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    First off I love you all

    Second I have been in a dark place all year

    WoT was the first thing that made me happy in any way and I loved playing with my friends again.


    In my current headspace I need positive vibes in my life and when we all play all I get is complaining about stuff or negative vibes. This could be perfectly normal thing we all do but in my headspace I can't take it.

    So not leaving the guild or anything though I thought about it but that would be a crazy reaction to my broken state of mind. 

    Just pretend I am not there when you see me online for now and when my brain is fixed I will reach out. 



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    • CotP Guardian

    Pal, don't hold my crankiness against Max and Ernie...

    They are good team mates and enjoy playing with you.

    I understand that I get on peoples nerves at times and hope that you enjoy your gaming more in the future...

    Take care my friend. :)


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    Hehe not just you man, I am super sensitive right now so any negativity kills me. Do not take this personally at all man, my brain is broken. 

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    Thanks brother man I was having a blast, I'll still be grinding my tanks and be playing with you all again. Issue is in my current state any negativity is amplified 100 fold so something as simple or silly as hearing about how much someone lost after a match just makes me want to scream. So before I lost it and went spaz in chat over something stupid I figured I would just take a step back and chill for a little bit to collect myself again. That is all, nothing bad on anyone just me and my messed up head.





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