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    With some discussion, it seems CotP won't be reforming in Atlas for season 3 yet.
    Until that occurs, there are options for former CotP-Atlas players.

    Gin and Tonic were CotP's ally in the last season, they are reformed,  playing, and are happy to invite any Atlas CotP members that don't wish to continue with N3 in the new season.
    Their voice comms are more family friendly, and they remain focused.
    There are a few current and former CotP members playing with them, so you can inquire about joining them also.
    Both groups were in the same larger IRS alliance as well.
    Best of luck you all who try Atlas in Season 3, no matter which group you join with.

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    An update for Atlas in Season 3.
    The companies of Gin and Tonic, AEA / Probably Friendly, and N3 were working together as an alliance from the start, and occupying adjacent grids.
    As time went on, N3 pulled a bs move.  They kicked GnT from the alliance discord, and gave an ultimatum, merge your most active players with N3 or go it alone.
    GnT didn't take kindly to that, and many in N3 didn't either, seeing it has heavy handed.  They reversed themselves a couple days later, but the damage was done.
    The first large fleet engagement with DnT came, and though it was not a big loss by any means, N3 as lead for the alliance didn't command well, and the alliance lost 3 ships.
    DnT fielded more ships than the alliance, and ever since that time, there were no more alliance led fleets or attacks on enemy positions.
    DnT joined with other groups and was able to sustain round the clock raiding, first taking out the smaller players in the alliance - renters on our renter islands, then AEA.
    GnT was attacked every night for a week, we went without a lot of sleep to ensure the island was defended, fighting at night, and rebuilding and supplying by day.  The last two attacks they made we repelled soundly.  We also knew that we could not win, because their fleet was larger than ours alone, so it was a matter of time.

    With that, DnT focused all their efforts on N3, doing the same to them, daily round the clock attacks.  N3 had lost a number of members, and their defenses were not upgraded or hardened.  N3 and GnT had their hands full, N3 cracked first and lost their island.

    GnT was offered a place in DnT's alliance; because we were able to fend them off, and because we shared the same goals.  GnT always wanted to fight the Chinese, DnT wants to fight the Chinese, N3 wanted to fight everyone.  DnT was not supposed to be our enemy, even in Season 2.
    With N3 removed, GnT and DnT joined forces naturally, and our targets are the Chinese and their allies.
    GnT liked many of the N3 players, it was N3 management that caused the problems.  Luckily, a few N3 members joined us in the new alliance, and we will see how the future fights  go v.s Chinese.

    Thanksgiving Holidays are a few days away, something the Chinese will take advantage of as DnT/GnT are mostly US players.
    I'll be on vacation myself for several days, hope I have ship to come back to! We shall see!

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