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Covenant of the Phoenix has a new official Discord Channel!!!
By Damis

7 DAYS TO DIE - Alpha 19 B-157 Experimental Released.

The Fun Pimps are working towards another huge upgrade for the survival game 7 Days to Die, with a new experimental build out now to try. It's a massive upgrade again to many areas of the game. Some of what's new includes: Linear Color Space Lighting, Improved Gamepad Support, New Survival System & Critical Injuries, Interactive Loading Screen, Food and Water Bars in the UI and HD Characters.
Alpha 19 Official Release Notes
By Damis

Camelot Unchained Newsletter #67

Slowed but not stopped. 
We are now entering the new 90 day development period.  So we expect to see giants in all their glory or at least an early version.  Also, they plan on starting up a persistent world on a 24/3 [weekends] server run by their overlord program.  Some things we may also see during this period is are the Spirit mages and dragons as they start to get flushed out.
This months newsletter:  https://mailchi.mp/citystateentertainment/unveiled-camelot-unchained-newsletter-642244
News: https://camelotunchained.com/v3/category/news/
By Damis

Amazon's MMO New World Release Date.

New World will launch on August 25th, 2020. It was originally planned for a May release date before the Covid-19 pandemic caused many games to be delayed. 
Does New World require a subscription?
No, there will not be a subscription fee to play New World. You only need to make a one-time purchase—it's $40 for the standard edition—though there may be expansions or other things to spend money on in the future.
Will there be a New World beta?
Yes, the closed beta begins on July 23, which you can get access to by pre-ordering.
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  2. Hey there and welcome back. You will find newer info and your pals here... https://discord.gg/wrw2Yk Cheers Grim
  3. I don't see any active threads or I could be looking in wrong area. I am looking to play through story line from 70-71 and level some alts during this downtime and was hoping to get a guild invite or get up into the alt guild if that's an option. Whichever works or is possible. Thanks, Christopher aka Japeth in game
  4. Expansion. We are getting one. This October
  5. I figured if we start to chant, it might come sooner.
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