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  1. send a friend request to @Damis and @Xugrel
  2. I will be on tonight and can invite you.
  3. I have been steadily playing and enjoying the game the last couple of weeks. My warden is level 32 now. I mostly group up with Grim and Xugrel, because they are usually on when I am.
  4. I am going to train one of the new admins on how to create a group section for this game. Hopefully, he is on discord tonight. Thanks for volunteering to get this moving.
  5. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  6. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  7. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  8. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  9. it's too bad that the game didn't release in it's present state. I played the game a little when it first released and just recently came back to it. I really like all the changes that they did to the game.
  10. We will setup a section A few members have been in alpha/beta with it. Are you playing it now? or interested in playing it when it releases?
  11. Thanks for the update.
  12. My stamina warden is level 20 now. I have had a blast playing him. I ran a few dungeons with Xugrel and his friend and leveled up like crazy.
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