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  1. Covenant Football League A new season is about to start for our Fantasy Football League. Currently, all slots are full, but some may open up on Monday, August 26, 2019. Anyone interested in joining the league should reply to the Discussion thread. A second league could be created if there is enough interest. Keeper Deadline The deadline to select keepers is Monday, August 26, 2019. You can make and edit your selections until 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, August 25, 2019 Choose your Keepers here: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/787185/5/keepers Please remember that each team is allowed only TWO keepers, unless your name is Xalt, who gets THREE keepers because he won last year's team pick-em. DRAFT DATE Saturday, August 31, 2019: 7 PM PDT | 9 PM Central | 10 PM Eastern Discussion Thread
  2. Damis

    Fractured MMO

    Who is interested in playing the game?
  3. We probably won't know until the 25th if there are any open spots.
  4. Hi Folks, There are a handful of us playing ESO on a regular basis. It would be nice if we could get more members interested in playing.
  5. I recently returned to Elder Scrolls Online and I must admit that I really like the game in it's current form. It's too bad the game didn't release with all the current features. This is one game that people should check out and veterans should give it another shot if they haven't played in a while.
  6. The Scalebreaker DLC game pack brings two new Season of the Dragon dungeons, expanding upon the events of both Wrathstone and Elsweyr. The Dragons are free from the Halls of Colossus, and now you must deal with the fallout of their release. While these stories are part of the year-long saga, you can enjoy both without having completed either of the year’s earlier content—enjoy! Lair of Maarselok For centuries, Maarselok slept deep in the mountains between Elsweyr and Grahtwood. However, upon the opening of the Halls of Colossus, this monstrous Dragon has awoken, and now threatens to spread his corruption into the domain of the Wood Elves. Only with the help of the Warlock Carindon and the forest spirit Selene can you defeat this terrifying new Dragon! Hunt the great Dragon Maarselok! Moongrave Fane Hidden within a fallen Khajiiti temple, the vampires of the Hollowfang prepare to perform a terrible ritual. Joined by the former Dragonguard Grundwulf, they wish to drain the blood from a captured Dragon! You and your team must fight your way into the fallen ruin and put a stop to their plan before it’s too late. Both dungeons can be attempted in Normal and Veteran difficulties, with a Veteran Hard Mode option available for those looking for a challenge. Brave delvers can discover new rewards up for grabs in both dungeons, too, including new item sets, Achievements, collectibles, and more. PURCHASE DETAILS The Scalebreaker DLC game pack is free for all ESO Plus members and available for purchase for 1,500 crowns from the in-game Crown Store (listed under DLC). https://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/home
  7. This game has a learning curve to it, but it's fun once you start going.
  8. League Link: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/917584 Keeper Deadline is August 25 Choose your Keepers here: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/787185/5/keepers Please remember that each team is allowed only TWO keepers, unless your name is Xalt. Xalt gets THREE keepers because he won last year's team pick-em.. DRAFT DATE: Saturday, August 31, 2019: 7 PM PDT | 9 PM Central | 10 PM Eastern
  9. Starsector is an open-world single-player RTS space-combat game with roleplaying, exploration and economics from Fractal Softworks. You take the role of a space captain seeking fortune and glory however you choose. Current Features Develop your character into a hot-shot pilot, a smuggler, a stern admiral, an industrial magnate – or anything in between Pilot your ship in top-down 2D combat Command your fleet in tactical battles Gain experience to level up your skills Detailed space combat mechanics Customize your ship’s loadout before battle Outfit ships with your weapons of choice and add hull modifications to create devastating tactical combinations Hire officers to give skill bonuses, pilot auxiliary ships, and oversee your operations Explore war-torn star systems Exploit events to trade goods for profit Win the favor or scorn of powerful factions Discover new worlds and salvage lost derelicts Mod support for diverse user-made content Claim new worlds, build outposts and industry Cripple core world supply lines to create easy prey for piracy or bolster the rule of law and try to reverse the Sector’s descent into chaos Survey forgotten worlds and establish new colonies among the ruins Use lost and forbidden technologies to advance your cause – can you afford to pay for the consequences of your hubris? Leave your mark upon the world and determine the fate of the Sector with your decisions Still in its alpha phase, this one looks to be something to keep an eye on moving forward. If you preorder now, you pay $15 – 25% off the final price. What you get: Early access to the game, starting with alpha builds – available now! Discounted price The full version, when it is finished You help support the development of Starsector http://fractalsoftworks.com/
  10. This game has been a blast to play.
  11. Damis

    Fractured MMO

    They have updated their store. You can buy Founders Packs and other items such as pets. The pets seemed to be priced at a decent amount. Some games charge you an arm and leg for pets and cosmetic items. https://fracturedmmo.com/store/#pack The start of Alpha 2 is scheduled for Q3 2019. Who is interested in playing the game?
  12. Good video, but it's old news. Hopefully, unionizing will help.
  13. Is the game in Beta yet? How is the game shaping up so far?
  14. Today is the last day to get a package that allows you to play in alpha and all the rewards.
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