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  1. I enjoyed the fishing trips we did in the past and look forward to doing some now.
  2. I think I will be too old to play games before this one gets released. 😄
  3. Nanulak, I noticed that the rent is overdue for your 16X16 spot. If you don't want the spot then we can find someone to take over it, otherwise please check your game email and pay the rent so that you don't loose it.
  4. Nice, maybe I will fire the engines on my Connie.
  5. Unfortunately, it's work that is keeping me away from the game, not the queue. If you have bed, you don't have to log out. However, i don't like to leave my pc running all day.
  6. I am not sure if we can send out invites unless the person is online at the time. I will check it tonight when i get home. An easy way to get invited is to hop in discord and see if someone can shoot you an invite.
  7. I haven't been online the last few days, because I have been busy trying to catch up at work from the days that I took off when the game released. In fact, I am at work now on a Saturday, because i have to present a project next week. I hope everyone is still enjoying the game. How is the Queue now days? I will be on later tonight.
  8. Did you get the guild invite?
  9. We still use our discord server. You can always invite others in guild chat to join you in discord.
  10. Damis

    Combat pet

    I wrote a guide for getting a battle pet at level 15.
  11. The Leomorph is a good mount to have in pvp. Level Skill Description 5 Run Increases speed by 50% for 5 seconds 10 Mounted Attack The character does 2 attacks. One left, one right + 350%melee damage 15 Drop Back The leomorph flips backwards for 15m 20 Owner's Escape Teleports the rider 18m forward 25 Stealth Move The rider and mount becomes invisible for 30s. Speed decreases by 30%
  12. Did you get your free mount around level 4?
  13. Damis

    Skill tree

    You can change all three skills if you want. If going for dual wielding daggers then I would suggest Swiftblade, Battlerage and Shadowplay. Keep in mind that some skills are easier for new players to start out with and quickly level. Spellcraft is a good skill to pick up because it provides a boost to your movement speed on foot and on a mount. It also provides you with some healing and dps buffs. A lot of people take spellcraft to help level and then drop it later. The guide I posted has some good info for new players.
  14. Damis

    Skill tree

    I am currently a Spellsinger (Sorcery/Songcraft/Shadowplay ), but I will probably switch out to a Fanatic later.
  15. Damis

    Skill tree

    The good thing about ArcheAge is that you can switch out skills pretty easy. You are required to reach Level 10 before you can change or reset skills. Find a Priestess of Nui to make the change. This has some good info for new players:
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