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    Hey all,

    I just downloaded the game and wanted to check things out. Can't really find a sticky thread out there. What server is the guild on?


    Rashin.3057 is my handle

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    Servers aren't as important here anymore unless you want to pvp with someone.  I will say that there pretty much is not a guild in GW2.  You can be in 5 different guilds on your account, but only "represent" one at a time.  So those of us left that actually play are are in COTP but don't represent it in game.

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    Gotcha. So kind of like it is in ESO. Less of a single community and more of a mesh network. Either way if you see me online can you throw me an invite? So far typical MMO. Fetch quests out the wazoo. ;) prolly haven't gotten into any of the good stuff yet. 

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