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  1. Well, it would be nice to take a boat out and do some fishing like we did on Vessa's fishing boat in ArcheAge Online.
  2. how about?: Covenant of Damis House of Damis I Luv Damis Grims a Really Nice Guy
  3. The chill of fall is beginning to creep into the air... and the Heretic Challenge is back with a whole new mount! Earn points for open-world activities, unlock chests to get valuable loot, and claim your very own Heretic Combat Mule. This month's Challenge introduces a brand-new war machine from the twisted minds of Heretic saddlers. The Heretic Combat Mule fires a powerful cannon shot that knocks back and slows targets, but watch out for its massive recoil!! SEASONAL SPECIALS: All month long, reach weekly goals to unlock Heretic Challenge Chests. In addition to valuable rewards like Adventurer's Tomes, Silver, resources, and older Heretic-themed furniture, you'll also have a chance to unlock three new furniture items: the Heretic Lantern, Heretic Junk Pile and Heretic Construct. https://albiononline.com/en/news/heretic-challenge-returns-with-new-mount
  4. CotP's official colors are Red, Black and Gold, although chapters are allowed to pick want they want. I like the following colors and design. The emblems aren't bad either, but we could try other emblems.
  5. Hi Inseril, Welcome back. Look forward to rolling into some games with you.
  6. Hi Nanulak, check out Albion online if you are not interested in crowfall. It's free to play and quite addicting. Also, how is Camelot Unchained coming along?
  7. Damis

    World of tanks

    The hellcat is a nice tank. I think my favorite tank is the Russian Medium T-59
  8. Damis

    World of tanks

    What tanks did you run? I miss the old days when we had enough folks playing to run battle groups. A lot of fun times. I am glad to see that you are still kicking about.
  9. Welcome to the family.
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