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By Throne

ATLAS: Present and Future

We have been at it since day one, that ugly and...well, let's just stick with ugly...launch. Even through the lag muck and server instability, you could read the stars and see the potential.  Right off the bat it was only for the tough, and we barreled through the glitchy log-ins, the shaky starter zones and the wretched "lawless" starting areas and found our way to the rafts.  Some were able to get to our island after 3-4 hours of learning how to tack, zig zag and fight through server borders and with a full stack of human hides, and then some were finally rescued after what seemed like days of being eaten alive by scorpions and crocodiles, only to quickly get used to dying to the cold, the wolves, the alpha horses, the water, the sharks and each other's general noob mistakes.
Yes, with the known developer, we did try to ARK it, or Dark and Light it...hell, we've even tried to Life is Feudal this one....and Atlas is just NOT those games.  Some visuals and sounds are there, but the depth and options and functionality is just SO much more.  What really took the game from just another ARK expansion to, the potential mmo of the decade, was getting out on our first schooner, the SS Skjoldr (video below).  The experience was entirely PvE, but when you have 13 people packed on to a single vessel and the guys repairing the ship are as vital as the helmsman steering and the deckhands manning the sails, it became something I haven't seen in a game since our friday night flights on the Decimator back in SWG.
We have had just a blast learning the game and surviving our island and our neighbors over the past couple weeks.  Though it may appear as if we are well off enough, growing from 30 actives day one, to more than double that now, we absolutely could use more folks interested in living the Atlas life.  Whether you are interested in navigating the high seas, captaining a brigand, farming the tundra, mucking through politics, taming elephants or exploring the massive (30-40 hours of sailing from one end to the other) world, it is all here and we have many members willing to help you get started.
Here is a few screencaps and videos to give you an idea of what we have been up to:

By Throne


From the sister studio of Wildcard, makers of ARK: Survival Evolved...
ATLAS: The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world. Join an endless adventure of piracy & sailing, exploration & combat, roleplaying & progression, settlement & civilization-building, in one of the largest game worlds ever! Explore, Build, Conquer!
Early access, Thursday, December 13th  (Update:  delayed release to December 19th) [Update 2: delayed release delayed to December 21st]
Chapter group: 
Discord:  https://discord.gg/v74dSHQ

By Throne

Xalt defeats Elric for 2018 Fantasy Football Crown

Xalt's Zappers smirk at expectations, knock off Elric's Arksters in 171.07-127.47 rout

Both teams exceeded their projected point totals, but it was Xalt's Zappers who got the victory, cruising to a 171.07-127.47 win over Elric's Arksters. Elric's Arksters earned a 3.86-point lead on Saturday behind Joey Bosa (2.18 points) and Mike Williams (1.68), but Xalt's Zappers held the lead the rest of the way. They were led by Matt Ryan (25.46 points) and Damien Williams (22.53). Ben Roethlisberger (42.22 points) and T.Y. Hilton (19.4) led the charge for Elric's Arksters in the loss. This marks the second time this season Xalt's Zappers have beaten Elric's Arksters, after winning 118.28-117.7 in their last matchup. Xalt's Zappers end the season at 12-4, while Elric's Arksters finish the campaign at 9-7.
Matchup Highlights

Sunday Early    There were players with standout moments on both teams early Sunday, after which Xalt's Zappers owned a 125.41-53.13 lead. Matt Ryan had a 75-yard touchdown pass and a 44-yard touchdown pass for Xalt's Zappers, while David Njoku had a 66-yard catch. T.Y. Hilton made the highlight reel for Elric's Arksters with a 55-yard catch.

Sunday Late    Both teams had players with big-time moments on Sunday afternoon, but it was Xalt's Zappers who took the lead, 148.54-96.80. For Xalt's Zappers, Robert Woods had a 39-yard touchdown catch. Ben Roethlisberger made the highlight reel for Elric's Arksters with a 20-yard touchdown pass and a 49-yard pass.

Sunday Night    Harrison Butker had a 54-yard field goal for Elric's Arksters, who trailed 171.07-118.27 after Sunday Night Football.
By Throne

Kenshi 1.0 Released

It is generally a rarity that finds a single player game a feature of CotP articles, however, over recent months this game has entered my personal top five games of all-time and has passed my hourly steam totals for Mount & Blade, Fallout 4 and Skyrim in the process.  What the....yeah, I know.
So many titles over the years have claimed that it allows its players to "win" the game "their way" in an "open sandbox" environment.  Well, we cannot get the time back that we spent realizing that those developers were still significantly limited in the scope of what any individual's personal definition of in-game "freedom" actually means.  For me, M&B and SWG came close.  Unfortunately, both those games (or their EMU reboot) are either approaching or have surpassed the ten year mark of their seemingly eternal impending latest release. Enter Kenshi.
Freedom is a fun word in Kenshi...yes, you have the freedom to stay solo, group up with a squad, make a vegetable farm, join a faction, enslave a faction, slay the champion, be the richest hermit, recruit an army of robots or build the great city....blah blah, boring.  Now, the freedom to fail in the most unique form possible...that is the true gem in this game.  I will give you just the one example:
My squad is epic, I will tame the badlands and establish a civilized trading outpost...plan = awesome.  Headed for the abandoned fishing outpost.  Acid rain, not fun...put up tent, survived.  Reached fishing village, it is not a fishing village.  Really freaky "skin" people pour out of all the village buildings.  We put up a good fight but were overwhelmed.  One by one, my squad members were....stolen.  Knocked out, picked up and taken to some of the village huts.  What is going on here?  Then the screams.  Agonizing screams from my captured squad members.  No idea.  I am the last one to go down.  KO'd, picked up, taken to a nearby hut....
I died from blood loss.....after I was put into a grinder that peeled my skin off.
Kenshi is a single player sandbox PC game set in a vast and atmospheric ‘Sword-Punk’ style open world. With a mix of RPG elements, squad-based control and city-building features, gameplay is completely free-roaming and open: enjoy the freedom and potential to do whatever you want.
Set in an unrelenting world of bloodthirsty cannibals, starving bandits, brutal slavers and wild beasts, survival alone is a grueling struggle… You are not the chosen one. You’re not great and powerful. You don’t have more ‘hitpoints’ than everyone else. You are not the center of the universe, and you are not special. Unless you work for it.
Character Customization 
Edit your characters, build up their strengths and watch them endure and grow. Train Your Skills in Robotics, Thievery, Engineering, Medicine, Weapon Smithing and more!
Squad-Based Control
Play with one character or control a whole team; an army, even. Combat is Real-Time Strategy style with a choice of ranged and melee fighting styles
Build Your Base
Create and run your own city, manage an empire or simply wander the lands as a lone drifter. Research upgrades such as industry tech, weaponry crafting and trade goods
Wounds Affect Gameplay
Complex medical system where injured characters limp, crawl, bleed to death or pass out from starvation. Stem blood loss to avoid predators and replace lost limbs with robotic prosthetics
Open-ended Gameplay
An original sandbox world. Lay siege as a warlord or make your riches as a trader… There are endless game style possibilities and the world will never stop moving
Train hard
There is no level-scaling, the world does not level up along with you. At the start of the game almost everyone will be stronger than you and you’ll have to use your cunning to survive
Escape capture from deadly slavers & cannibal prisons, rescue your squad mates from grisly death and get them all home alive
Start A Faction
Keep to yourself, form an alliance or oppose other factions and territories of the world… good or bad

By Throne

Drayvn ARK cluster updated with Extinction

The ARK: Extinction map has been added to Drayvn's Server Cluster.
The Goal:
Link multiple maps on one server so that players can truly enjoy everything the game offers. You can live on the Island and still explore the dungeons on Extinction while using the dragon you got from scorched and the spelunking tools you got from Aberration.
Note: This is a private server cluster created by Drayvn and is open to COTP members who are able to conduct themselves in a mature manner.  
Note II:  These servers are not modded in order to provide some difficulty to those who can handle it.
Maps currently in cluster:
The Island Scorched Earth Aberration Extinction Server Names:
Pheah Islands Pheah Scorched Pheah Aberration Pheah Extinction Forum Group Link: 
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  • Enjoy your summer everyone!

Chapter Leader: Leah and Perfectd

Server: Jade Quarry

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  2. If you want to unlock mounts in GW2, now is the time to buy the expansion! 50% off until 14 Jan!
  3. All or Nothing is live. Make sure to log in to unlock it on your accounts people!
  4. Entitled All or Nothing, read all about it here! All or Nothing
  5. Perfectd

    Wintersday 2018

    Wintersday has returned! You know what that means, get in game!! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/december-11-2018/
  6. I'm a couple days late, but there's some changes worth mentioning! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/november-13-salvage-runes-and-sigils/
  7. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    I'd like to give back more, but I just don't think I'm on enough any more
  8. jaif

    Griffon mount

    the legendary bounties are really tough to get groups for. you have to pay attention. a couple of times since then I stopped doing things and helped with some open world missions, simply because I've been in the hard spot before.
  9. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    think the longest part doing it so late after release was finding people to do the legendary bounty in one of the zones. Took me a few days of keeping an eye on the open bounty groups and then spamming in map chat.
  10. Leah

    Griffon mount

    WTG! A real accomplishment; I only managed it because Jaif did it first. —Leah
  11. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    FINALLY! finished my griffon mount this morning. I was working on it again after completing chapter 3 of the current living world season. Then had to pause it briefly while I did chapter 4 on one character. Phew, that took me entirely way too long On to the next challenge.
  12. Perfectd

    World Boss Portal Device

    I bought it as well the day it came out. I think it's worth it when you have a lot of collections that require you to complete different boss fights. Don't have to alt tab to check wiki when the next fights are coming up, the machine puts a message in your chat window I like it as well!
  13. Weeklong Bonus: World vs. World Date and Time: From 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on September 28 to 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) on October 5. Gameplay Variant: Enhanced bloodlust! Minor, major, and superior bloodlust will grant an additional 5%, 15%, or 30% bonus respectively to power, precision, toughness, vitality, condition damage, healing power, and ferocity. Increase your bloodlust by capturing Ruins of Power in multiple borderlands. Bonuses While Playing in WvW: Receive a 25% bonus to reward-track progress. Gain double World Experience. Receive a 50% bonus to magic find.
  14. I was iffy about buying this device for level 80’s (400 gems) but I love it. There are tons of boss fights and this device notifies you and then ports you directly to the nearest waypoint to the fight. Great introduction to challenging fights with tons of people and guilds who participate. Rewards are decent. I joined 4 boss fights in an hour. —Leah
  15. I can highly recommend this tour and the commander. It’s worth the effort to attend any part you can but I think it will “sell out” very quickly. https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/9jhd4n/tour_of_hot_train_saturday_29th_sept_na/ —Leah
  16. watched the trailer. it looks good centers around Aurene.
  17. Perfectd

    GW2 these days...

    Leah has NEVER been one to follow a meta
  18. Caveat Emptor: don’t try to copy a build before you’ve maxed your character and saved up resources and gold. Even then I’ve never been happy with a copied build until I understood how it worked and tweaked it to fit how I play. Please add yours! http://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/8zoynm/open_world_pve_builds_july_2018/ https://www.reddit.com/r/GuildWars2Builds/comments/80i7gc/pve_open_world_builds_march_2018_build_goals/ —Leah
  19. Releases Tuesday, September 18. You will need Path of Fire to play it but NOT to unlock it. Just log on while it’s active. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/watch-the-trailer-for-a-star-to-guide-us/ —Leah
  20. Grim

    GW2 these days...

    Oh Leah, why couldn't you follow the new meta and just tease him? I would have laughed, seriously! 😛 Cheers Grim
  21. Leah

    GW2 these days...

    Race doesn’t really matter except for story and looks. That said, you will never convince me that Asura don’t move fastest and Norn slowest. Other than that, it’s personal choice. —Leah
  22. Grim

    GW2 these days...

    *cough* more female players? Sounds like your estrogen levels are high again, lol. Cheers Grim
  23. Damis

    GW2 these days...

    I have started to play the game again. I am going to start a new Necro, but I am torn between a human or vorn female. Suggestions?
  24. Elric

    GW2 these days...

    Right. I've never joined another guild, so I do have 4 guild slots open.
  25. Leah

    GW2 these days...

    Of course! But if you drop CotP I’d have to kill you. 😋 if I could, of course, which is not terribly likely. Tho I did 1v1 a ranger today! Are you still on JQ? We’re linked to Maguuma for two months and I’m rather enjoying that so far. —Leah
  26. Perfectd

    GW2 these days...

    The beauty is you can be in up to 5 guilds at once, so you can keep CotP and join 4 others in game.
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