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By Elric

ArcheAge Unchained

When the first ArcheAge was released, it was a huge chapter for COTP.  The initial game hype was off the charts, and we had a lot of fun at first... Unfortunately they had some pretty big missteps with the release schedule and some content that was not released as planned (or poorly handled).  A lot of the issues with the game can be attributed to conflicts between the original Korean developer XL Games and the USA publisher Trion Worlds.  Over time the game went F2P and quickly became a Pay2Win game.  Let's just say that the community was unhappy with the direction of the game. 
Enter GamIgo Games!  Last year Gamigo Games purchased Trion Worlds and acquired the ownership rights of ArcheAge.  As a direct result of all the community backlash, they decided to release a completely different version of the game.  By popular demand, ArcheAge Unchained is going to be a completely separate game on its own, and they are eliminating the big P2W problems.  ArcheAge Unchained is being released on October 15th, and it will be a Buy 2 Play model.  You pay the initial game cost up front, and after that there will be no subscriptions or "Premium monthly costs".  The only items for sale in the "cash shop" will be 100% cosmetic, and anything game impacting from the original ArcheAge game was removed.  For example, the game was due to come out the last weekend in September, but Gamigo Games decided to delay the game for more PTS testing.  The big change they were working on was to make all cosmetic items Bound on Pickup / Purchase.  They wanted to avoid anyone buying cosmetic items for RL money and then selling them on the in-game marketplace to earn gold.  Many people in the community saw this as being slightly Pay 2 Win, so it was removed from the game!

Here is a good video talking about the upcoming release of ArcheAge Unchained, and some history of the original game:

At this point we don't have any official plans of a COTP Chapter, but we will certainly go that way if we get enough people interested!
If you want more information, here is the full copy / paste of the FAQ from the official ArcheAge Unchained forums:

By Damis

Fractured MMO

Fractured is an open-world fantasy sandbox MMORPG which blends action combat with fully interactive environments, appealing equally to lovers of competitive and cooperative gameplay. Jump right into the fray from day one. Defeat your enemies with skill and wit, not equipment or level. Gather resources, craft, trade and venture into legendary travels as a solitary hero, or start a settlement with your guild and grow it into the next empire. A true sandbox MMORPG, Fractured lets players pursue the gameplay they enjoy, create the type of character they enjoy, and focus on doing what they enjoy. 
Fractured Key Features
Unique And Dynamic Setting – Explore the universe of Fractured, which is spread across three planets – Arboreus, Syndesia, and Tartaros. Travel is an important part of the game experience; unlike many traditional MMORPGS, players must find a way to survive as they traverse the worlds. In addition, eclipses, unique PvE events, have a huge impact on the lives of demons and humans. The state of the universe, and even the position of planets, matters!
Race Is More Than Cosmetic – The race you belong to has an actual impact on game mechanics, from the type of society you live in to the ways you can interact with other players. Choose a human and live in – or at odds with – a feudal society. Be a beastman, and live in harmony with nature. Or, choose a demon, and slake your thirst for blood and revenge!
Crafting That Matters – Finding a broadsword in the corpse of a rat sounds a little unlikely? Forget about old RPG clichés and enter a world where every item is crafted by players. Exploit the uneven distribution of resources to get high profits when trading at faraway markets – but make sure you reach your destination alive!
Get Into The Action – You do not need to grind zombies for 80 hours or reach some level limit before you can join your friends on adventures. In Fractured, you can take part in any content from the first day in the game! The Knowledge system offers power and flexibility, allowing players to develop exactly the character they wish to play.
Action Combat Evolved – Fractured melds the combat style you’ve loved in single-player Action RPGs with a complex sandbox universe. Learn to aim, dodge and master over 400 abilities and 40 unique status effects: only your skills and tactics will lead you to victory! The environment is fully interactive, and can be used to give you an edge in your adventures.
By Damis

Maestrom Free to Play on Steam.

Grim fantasy combined with thunderous naval combat in a vibrant, monster-saturated world! Captain an Orc, Dwarf or Human warship and sail the turbulent Abyssal Ocean with online multiplayer, in free-for-all & team based matches.

Be ruthless! Sink other players ships, take their loot and collect their bounty! Be greedy! Maps are littered with floating treasure chests and ships loaded with gold. Be cunning! As the match progresses hungry sea monsters become more aggressive and encroach the safe waters ships can sail in. Ships sailing in 'Dead Waters' for too long end up as monster chow! Be unsinkable! At the end of a match ships can be upgraded and customized with captains, cannons, armor, mates and more! WARSHIPS WIN WITH WITS
Enemy ships can be rammed, grappled and boarded!
Maneuver a ship through the swelling sea and prepare for ramming! The faster the ship is moving the more devastating the collision will be on impact.

Boarding locks both ships in place while crews fight it out. If one crew manages to kill all of the opposing crew, it can spell disaster & sink a ship quickly, sending it to the depths!

Each ship has armor on all four sides. The armor sections serve as additional defense toward damage to that side and must be destroyed before the ship's hull can be damaged. Maneuvering to keep your armor between you and your enemy is vital to staying afloat - and seeking the enemy's damaged sides will make you much more lethal in combat!Every cannon has access to three kinds of ammunition and can swap during combat to suit the situation. Ammo is unlimited.
Iron shot blasts chunks out of ship armor and hull. Chain shot is used to shred enemy sails and cripple a ship’s speed. Grapeshot slaughters enemy crew and makes ships easier to board. LURKING THE DEEP
Like the ocean they reside in, sea monsters are titanic forces of nature. They stalk unwary captains and can devour a ship whole. Like this Murkwater Thrasher.

As Free-to-Play definitions vary with games we want to define it clearly so players know what they can expect: All gameplay and progress can be unlocked by playing the game for free. No additional purchases are needed to enjoy the game to its fullest extent. There are no ways to purchase a competitive advantage in game. Players must play the game to progress & become more powerful. There are no ways to purchase a top tier ship with a powerful crew, it must be earned by playing the game. Players can however, accelerate progression with boosts. Gold is in-game currency and earned by playing the game. Gunpowder is premium currency & the only item sold for cash in-game. It is used to buy all of the premium items in the store such as the battle pass, cosmetics, boosters & bundles. Gunpowder can also be earned for free via the Battle Pass, completing quests & checking the store. Battle Passes unlock cosmetics, gold or gunpowder & there is a premium track that unlocks additional rewards for gunpowder. Future content will be added through seasonal Battle Passes, events or content drops. There are no loot boxes. All Items are directly purchasable in the store. https://store.steampowered.com/app/764050/Maelstrom/
By Damis

Astellia Launching September 28th.

Astellia  is launching officially on September 27, but those who have  pre-ordered the game can start to filter into the game world as early as this afternoon. Players who purchased a Legendary Pack can begin their journey this afternoon, with the game world opening up to everyone through the course of the next seven days.
Legendary Pack
- Start Date: 9/20 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)?
Platinum Pack
- Start Date: 9/23 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)?
Gold Pack
- Start Date: 9/26 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)?
Official Launch Start
- Start Date: 9/27 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)?
For those on the fence about purchasing the game, Astellia can now be played with a subscription model. For $9.99 a month, players can dive into Astellia and decide for themselves if the experience is worth the full price. If so, you can then upgrade your account with the full game purchase. 
The subscription doesn't offer players the chance to hop in early, but it does afford something the ability to try it for a month without spending the full price on the game.However, keep in mind that any payments made towards the subscription cannot be used towards the purchase the game. 
Read more at https://www.mmorpg.com/astellia/news/astellia-adds-subscription-plan-to-give-players-another-way-to-play-the-mmo-1000053642#4BUZRIEk1HKXZH0w.99
By Damis


The Scalebreaker DLC game pack brings two new Season of the Dragon dungeons, expanding upon the events of both Wrathstone and Elsweyr. The Dragons are free from the Halls of Colossus, and now you must deal with the fallout of their release. While these stories are part of the year-long saga, you can enjoy both without having completed either of the year’s earlier content—enjoy!
Lair of Maarselok
For centuries, Maarselok slept deep in the mountains between Elsweyr and Grahtwood. However, upon the opening of the Halls of Colossus, this monstrous Dragon has awoken, and now threatens to spread his corruption into the domain of the Wood Elves. Only with the help of the Warlock Carindon and the forest spirit Selene can you defeat this terrifying new Dragon!

Hunt the great Dragon Maarselok!
Moongrave Fane
Hidden within a fallen Khajiiti temple, the vampires of the Hollowfang prepare to perform a terrible ritual. Joined by the former Dragonguard Grundwulf, they wish to drain the blood from a captured Dragon! You and your team must fight your way into the fallen ruin and put a stop to their plan before it’s too late.
Both dungeons can be attempted in Normal and Veteran difficulties, with a Veteran Hard Mode option available for those looking for a challenge. Brave delvers can discover new rewards up for grabs in both dungeons, too, including new item sets, Achievements, collectibles, and more.
The Scalebreaker DLC game pack is free for all ESO Plus members and available for purchase for 1,500 crowns from the in-game Crown Store (listed under DLC).
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  2. With some discussion, it seems CotP won't be reforming in Atlas for season 3 yet. Until that occurs, there are options for former CotP-Atlas players. Gin and Tonic were CotP's ally in the last season, they are reformed, playing, and are happy to invite any Atlas CotP members that don't wish to continue with N3 in the new season. Their voice comms are more family friendly, and they remain focused. There are a few current and former CotP members playing with them, so you can inquire about joining them also. Both groups were in the same larger IRS alliance as well. Best of luck you all who try Atlas in Season 3, no matter which group you join with.
  3. My post is accurate with facts, as I was there, you were not. The post stated 'We' will be playing, as in all of Atlas CotP, that is inaccurate, I suggest you deal with that first.
  4. Relaed, your post is accusatory and inaccurate. Cotp's atlas chapter has ended per your post Sept 14. With no active chapter, members can inform other members where they are playing at with out it being soliciting.
  5. 2/3rds of CotP went with another group or left the game when the N3 merger was announced. N3 doesn't meet the requirement of a family friendly environment on their voice coms, they are fairly offensive on voice. CotP only merged with N3 because they were a larger entity in a vastly shrunken game of sub 300 players. CotP considers N3 an ally in Atlas, but any CotP chapters in Atlas will be just that, CotP. Please refrain from soliciting for another gaming group on CotP Forums, discuss that in private. With the servers wiped, and all players forced to play on a single server, there are currently 13000 players on it, we are waiting to see how this new roll out goes, lag, time zone, PvE servers to be added, etc.
  6. Hi Wiluvan, we will be playing under the No No No flag for season 3. If you're interested in playing with us shoot us a note in the CotP Discord!
  7. Hi, Anyone planning to join NA PvP at relaunch this week-end?
  8. Damis and I played for a good couple hours, and picked up a new recruit. Some tips: $24 package gets you all the captains, ships, mates, etc, well worth the money. You still have to play the ships, level up, do quests to get xp and gold, upgrades, etc. Read the in game wiki about the mechanics and ships, you will find some of the orc ships are the strongest. A new race of undead ships is coming soon also. Stay tuned!
  9. Thanks for the heads on this game. I am checking it out now and the bonus is that it is free.
  10. Just noticed this fun ship to ship combat game on steam went free to play. Give it a shot! Maelstrom - Steam
  11. Thanks for the update. CotP had a good run with Atlas.
  12. To update the chapter for Atlas and CotP, about a week ago, the few remaining active players voted to merge into a larger company called No No No (N3) in Atlas NA PvP. This was done for a few reasons, the game population is extremely low, less than 300 on the NA PvP server during prime time. Not much of the higher content can be done with too small of a group, and gathering resources to maintain no longer populated and scattered island holdings became a logistics job that burns out players. So on with the merger! It's said that Atlas will experience another total server wipe when the Xbox version is released, so many players just stopped playing. Stay tuned to see what happens with the Xbox release and post server wipe. If the new platform on xbox that will allow them and PC players to play together, brings back a viable population, then the game will continue, and CotP may reform it's stand alone chapter. If not, adios Atlas.
  13. In recognition of your continued support and the fact that you have taken command of the Atlas chapter, it is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Sentry. Thank you for your service. Cheers Grim
  14. Teams is exactly what I was going for. Each of the leader positions will find other individuals to perform the tasks in their sphere. Any member could potentially be a part of many teams. However if no-one steps up to help I would hold that leader specifically responsible to get things done. Thank you for the feedbacks
  15. Good list. I'd like to continue with the 'War Dock' concept we had been using. It's a really large task for one person to do all you listed in Naval Commander, might have to break that one down. For example with the War dock, we had 4-6 ships for the company there. Just gathering the materials, refilling spent ammo and mats was a large task that took hours, because you had to gather, craft, haul, and track for all the ships. Once that was done, it was time to do something else. I could not imagine doing all the other tasks you have listed, they would have to be delegated to team members. Perhaps the better approach is to have a sign up for teams to do X, and a leader would naturally arise in that team to become the commander. Good list. I'd like to continue with the 'War Dock' concept we had been using. It's a really large task for one person to do all you listed in Naval Commander, might have to break that one down. For example with the War dock, we had 4-6 ships for the company there. Just gathering the materials, refilling spent ammo and mats was a large task that took hours, because you had to gather, craft, haul, and track for all the ships. Once that was done, it was time to do something else. I could not imagine doing all the other tasks you have listed, they would have to be delegated to team members. Perhaps the better approach is to have a sign up for teams to do X, and a leader would naturally arise in that team to become the commander.
  16. Looking for feedback (names, responsibilities, too few, too many, that type) as to what the leadership will be responsible for. Think of these positions as CFO type, basically I am giving them a task, it is upto each to ensure it happens I am less concerned with how. Also there will be 1 that is ONE admin position. Think Executive Assistant. Title: Commander Naval  Responsible For: Building Ships SotD Blueprints Shipwreck blue prints Kraken Runs Essence Runs Ship Transporting Materials Battle Ships --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Infantry Responsible For: Gear Blueprints (Maps) Harvesting Power stone Runs Ice Cave Runs Building Structures Scouting Targets Land Battles Food Farms --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Public Relations Responsible For: Managing Islands White/Black List Alliance affairs Trades --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Crafting Responsible For: Blueprint Librarian Crafting Upgraded Gear --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Commander Tames Responsible For: Animal Food* Breeding Taming Battle Tame Riding *Edit for recommendations that building is in one category Feeding Animals belongs in Tames
  17. This should have been done some time ago... He has been a very positive influence on our Atlas chapter and has risen in the ranks! Well done. But now it is official and is my pleasure in welcoming Yakarue into our communities group of leadership. I hope to see you for years to come.. Cheers Grim
  18. Sharing this update list because it really shows that the devs for the game are paying attention to players and details. Some of these updates are new, some reflect mods made available only to private paid servers, but all are now on the free to play official server, and make the game much better! Thanks to Yak for posting them! 8:35 AM] [Sentry] Yakarue: - Mortar and Pestle slots increased to 40 - Soap Blueprint added to Cooking Pot and Grill - Large Storage Box slots increased to 100 - Small Storage Box slots increased to 40 - Sugars now stack to 500 (increased) - Thatch now stacks to 1000 (increased) - Grenade weight increased to 5 - Firegel, Gunpowder, Blasting powder, Mythos and Coral can now be stored in the ship resource box. - Reduced Grenade damage to players by 33%, to NPC Crew and Creatures by 10% - Increased Playershop health to 12000 - Reduced base damage of Blackjacks by 10% and reduced the Fall Swing damage by 65% - Doubled stamina cost of shield bash - Fire Elemental now takes 50% more damage from Shotguns and 100% more damage from Ballista - Fixed ""Fail" sound line for the medkit using male voiceline for female characters - Fixed being able to place wallhooks on demolishable resources to prevent floating structures - Fixed being able to place triangle foundations on top of beds - Player Name is now included in the tribe log when scuttling ships or demolishing it via a shipyard - Fixed a bug which allowed you to move whilst bola'd - You can now base on non-allied PvE boats, and we've added an action wheel entry to force non-allied characters off of your ship in PvE
  19. Thank you Grad! Worked like a charm!
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