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    it's not as hard as could be imagined.  You have to spend 1 mastery point to unlock the collection, then kill some guards, take a camp, a tower, a keep, and buy a couple things.  Then just finish the Warclaw track (a lot of people saved potions apparently, I did not).   It's not that bad right now because there are a lot of zerg actions taking things rapidly, and a bonus xp time right now to assist.


    The keep take is probably the hardest thing, but like I said, lots of zergs out and about right now.  They are increasingly hard to follow since most have their kitties.... but I equiped 3 speed skills on the ranger to try and keep up.  Also, I went to EotM (which has been dead for yonks) to take a keep.  Had 3 other people, we put 2 catapults down and stormed Arid, easy peasy.

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