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Citadel Studios is inviting entire guilds to experience the beta version of Legends of Aria for a free three week trial.  In exchange for the trial,  Guild Beta Testers have to promise to report bugs, and submit feedback via the guild leader three times. Once a week for the duration of the test.
Citadel Studios wants groups of people, working together to earn their guild house, to establish new towns, to see what the possibilities of a sandbox might be with friends. And the best way to do that is to have people playing in…groups.
- ~ -
From Damis,
I think this is a great opportunity for our community to work with the developers to not only find bugs, but to provide feedback and suggestions on how to make the game better.  I think it is a good sign that Citadel Studios is seeking feedback from gaming communities.
I submitted our guild application and asked for 20 accounts which is the max that Citadel Studios will grant at this time. If we get more than 20 volunteers then I will ask for more trial accounts, otherwise we might have to share.  The funny thing is that I just purchased a founders package for Legends of Aria this past weekend, but haven't had time to try it out yet.  It looks like I will have some guild mates with me now to test the game.  
I am looking for volunteers to help test the game. Testers must log on at least twice a week and provide feedback.  I will post the requirements and other useful information in the Legends of Aria forum section located in our Chapters section.  Send me a PM or reply the Volunteer link if you are interested in helping.
Game info:  http://www.legendsofaria.com/
Volunteer Info: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/53370-legends-of-aria-guild-beta-rules/
Chapter page: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/gc/24-legends-of-aria/

Bless Online Chapter Created.

Covenant of the Phoenix establishes a new chapter in Bless Online on May 29, 2018.  The chapter is based on the North American server called Sforza under the banner of the the Hieron faction.  
Bless is set in a seamless fantasy world. The main story revolves around a decade-long war between two factions, the nation of Hieron and the nation of Unión. The game world is separated by different climatic zones. Players can choose their character's race and class, with race determining which faction they align with. Players can join PvP castle sieges, to advance their faction power. Winning sieges grants new quests, and resources. Faction, and race dependent role-playing scenarios are also available for players to advance their character progress
Members interested in joining the fun should visit us at : Bless Online Chapter Info.


When you find yourself in that position of decision maker, where the decision is required and you have less than all the information you want, you better be ready and willing to make that decision.  Some would say that the risk involved is not worth the potential negativity, loss or pain of failure.  I personally argue that a great failure through action will be remembered much more fondly than the status quo or mediocrity via inaction.  It is this fearlessness in decision making that is necessary to be a leader in this community.
Creating memories worth remembering is what we do here in the Covenant of the Phoenix, and this is one of the great responsibilities we task our leadership with on a daily basis.  Our leaders know that they will make a difference whether they like it or not and that leadership is a gift given not by our administration, but by the CotP membership who enjoy this community and wish to continue toward that eternal goal of good times and great fun.
These ideals are what drives this community as well as what constitutes some of the most important values that we require of our Sentinels, of which certainly includes the one being appointed here and now.
One of the honorable few who never set out to be a leader yet became one through the quality of their actions and the integrity of their intent; our newest Sentinel joined us in the Darkfall chapter in early 2009 and became a leader in the same chapter not long after.  They have clearly understood the mandate from our founders that everybody has a story, and if you do not know the story, you cannot lead effectively.  A multiple chapter leader, workforce member and chapter liaison, they have worked tirelessly at helping create an environment of progress through action, an environment that dares to fail greatly yet manages to achieve so much more. 
It is an honor and a privilege to announce the promotion of an individual who exemplifies the type of leader we desire in CotP. This individual clearly possesses the core leadership characteristics that we look for in a Sentinel.
Vessa, rise and be recognized today as a Sentinel of the Covenant of the Phoenix.

A new Templar rises!

Our community has many great leaders who are always willing to step up and take on the challenges of the day. Leaders who are always willing to help others by sharing ideas or experiences, by encouraging and pushing the limits of themselves the people around them and the community as a whole , or by simply being there when needed. Leaders willing to take on the tough or tedious jobs to ensure our Community has what it needs to not only survive but thrive. Any leader in this group from those who have only led a raid in a single chapter to those who have worked hard for years have all changed our Community by giving of themselves to make our Community the Great home it is!
Occasionally a leader comes along whose impact is so amazing and the difference they make on our community so wonderful that we must stop and recognize them for all they do for the rest of us.
Let me be the first to Thank Phyreblade for all the works she does with SWTOR Chapter, The Social Media Dept, The workforce and The Founders week Celebrations team, to name just  a few. Let me also be the first to Congratulate Phyreblade on becoming our newest Templar! Looking forward to seeing all the greatness she will bring to her new role.

A New Guardian Rises From The Ashes

There are four basic characteristics that great leaders possess.
The first trait is a will to lead. Leaders want to lead. And they embrace the opportunity to do so.
Second, great leaders are willing to make the difficult decisions, the tough decisions that no one else wants to make. Great leaders never pass the buck to a future generation. They confront the brutal realities. They meet them head on. They don't ignore them. They address them as best they can. It's a matter of honor.
Third, great leaders believe in something bigger than themselves. People want to follow those serving the greater good. If people see a leader focused on self-interest alone, they will not follow. At least they won't follow as far as they are being asked. They won't go the extra mile.
People search for someone who is willing to look at the bigger picture, to serve a transcendent good. And so, while it runs against the conventional wisdom, great leaders are also the greatest servants. Great leaders lead by serving because they believe in something greater than themselves.
And finally, great leaders have a sense of humility about themselves.  Ironically, those who accomplish the most are often the ones who brag the least.
It is an honor and a privilege to announce that Grim has been promoted to a Guardian.  Grim is a natural fit for the role, given his 9 year history with the guild and his experience in managing several guild chapters over the years as well as providing administrative support.  This experience has honed his focus on the long term picture of doing what is best for the Covenant of the Phoenix community - a focus that will be at the core of the many judgment calls he will make as a Guardian.
Please join me in congratulating Grim and wishing him the best of luck in his new position as a Guardian.
--- ~ ---
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    Just wow! What some people will do, to avoid a 30 minute meeting! lol. Cheers Grim
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    Covenant of the Phoenix establishes a new chapter in Bless Online on May 29, 2018 under the guild tag of COTP. The chapter is based on the North American server called Sforza under the banner of the the Hieron faction. Full story: Link.
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    Here is a basic video I did on how to mount your skills in Bless Online. There have been several questions on how to do this and what are the gems for. I hope this helps. If there are any questions let me know.
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    Sharing a poem I wrote... I recorded it for a church service in 2013.
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    Covenant of the Phoenix establishes a new chapter in Bless Online on May 29, 2018. The chapter is based on the North American server called Sforza under the banner of the the Hieron faction. Bless is set in a seamless fantasy world. The main story revolves around a decade-long war between two factions, the nation of Hieron and the nation of Unión. The game world is separated by different climatic zones. Players can choose their character's race and class, with race determining which faction they align with. Players can join PvP castle sieges, to advance their faction power. Winning sieges grants new quests, and resources. Faction, and race dependent role-playing scenarios are also available for players to advance their character progress Members interested in joining the fun should visit us at : Bless Online Chapter Info.
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    No worries, I can fix that.
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    Added Bless Online to the member profile area, so folks can show that they are playing this game. That and use it when they apply. hehe. Cheers Grim
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    about time..er...thanks!
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    ok, i used my other 2 acct and got us too 100!
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    This is what happens when you glean to much Moonweed. Knives your to high!
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    Days Played: 5 Classes Played: Paladin, Berserker Highest Level: 33 Paladin Character Creation. Without realizing it, you can spend hours just tweaking your character’s appearance. You are able to save your customization and use it on future characters, which is nice. You can create Male Elfs who actually look like a male. The game has a wide assortment of default appearances if you just want to quickly pick something and get into the game. Each race starts in separate areas, but players are quickly funneled to the main areas, so it doesn’t take long before you can group up with friends playing a different race. Crafting and Resource Gathering. Crafting is easy, you just need to add the ingredients. Each character can pick two crafting professions. Resource gathering is your standard resource gathering system. Buy a pick axe, click on rock to gather stone. Rinse and repeat. Quest System. The questing system is easy to follow along and has the bonus feature of allowing you to auto run to the destination if you don’t feel like manually running there yourself. I really enjoy the auto run as it allows me to do other things while my character jogs to the location, plus I don’t have to worry about searching all over to find a quest item. If you think the auto run spoils questing for you, then simply don’t use it. There is a wide assortment of quests for you to enjoy and keep you busy, such as side quests, dungeon, area, race specific, and hunting quests. There is also your main quest line which I have been enjoying immensely. The story arc and cut off scenes are very good which help to pull you into the story. The quest line is linear which guides you through the different areas on the map. The map is quite large by the way. There is also Daily and Weekly tasks which you can complete to earn gold and other useful items. You will also earn merit for the guild by doing them. They are pretty simple such as say hello to a paladin, craft some stuff, tame a pet or mount, etc. Class | Combat System. A little confusing at first. It would have been nice to have an in-game tutorial. Luckily, Weltsch picked up on the system fairly quickly and taught the rest of us, as well as creating a Youtube video to help others. After learning the combat system and how stances work, I have come to like the new system a lot and prefer it over other mmo games that I have played in the past such as Black Desert Online. A written guide is in the works. Switching between stances and the use of chain skills gives the user a lot of options on how to tackle various situations. While combat is gear and level orientated, you still need to have combat skills, especially if you are going up against real players. Guild System. Good. Could be better. This is still a work in progress which you can tell because there are features in the guild management window which are greyed out. The current guild system has enough ranks and privileges to manage things. The guild can level up and each level provides various buffs for the members. Members running hunting missions and dailies can help level the guild. Guilds can fight other guilds in the same faction for a chance to own territory in the faction lands. Party System. Fantastic party system. The best that I have seen. Period. The party leader selects two bonuses from a list of categories. The more people that you have in the group the more options you get. The leader also sets the loot rules. Groups are limited to 5 people, but the leader can change the group to a 10 or 20 man raid which still get the buffs. Taming Pets and Mounts. This is Bless Online’s wow factor. You can tame almost anything in the game. After you tame a mob, you can level it and try to upgrade it to a higher quality mount/pet. Pets and mounts can grant various buffs and upgraded ones have a higher chance to have more than one buff. Mostly, they just look cool. Comments: Normally, I blow through content in a race to reach max level so that I can help the guild on the pvp battlefield as soon as possible. With Bless Online, I decided to take my time and enjoy the game as I progressed through it. I am glad that I made that decision as I have thoroughly enjoyed smelling the roses as I have progressed through the game. I have enjoyed the quest lines and dungeon runs. I especially like grouping with guild mates to either run thru a dungeon or just plain kill stuff. I haven’t experienced realm vs realm pvp yet. The good thing is that if I don’t want to pvp on a certain day then I have the choice to avoid the open pvp areas or use a potion to grant temporary immunity. There are complaints on steam about lack of high end content. This may or may not be true. We have seen this in multiple mmo’s in which people race to high end so that they can be some of the first and then complain about not enough to do. Given time, the developers will add more content. I am in no race to get to high end, so when I do get there, maybe more content will be added by then. Otherwise, I will work on leveling up my other characters and helping others along the way. Some people have complained on steam about the Korean to English translation for some of the quests. I think those people are just being petty and looking for anything to complain about. Personally, I think the translation has been good and the times that I have spotted a translation glitch, it is just minor and you can still infer what the message should be. Example. NPC Guards say: We see the Emperor, who do you see? Which should be “We serve the Emperor, who do you serve?” Then again maybe the guards were actually asking me “who do I see?”.
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    What game are you joining us in? Star Wars the Old Republic How did you hear about us? Guild Directory Do you have family or friends already in CotP? no Do you agree to abide by the rules set forth in the Covenant of the Phoenix Charter and Chapter policies? Yes Tell us a little bit about yourself. I play SWTOR, FF14, LOTRO, Staxel, Stardew Valley, various 3ds games and various games I come across in Steam. Hobbies include, playing games, internet exploring , gardening, enjoying good craft beer and I live off of coffee for the most part. I was in Path of the Jedi but I didn't like the fact that it seemed to be focused on just getting members, with cash awards for recruitment people were just brought in - not horrible I suppose but not quite what I was looking for. I'm just a casual player but I'm pretty decent and easy to get along with. Game character name (for contact)? Nykkala
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    Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our gaming family. Cheers Ztuke If you need an invite in game, you can ask in our cotp custom channel by joining the channel with, "/cjoin cotp".
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    Welcome to Covenant of the Phoenix Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
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    No refunds on the purchase should've tipped me off. One server at launch should've been a hint (though Rift's many servers turning into ghost towns after a few months wasn't necessarily better). Not being able to install the software ahead of time certainly raised flags. I, for one, sit here staring at a title screen while reading about queue depths. Not really blaming the Neowiz folks. I've been doing this long enough, I should've known better.
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    I didn't think you were complaining and even if you were, you have the right if the developers nerf your character. Using your tips on how to use abilities, I finally started enjoying my Paladin, however, that might change if what I am reading on the steam forum is true. I will know better tonight when I play the game if the update impacted my Pally. Even if it did, I have no doubt that there will be more updates while the developers try to tweak the game and classes. I played EQ2 from the beginning and the current game is nothing like it was when it first released. The same could be said for most, if not all mmorpgs. With that said, games aren't cheap, so I don't fault people who make the decision to jump ship and try to get their money back while they still can. I think I am going to try to ride out the storm and hope for the best. I am having fun playing the game with guild mates. Instead of rushing through content to reach end game like I normally do, this time I am taking my time and enjoying the ride.
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    I suspect it will be a little bit of a roller coaster ride as they try to get things right. Pretty standard for a new mmo launch. See you all this evening
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    Make sure that you start your Bless Online using the Steam launcher, the first time that you start today! There was a patch, which addresses several issues. Cheers Grim
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    Now just hope they don't name-lock to an account for 90 days or anything like that. As for the game, it's a bit annoyingly linear right now, for my taste. I hope that opens up at some point. But it's shiny (being an Asian MMO) and new. I find combat to be like Skyforge, without the extra fun element of dodging and rolling. Having to make decisions about chains is pleasant. I'm a bit concerned about what the healer experience will be like, but I'll find out, I'm sure. If you got a starter packages with the 60 day gathering tools, open them when you're ready. They're a huge buff (as opposed to 48 copper single use gather items). I was running around gathering and getting XP until my client randomly crashed.
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    I can not, I already made 4 characters for this server, yargggg... Oh and so far, I done the quest lines on several servers, to level 8 to 10 and it hasn't felt like a grind. The autorun to the next quest giver and quest location has really helped to alleviate the grind and boredom of running all over the place. Also the cutscenes and lore has been pretty good, at least to me. The character creation could be a mini-game in itself, lol. Also, it is good to be in another CotP guild with friends again, hope that this will be another long term adventure. Thanks Knife, feels good to start another game with friends, after my short stint within another great CotP chapter with good friends as well, SWTOR. Cheers Grim
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    here all the info you will need https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sXEU_FsadDRzy8WF9CS-H6iaSqgVCM71zBs63DmAahE/edit#
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    Hop on discord if you are bored while we go through the release day blues.
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