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    I have been back to playing ESO as my main game since the  COVID stuff has slowed things down and I am loving it.  The new Chapter has been fun but what I have been enjoying the most is Battlegrounds.  For the longest time it has sucked that you could only solo que these but in update 28 the Devs have allowed you to cue with friends.  Developing a 4 man premade has brought back a lot of fun to the battlegrounds.  Cyrodill which is their large scale PvP is hampered with performance issues that the Devs have not been able to solve so I have only rarely been playing in those, but dungeons, trials, and battlegrounds gives me a ton of stuff to for a few hours several nights a week.  The also added a new system where if you farmed a piece of armor and sold it, you can use a farmable currency to get the item back which makes it so much easier then farming the same dungeon for that one piece you need that you accidently sold.  I have 11 level 50 characters at CP 690.  It is pretty easy to get to level 50 takes me about 10 days and ESO gives you all the CP levels so its been fun experimenting with lots of different builds.

    If anyone is playing or if anyone is looking to get back into it hit me up. 

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