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    The latest news out of City State Entertainment.  Basically they have used the last four months to build a new game called Colossus.  You have to read about it here and view and video to form your own opinion.  This has opened a can of worms for sure.  :()

    Read about it here.


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    • Administrators

    No, it's the opposite.  Colossus will be released first.  There is a debate going on whether the developers are rushing Colossus out so that they can use it to showcase their MMO engine, because they want to sell licenses to it instead of focusing on CU.  Ashes of Creation did something similar with Apocalypse which turned out bad.

    I still don't have an opinion on it. I will keep an open mind and hope for the best.  Besides there are a bunch of other MMOs getting ready to release such as Amazon's New World.

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    • CotP Guardian

    Ahhh cool beans...

    Another rush made game, with fix it after its released mentality... Hopefully it won't end up a disaster.


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    My thoughts... 

    This was a very poor release of information.  They are still working on the game engine more than a game.

    CU will have many NPC's in the form of mobs and guard’s etcetera, and they needed a great amount of work on pathing.  I almost think this new game is a product of this testing.

    This also tells me they used this new product to raise more money from investors to hire more studio engineers.  In the end CU will be delayed further but they finally will have the folks needed to get it done in their minds.

    CU 2030 here we come 😊

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    • 3 weeks later...
    • CotP Sentinel

    I watched the full 3 hour video... I'm actually feeling better about it now than my initial reaction (anger & frustration). Colossus / Ragnarok gave the investors a reason to put more money into the company, and let them hire more people to help with the new side-game. Like he said in the interview, a lot of the coding and design progression that went into Ragnarok is something they will use for CU. In the end, it may give the players something to mess around with and play until CU releases, and in theory it should speed up the CU development process. Anything that makes CU closer to launch sounds good to me. I've been on the losing side of other companies that basically stopped development to work on a completely different game that did not progress their initially promised game in any way. I've seen the cash grab developers that take all the backers money and give up on games. None of that seems to be what is happening here. Out of all the developers out there, I have more faith in Mark and CSG than the big AAA companies. Like Mark said in the video - they are giving Ragnarok for FREE to the backers. They could have easily tried to charge people for it and bring in more money.

    Do I wish CU was out last year? Absolutely. 2019 was probably the most frustrating year in recently history for MMORPG's. I want CU sooner than later, but at least they are doing something with their time that progresses towards a better game.  I just hope it actually pays off and they move CU sooner.

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