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  • Very Handy Guide to help you Transition from Acts to Maps!


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    Posted this month by a PoE Discord channel moderator.  It describes how to look for certain items you will need to craft up to help with maps at the top half of the game.  People think the wonderful items are just random drops, but they are not.  It's an involved crafting system where you have to craft the items you need to fill parameters of your build, that you can not progress well without, and can not afford to wait around for the gods to drop the right item for you in your lap.  Also, you can craft an item for much cheaper than you would pay to buy it from someone else, and even they may not have exactly what you need.


    Guide How to buy scuffed rares to start mapping Questions get asked a lot in these channels about how to start itemizing for mapping, so I figured I'd set up a thread to cover basic starter gear purchases, and how to make them. Please don't post to this thread except to contribute to it's use as a guide. If you have a question, ask in beginner-questions. (edited)

    [8:15 PM] Lavapanum

    STEP 1: To begin buying a bunch of scuffed rares you need to define what you need. For most people and most builds, this is just going to be Ele resistances to 75%, movement speed 30% on boots, and good flat life on everything except your weapon. (edited)

    [8:15 PM] Lavapanum

    To help clarify this, buy any cheap uniques you're going to be using in the build, and unequip everything that you plan on replacing. This will give you an accurate count of what your resists current look like without the new gear and what you need to buy. Skip any step where you've already bought a cheap unique to cover it that's a good mapping unique. (edited)

    Lavapanum changed the channel name: Kook Guide How to buy scuffed rares to start mapping — 08/08/2021

    [8:19 PM] Lavapanum

    STEP 2: Buying your new body armor. For most people and most builds, a scuffed rare chest is the optimal chest with which to start mapping, especially if you're reading this guide for info. Do NOT use a Tabula. It's Shinazzy in trade league at this point in your progression, and you'd be better off with a 5-link chest with good life. (edited)

    [8:20 PM] Lavapanum

    To build your filter, you want to start selecting criteria that will make for a good chest.

    [8:20 PM] Lavapanum:


    [8:21 PM] Lavapanum

    Select a min-life value of about/above 90. Usually I go for 120 when I hit maps. If the chests you see are too cheap for your budget, bump up the resistances a little. You should play with these numbers to help filter out chests you don't want to buy, after the rest of the filter is set up.

    [8:22 PM] Lavapanum:


    [8:22 PM] Lavapanum

    Set this up so you don't randomly get a weird non-chest item or unique that's not going to play nice with your build. If you're not having problems, this one is optional, but it'll filter out garbage sometimes.

    [8:23 PM] Lavapanum

    After that, you got 2 choices for how to ensure you get a chest that will work with your main skill's colors.

    [8:24 PM] Lavapanum

    First, you can search for appropriately colored corrupted rares, or second, you can search for an uncorrupted rare.

    [8:24 PM] Lavapanum

    You can set that here:

    [8:24 PM] Lavapanum:


    [8:26 PM] Lavapanum

    If you're going for a corrupted rare, set your colors in the following image:

    [8:26 PM] Lavapanum:


    [8:28 PM] Lavapanum

    For non-corrupted, set armor, evasion or energy shield to 1(leave the rest blank) based on which colors dominate your 6-link. For 4+ blues(ES), green(evasion) or red(armor), a single defense is best. For a more mixed coloring, get one that has the two defenses that favor the majority of your colors.

    [8:28 PM] Lavapanum

    And set the minimum links to 6, as shown.

    [8:29 PM] Lavapanum

    Some example chests with 100 minimum life in the search:

    [8:29 PM] Lavapanum:


    [8:33 PM] Lavapanum

    Step 3: Repeat the above, but for your Helmet and Gloves, but don't get a corrupted one, and don't specify links. You can socket/link gear cheaply yourself at this point, so the focus is on finding one with good rolls, and linking it yourself. However, focus your life down to about 60-70, and bump up the total-resistance filter option a LOT so that you can get the best 2-5c rare that'll give you good resists. Watch your resists as you buy stuff, and make sure you're buying gear that contributes to that. (edited)

    [8:34 PM] Lavapanum

    Step 4: Boots. For boots particularly, you want 30% movement speed if you can get them. Take a hit to your life roll to get that, imho. MS is THAT good. A resist or two should also be fairly cheap to pick up, but play with the filter values above. (edited)

    [8:36 PM] Lavapanum

    Step 5: Repeat again for belt, rings and amulet. At this point, it's just flat-life and resists as a basic necessity, or you can try to get access to some map-tier affixes that someone found on an other-wise shitty rare. Watch your resists, and swap from total-res to one or more of the specific resistance filters, as appropriate, and shown below: (edited)


    [8:38 PM] Lavapanum

    Good life value on rings/amulet is ~70, and if you're later in the league, belt can go over 90.

    [8:40 PM] Lavapanum

    These rares are often good places to pick up damage states, as well, so if you're finding it trivial to cap your resists and get 70 life, start looking for mods that help your damage, or attributes to cover requirements.


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