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    Looks like it will be some time before I will be allowed to create a char on the Wynn server.  We deliberately chose a very busy server, why again? No biggie, I will create a char on another server and at some point transfer, if possible.

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    it's a valid question that a lot of people are asking.  It's same question that we get asked with each new game.  The simple answer is that we try to pick an active server, because we know without a doubt that the less active servers will be merged later.  Having gone through a server merge, I can tell you that it is not fun and a lot of people will quit the game because of it.  I am going to address this and offer some suggestions for the members in another thread, but I will try to provide a quick history lesson about ArcheAge.

    The original ArcheAge released in 2014 and it had 12 servers at launch.  

    • Aranzeb, Hanure, Kraken, Kyrios, Morpheus, Nazar, Ollo, Prophecy, Reckoning, Salphira, Tahyang, Vengeance

    Within a year it merged 6 servers into 2 servers. The list of servers were:

    • Aranzeb,  Kraken,  Kyrios,  Reckoning, Vengeance,  Thunderwing,  Conviction.

    Thunderwing: (new server made by merging the following)

    • Morpheus
    • Nazar
    • Hanure

    Conviction: (new server made by merging the following)

    • Ollo
    • Tahyang
    • Salphira

    Then there was another server merge.  They created a new fresh start server which only allows you to create a character if you don't have characters on the other servers.  The current list are Aria,  Kadum and the fresh start server.

    ARIA: (new server made by merging the following)

    • Aranzeb
    • Kraken
    • Kyrios
    • Reckoning
    • Vengeance

    KADUM: (new server made by merging the following)

    • Conviction
    • Thunderwing


    Que's bite.  We all hate them.  When it comes to MMO's,  people should treat the overall experience as a Marathon, and not a quick race.  

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