gacha inventory

    Set Gnashed attack to not affect robots (allo bleed attack)

    Disabled flyers in Forest Titan artifact cave

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