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  • CU March 31st Live Stream

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    I have backed off following this game, although my interest remains high if they can pull it off.  I stumbled into their Live stream today and the first thing that stuck out to me was not a ton of information and a ton of excused.  For example the slow progress is because of COVID, I believe partly that is true but lots of Dev teams have found working from home realistic in this industry and there is a lot of possible cost savings for a small company if they can get a pause on rent space.  I didn't like the response to delay in refunds.  He put that on the fact that it has not continued because the office is closed.  Someone has to be running the books from home and this should be an easy process to handle outside of the office.

    It is my understanding that they decided to build their own engine which is not common in todays industry even the larges game dev teams with endless cash flow doesn't take the time to develop their own engine.  The one good news that was said is they do have outside backers which is helping to keep the lights on.  Keeps fingers crossed on this one but wow this live stream does not give me a good impression.

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    Catching up myself for the end of the month reporting.  Watching the 2 hour update now.

    Still waiting on EOM newsletter as well as the writeup on this update stream that frequently includes art and info not available in the stream.

    Now as to your concerns:

    • Slow progress excuses, if it is not one thing it is another.  They jumped in way over their head and have been dog paddling ever since.
    • Refunds have been delayed forever, just the excuse changes.  Refund threads have existed on forums almost since the beginning.  I expect the refund trickle will continue until launch or they fold.
    • The "Engine" I'm guessing is the main behind the scene project and more than likely the primary expected studio income generator via licensing.
    • Outside backers, in my view, usually means blood suckers.

    Will have a March update as soon as they post them officially.

    EDIT:  Do not get me wrong, I still fully expect them complete the game eventually ... just don't know if ill still be alive. :)

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