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Join in on the fun and help us build a city and survive the impending wars in a medieval setting on a massive 10k player server.
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AION Chapter Emerges

We now have an AION Chapter which is accepting members, both new and old!
So if you are looking for a friendly guild, want to play with old friends or just wish to play under a familiar banner then come check us out.
For those unfamiliar, here is some basic information to wet your appetite!

Aion is a rich MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Atreia. Originally requiring a subscription, Aion went free-to-play in 2012. The game has received several major updates since release, which have introduced such features as pets, player housing, and entirely new continents to explore. Unique to Aion is an aerial combat mode (PvPvE) where the two factions clash both among themselves and against NPC dragons for control over special zones and fortresses. Aion is known for having one of the most in-depth appearance customization options available via character creation. It is also built on the CryEngine.
Aion Key Features:
Loads of Content – game is updated with large patches, where level cap is raised and new zones/continents are added. Extensive Character Creation – one of the most detailed character creation processes in MMORPGs. Tons of Features – Aion has many different in-game systems that offer a variety of options, from mounts, pets, plastic surgery, gender changes, professions, and more. Unique PvPvE – fight against your enemy faction while also fighting against NPCs in The Abyss. Great Soundtrack – awesome music will accompany you as you explore Atreia.
Read more at https://mmos.com/review/aion

Website Under Construction

I finally have some free time to implement some changes to the website as well as add more features which I think the community will find useful. We were intermittently down for a few minutes last night and this morning, because I was moving some directories around to improve the flow of stuff.  Currently, I am putting the finishing touches on our article system, which I look forward to seeing in action.  We are in short demand of news reporters, so if you like to write about games and other stuff,  please contact Vessa.
After we get a few more article submissions then we can roll out the front page, which Throne has been chomping at the bit to get done.
Today, I am going to install a Quiz page, similar to what we had before. That also, means that we will opening the doors for members to take the Sentry and Knight exams.  While I am going to install a bunch of new features, I just don't have the time to fully set them up and manage them, so I will be looking for other admins to take the lead.  

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    Due to the nature of the events of the evening I was unable to acquire any visual aids to go along with this story so I will do my best to fill in the visuals with Disney Movie Pictures. The evening began as most evenings do. The forges were firing, the tanning tubs were bubbling and you could hear Vance's horses trotting around nearby. The air was cold and frigid and there was a light snow making the dark night even darker. It wasn't enough to halt the progress as the Phoenix crew slaved through the night marching forward progressing the development of the settlement. Part way through the night Skywise was standing guard on the southern palisade looking off into the blurry distance past where Throne was doing whatever it is Throne does on the south mountain. he saw a shadowy figure coming over the horizon. He squinted to try to make out if it was friend or foe and just as he realized what it was a row of light appeared and started flying toward the keep. He shouted "Siege!". He yelled at Throne on the mountain side and signaled behind him. Throne turned to look. He knew he was a dead give away with his torch on the hillside but had no time to throw it down. So instead he sprinted towards the village. Behind him he could hear the deep gallop of horses. He made it to the edge of the settlement just outside the fence and took shelter in one of the shacks. He heard one of them approach and just as he pushed through the drape he lunged to the side and jetted back out the door to the next shack. The assaulter followed and was outwitted again, and again, and again. Throne must have hit more than half the huts int he village sliding in and dodging his blow and sliding out. After a long an grueling night the ever pressing Chinese managed to fight their way into our small fortress and slaughter our people. Vengeance must be ours, retribution must be swift, Who will take up the call?
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    Please request to join the chapter to gain access to the private LIF section where important information will be posted. Please do not post information about our settlement or progress on the public forum. Thank you!
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    We now have an AION Chapter which is accepting members, both new and old! So if you are looking for a friendly guild, want to play with old friends or just wish to play under a familiar banner then come check us out. For those unfamiliar, here is some basic information to wet your appetite! AION Aion is a rich MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Atreia. Originally requiring a subscription, Aion went free-to-play in 2012. The game has received several major updates since release, which have introduced such features as pets, player housing, and entirely new continents to explore. Unique to Aion is an aerial combat mode (PvPvE) where the two factions clash both among themselves and against NPC dragons for control over special zones and fortresses. Aion is known for having one of the most in-depth appearance customization options available via character creation. It is also built on the CryEngine. Aion Key Features: Loads of Content – game is updated with large patches, where level cap is raised and new zones/continents are added. Extensive Character Creation – one of the most detailed character creation processes in MMORPGs. Tons of Features – Aion has many different in-game systems that offer a variety of options, from mounts, pets, plastic surgery, gender changes, professions, and more. Unique PvPvE – fight against your enemy faction while also fighting against NPCs in The Abyss. Great Soundtrack – awesome music will accompany you as you explore Atreia. Read more at https://mmos.com/review/aion
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    Click below for the invite. Ping Skywise, myself or October for permissions and tags. Invite: https://discord.gg/pkYvYwX Application DL: https://discordapp.com/ Reply here with any issues
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    I have been busy with work this last week and will continue to be busy for another week. I only have time to sleep and work, so I have been absent from the game and forums this week. As far as the LIF Chapter forum goes, I was waiting for people to join the LIF group before I could make them members and bump some to chapter leaders/officers. I am listed as Admin, but that is only because I created the group. I will help where I can, but I am not the chapter leader so I don't know who should be officers and what not. I have bumped Throne and Skywise to chapter leaders, which gives them complete control of the LIF forums. The way that the Chapter Group Forums work is thus. An admin creates the chapter group. The chapter leader joins the group and is bumped to chapter leader. The chapter leader has the exact same rights as the admin. I like having the admin rank there as placeholder for the rare times when a chapter leader quits the game and vanishes for a time without telling anyone. Having a placeholder in place makes it easier to restart old chapters when we can't get a hold of the old chapter leader. We could rename 'admin' to 'placeholder', 'anchor', 'chapter liaison' or whatever. I don't care. Who can see what: CotP members, Registered forums users and guests can view and read threads in the public section. Only CotP members and registered forums users can create threads and reply to posts in the public section. Only Chapter Members can view, read, create and reply to the threads in the private section. What this means is that even though I am a CotP member, I can't see a Chapter's Private forum unless I join that Chapter. Ranks and Permissions: The Chapter leader can use the default ranks such as Chapter Leader, Officer, Member. Or the Chapter Leader can create his/her own ranks and assign them different permissions. You can also rename the ranks, such Supreme Leader, Darth Lords, Plebs, ..ect. Example, everyone joins the LIF Chapter. Within the chapter, you could create a section called Dark Knights and only LIF members who belong to that group can read or post stuff in that section. The link to LIF Chapter settings is hard to see. It's in the bottom left section of the banner on the LIF Group page. I will look into updating the CSS to make the link stand out better, later when i have the time. -------- ~ -------- In any case, it's up to Throne and Skywise to get things rolling now.
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    Covenant of the Phoenix Forums would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. Kamen (45)Balthlazarr (38)Weltsch --mithlandirr (24)
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    Welcome Cloldneyrth, to the CotP Community. Please make yourself at home in the: SWTOR Chapter. Thanks Ztuke
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    Shae had a great idea last night and asked that we put together a list of things to do and not do around the base. So off the top of my head here are the most important. 1. Close the doors to the keep immediately upon entering and exiting the keep. We almost always have people afk gathering, and reds would love the opportunity to kill them. So keep the door shut. 2. Don't take or use what's in other crafter's chests or chests in other people's houses, unless specifically asked by the owner to get in it. 3. Do grab anything you need from the community chests, but only what you actually need. For example if you need a shovel, just take one, and leave the rest for others. These chests are located around the town idol, and there is one full of tools, one full of food, and one with clothes. Crafters please put community goods in these chests only, and not in chests near your crafting area. 4. Don't be a food hog. I feel like this needed it's own line. The food is broken up into stacks, so please take ONE stack at a time and leave the rest for others. This food gives 50+ fullness typically and should not be eaten to top off or keep you above 80. That's what taproots are for. 50+ quality ground tiles will give you taproots that give 15 or so fullness and are perfect for staying above 80. 5. If you see a high level soil tile in the keep there are 4 things you can do to it without messing it up. Gather something edible, Gather plant fiber, Gather ammo for sling, Gather a flint stone. All other options will slowly degrade and ruin the tile. Do NOT Gather berries, Gather herbs, Gather mushrooms, or Gather wild plants. 6. Help move dirt. The base for the wall takes a ton of work, and everyone is expected to help build in. Once it's done we can build our large outer wall and we will and be much safer and protected. If you don't know what to do, just ask and someone can point you in the right direction. 7. Help gather building logs. We literally need thousands of building logs for houses and other projects around the base. This link shows which trees will give what, but for our neck of the woods you will mostly encounter major Spruce trees in the wild. If they are quality 33 or higher they will yield 1 building log, if over 66 quality 2 building logs. Major Pine trees under 33 = 1, 33-65 = 2, 66+ = 5. If the tree is medium quality the yield will be half. 8. Don't leave a cart unattended, or go afk with a cart outside the keep's boundaries. You can press F4 to see the green boundary lines, and if you are outside that with a cart, do NOT go afk or leave the cart out there to go do something else. If outside the lines it can be taken by anyone. 9. Don't put random junk in chests, barrels, or crates that don't belong to you unless asked to. You may think you are being helpful by giving us your 12 quality juniper sprouts, but you're just filling up space and creating work for someone to have to come behind you and sort out the junk and get rid of it. 10. For now horses are being stored in the warehouse by the south gate. If you need one, take it then return it when done with it. Do not go afk with a horse on you outside the kepp, as if you die you will lose it. Do not leave a horse out while afk as they will vanish after an hour. That's all I could think of off the top of my head and I'm sure I'm missing something, so feel free to add more below and I'll add them to the list.
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    Soo I was digging stuff for raising the floor level and thought at the same time I would make the road look "pretty". Then I realized I was dumping snow to flatten. I will fix it, sorry!! I am trying..
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    Keep doing what you're doing man....it makes a big difference waking up to progress in the village.
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    Horses lay down after 30 minutes, and vanish after 1 hour of being left alone.
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    Once you've made it to the settlement, here are some things that are on our immediate to do list. Don't make your fellow guild mates be the only ones doing these projects 1. Building the road heading south 2. Leveling the outer ring, when your on deed hit F4, all that colored area outside the inner walls needs to be leveled as close to 160.0 as we can to make room for more huts, the farms and tree farm. 3. Build a hut for yourself outside of the inner square palisade wall with the back of your hut abutting the wall and the door to your hut pointing out from the wall. 4. Clay....we have a bit of clay that has been dropped around the base....please don't dig these up and lose them. Thanks. If you find clay...bring it to our base and drop it near the monument. 5. Skills, feel free to get them up. 6. Monument favor. I probably should have put this first, but our claim will die if we don't sacrifice goods to the gods. We need several thousand per RL day, so please try and get a dozen or so torches sacrificed per day if you can. If you find something that gives more points than torches, let us know. --------------------------------------------- Completed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Huts claimed and completed: 13 Initial square palisade wall 10 tiles out from monument. Raised ground has already been marked(started) on all sides, feel free to terrraform and build the walls according to these specifications. Bark Baskets; please make a few of them until we have a smelter and nails for regular containers.
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    Hello all, I wanted to post and see where our guild might take this Migration from Findupre to? If anyone has suggestions or opinions please post here then we can hopefully come to a decision on where we want to reestablish ourselves. My one suggestion would be somewhere that is easy access and has easy access throughout the overland map. Ok second suggestion somewhere that has room for us too :). Spry
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    Oh sure, work gets crazy and you bastages start playing LiF again.. Will have to see if I can get it soon...
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    In an attempt to better visualize the needs and make it easier to update and know who the "goto" people are for highest skills I put together a google doc and updated it with the info in this post. Please go put your skills and keep them updated.. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WC66JgYZH67stjn7swR_2jmOmLeRcxgT0RVgqpzVQdI/edit?usp=sharing
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    I was half way to the base, when I got jumped by five horse riders. I hope they enjoyed the challenge of 5 armored people to one scantly clad warrior with a torch. I respawned even further away. I ended up on the island in the far south east of the map, right there in the bottom left corner. Nice island, with lots of trees. This time, I am following the western coastline.
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    I was actually looking in to started to play again. I haven't played in a few years. I play swtor right now and decided to look and see if cotp had anyone playing lotro.
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    A big change that we are starting to put together is how chapter forums are going to be handled in the future. In the past, Chapter Leaders had to request new forums, group changes and so forth, which were handled by the admins. The admins do a fantastic job of managing those requests, but we want to empower the chapter leaders so that they have more control of their chapters. We will post more information about the entire process, but I will try to briefly explain it. 1. After a member requests and gets approval to start a new chapter, an admin will create the initial group/forum for the chapter. 2. The chapter leader will be listed as the owner of the group. 3. The owner/chapter leader is free to create his/her own public and private forums. He can even create sub forums. 4. The owner/chapter leader can create groups and assign them specific privileges. Such as an Officer group and give them mod rights to some or all forums. 5. The owner/cl can name those groups whatever he wants. 6. blogs, gallery, calendar are useful tools available for use. ---------------------------------------- There will be some guidelines posted. For pve chapters, the forums should be public with the exception of a private leadership forum if needed. For pvp chapters, they should use their public forums as much as possible and just create private sections for the stuff that they want to keep secret. -------------------------------------- Chapter and game server forums will be moved to the group section and shown on a separate page. This change will also help decrease the size of the main forums, so the forums should be easier to navigate. Lastly, each chapter will have their own home page if requested. This is going to take a few days to get everything moved over and the leadership set up.
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    by Chest I mean Crate. The crate I dropped it in already has 4 game meat in it as well, along with some fried beef that I'm sure you can grab as well.
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    Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our gaming family. Cheers Ztuke
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    Happy new year everyone!
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    I really have no idea, but am willing to take up what the guild needs most, so let me know what's needed.
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    Our chapter's success can be attributed almost entirely to @Demagogue's efforts at organizing and leading numerous events throughout the game's content. Please join me in recognizing his contributions by granting him Sentry status!
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    Welcome Khoryv, to the CotP Community. Please make yourself at home in the: SWTOR Chapter. Thanks Ztuke
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    I'm thinking I want to figure out Brewmaster Who doesn't need a good ale now and then?
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    I'll also be going the forging line in addition to smelting. Was going to do armor but since i'll be a nail manufacturing machine I may as well specialize in forging. Iron tools/weapons here we come!
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    Hey Folks The COTP youtube channel has several great videos uploaded. Please go here to view and subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4_o9RGzv_E_bVmQAQSRtEQ
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    I am going Healer / Alchemist which I guess makes me a herbalist as well... but only gonna max alchemy and healing. I don't see a need to max herbalism , cause I think alchemy gives you the same things but with more effects
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    Because both of the holidays fell on a Monday, the next session is going to be on January 8th and 9th, 2018 History: Eternity Vault 12/18 Karagga's Palace 12/19 Next on the agenda: Scum and Villainy This will most likely go on for both Monday and Tuesday runs since explanations of the fights and number of bosses will take time.
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    Vancealot, So the personal 150 tile claim from your subscription can be placed really anywhere, but once your sub time is up you will have to start paying for its upkeep and if you don't have that setup you will lose it. In order to setup the upkeep you need to establish trade with the "crown" and trade goods for gold.
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    Howdy yall. Played SWToR with yall a long time ago. Giving this a shot and trying to get Lassider in with me as well. I am currently installing and will head to the settlement when I can. How does the settlement area work with the land that we are able to claim with the subscription? will we get our own land to expand the settlement? Will we get to keep that land after the 30 subscription is over? Looking forward to learning this game with yall. See you in there.
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    NVM, I found I had to go to the LIF website to get it.
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    Hey guys, got the email. Haven't played a game with you all since 2011 or so, and I think it was SWTOR or Rift, but honestly I can't remember. LOL SO I doubt any of you remember me, and not sure I remember many of you, but I do remember enjoying playing with you all. What kind of presence do you guys think you will have in LiF? Are you expecting a large guild? I've been wanting to jump into a good MMO, but there hasn't been a good one in some time. How do you guys like LiF so far? Is it a game you can see yourself playing long term? How is the PvP in LiF? What is the God's Favor used for? Any PTW or other essential items? Is this game doable as FTP or is a subscription essential?
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    Just got back from seeing it. Jeepers good movie. I was captivated the entire time and hit every feeling from happiness to bloodlust. I really wanna see more fights in the next one. The guard fight was awesome. Even if it was Rey and Kylo working together. The one thing I don't understand about that fight though was the weapons that they used and how their armor was unaffected by it but not lightsabers. Looked like vibro weapons of some sort. Aren't they based on the same type of technology? Learn me nerds I didn't go into the movie with any preconceptions. I successfully evaded spoilers so the movie was untainted. Eat it @Dra. Lol. I even saw it in 3d. I am gonna see the next ones in 3d as well. It was totally emersive unlike other movies where it end up looking forced. I guess I would end up saying that I had the same experience with Empire Strikes back in that I really wanna see how it wraps the story up. Leaves questions for what is going to happen next.
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    As we work that way... what's the easiest way to find our guild villiage? Such as, I hit a button on the map and it brings up what I assume are a bunch of guild names... but I don't see ours. Did we name it something else?
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    I would look into the game forums of the ones that you play or want to play to see if there are compatibility hiccups with one or the other. The least amount of complaints takes the cake. Since performance is all relative to function, Tom's Hardware seems to have a decent comparison to get a baseline decision. (Non-biased answer). Personally I am an nVidia guy. I would go with a 1080. (Biased answer)
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    I'm with Perfectd, I'll give it a go!
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    ok, worth the $35 (AUD) to come try it and help out. Here goes!
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    tell me more. Is this something that being a solo player can help with? My time slots of playing are about opposite of you guys But would I be useful and would I get anywhere?
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    Just do not let Skywise give you directions and you should be fine!
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    probably easier to get to then our old place on Wurm.
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    Wait is that the initiation ... fight yer way to the village?
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    That's awesome, thank you all. I'm honored!
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    PvE Balance Sage Guide: Basic Theory: Apply DoTs, Spread DoTs, Wittle down targets, Repeat. Opener: Vanquish -> Sever Force -> Weaken Mind -> Force in Balance -> Force Potency - Force Serenity -> Mental Alacrity -> Telekinetic Throw -> Disturbance -> Telekinetic Throw -> Disturbance -> Telekinetic Throw. General Rotation: Vanquish -> Sever Force -> Weaken Mind -> Force in Balance -> Force Serenity -> Telekinetic Throw -> Disturbance -> Telekinetic Throw AOE Rotation: Vanquish (on tank's target) -> Sever Force -> Weaken Mind -> Force in Balance -> Cloud Mind (Aggro drop) -> Forcequake until dots fall off and repeat. Republic/Imperial ability conversions: HERE Gear Slot Placement sheet: HERE Tips: -Force Serenety strikes up to 8 targets within a five meter radius. Double click ability to apply with the target at the center. Click once and manually place with the target inside to isolate other targets. -Use Force Potency during rotation before Force Serenity -Telekinetic throws procs disturbance at the end of the cast. Watch the cast bars to ensure that it completes so you can continue the rotation. -Mental Alacrity gives the caster an additional 2 GCDs before Vanquih comes back off cooldown. Use 3 telekinetic throws and 2 disturbances before starting the rotation over again. -Rotation needs to be as fluid as possible in order to keep DOTs up. This means that the primary focus on the rotation will be the Telekinetic Throw/Disturbance combos to watch for Vanquish cooldown. Augmented Gearing stats: -Accuracy: 110% (or as near to that number as possible) Use Proficient Stims to minimize the amount of accuracy augments needed. -Critical: 40% (won't be attainable until 242+ gear rating) -Alacrity: Filler for remaining slots once accuracy and critical stats maximized. -Relics: Serendipitous Assault / Focused Retribution -Ear: Quick Savant (Alacrity) -Implants (Both): Quick Savant (Alacrity) Parsing dummy: 2.5 Mil HP Dummy with armor reduction module, 10 parses to average. Unaugmented 230 gear: Average 6,000 DPS Augmented 242 with 246 left side: Average 8,500 DPS **Note: This is a guide based on what I have experimented with. The overall rotation was taught to me by Bobby. It is subject to change and others might have differences in what works best for them***
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    DOA CPU New one should be here Friday.