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  1. We created the Beta Guild this morning. Our base of operations is the Eldeir Village. We still need to get everyone invited to the guild. I assigned 20 beta keys, but I am still waiting on folks to acknowledge that they are in the game.
  2. We have 20 keys assigned to guild testers now. We also have five people joining who already have a founders pack account, so that means we have a good number of members to start the beta guild. I am still waiting for members to acknowledge that they have the accounts setup and for them to log on and join the guild. Please use our forums linked below to ask questions or comments. https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/forum/596-legends-of-aria-public-forums/
  3. Player Guide - This should be mandatory reading. It will answer most of your questions on how to do stuff in the game. https://legendsofaria.gamepedia.com/Guides#New_Player_Guide Another good player guide which gives examples of building different classes. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nQAdj6g0awCekSPCmaSDXAXRyjWX3wTDZFhiS-MH8Ds/edit Wiki https://legendsofaria.gamepedia.com/Legends_of_Aria_Wiki
  4. Please reply here with your In-Game character names.
  5. First, I would like to thank each and every one on the list below for volunteering to help beta test Legends of Aria. Air Damis (founder pack) Bakath (founder pack) Dragonpriest Elric Erudius Fuluga Grim Hesh jasconine (founder pack) Jaqen HGar Meander Minflexzel Oort Phyreblade Questrox Regok Trusin Vancealot Xanoric Everyone should keep a notpad open while playing so that you can make notes throughout the week. At the end of this week, I need everyone on this list to post some comments in this thread about the game. I also need everyone to answer the following questions. Are you having enough fun to play for another week? Overall, is this a game you could see yourself playing after launch? Did you do any PVP this week? What are the top five most frustrating bugs for you? If you could change three things about the interface, what would you want to change?
  6. Server: AzureSky | CB1 Official Starting location: Eldeir Village World Map: https://loahub.com/maps/celador/basic/
  7. The game is like Ultima Online which didn't have any safe zones except for the town. The free for all pvp system is what made UO so damn exciting to play. You never knew if the stranger you just met was going to attack you or not. Besides a few random attacks, it was fairly safe to adventure in UO. The community, not the game developers kept the rpkers in check. What i fondly remember about UO was the friendly community. Guild battles meant something and if you weren't involved, they were fun to watch too. As for Legend of Aria, the developers have made it clear that the red areas of this game are full loot PVP zones, and this is not going to change. However, I wouldn't be too concerned about rpkers. You can avoid a lot of trouble if you play smart, plus you will have an entire guild to support you. I could be wrong, but I am guessing that there won't be a lot of pking during the beta test. Simply, because it takes some time to fully equip and train your character. However, with that said, I would like our guild to be tip of the spear and take the fight to some of the other guilds whom we deem as the enemy. Grim: "I don't like the way that guy looked at my sheep, lets declare war on his guild!"
  8. Hello

    Hi Walter, Please clink on the link below. It has instructions on how to join the guild. https://covenantofthephoenix.com/how_to_join/
  9. Rules: Testers need to read and agree to the following: This is a sandbox game, with no "levels," no hand-holding, no unique names, no real quest content and no plans for any. We do have skills that increase with use, weight management, an entirely player based economy, and a karma system. The last is relevant because should you be in the "red" areas of the game, people can kill your character, loot your stuff, and take your head. Do all of your members understand the basic concept of the game? This game is currently in closed beta (though we welcome streaming on the grounds that it's better to be embarrassed than ignored), and as such has bugs, incomplete features, and needs feedback and testing. Are all of your members willing to help test, report exploits, and accept the inevitable WTH moments? Later this summer, we will be wiping the servers, and the servers will be reopened with a fresh start one week later. (During that week, only our Kickstarter backers and players who have purchased Founder's Packs will be able to play - a "head start" for those who made our development possible.) Does everyone understand that what happens during this test will be wiped? If the guild fails to provide feedback, or uses exploits without reporting them after a 24 hour grace period, the entire guild will be removed from the test. Does everyone agree to provide feedback and report exploits and bugs? ------------------------------------------------- OK, folks, this is not our first rodeo. Our guild has worked with multiple game developers in the past to test games and provide feedback. Please make sure you read what is expected before asking to help. Reply to this thread if you are interested in helping and any areas you would like to focus on.
  10. Citadel Studios is inviting entire guilds to experience the beta version of Legends of Aria for a free three week trial. In exchange for the trial, Guild Beta Testers have to promise to report bugs, and submit feedback via the guild leader three times. Once a week for the duration of the test. Citadel Studios wants groups of people, working together to earn their guild house, to establish new towns, to see what the possibilities of a sandbox might be with friends. And the best way to do that is to have people playing in…groups. - ~ - From Damis, I think this is a great opportunity for our community to work with the developers to not only find bugs, but to provide feedback and suggestions on how to make the game better. I think it is a good sign that Citadel Studios is seeking feedback from gaming communities. I submitted our guild application and asked for 20 accounts which is the max that Citadel Studios will grant at this time. If we get more than 20 volunteers then I will ask for more trial accounts, otherwise we might have to share. The funny thing is that I just purchased a founders package for Legends of Aria this past weekend, but haven't had time to try it out yet. It looks like I will have some guild mates with me now to test the game. I am looking for volunteers to help test the game. Testers must log on at least twice a week and provide feedback. I will post the requirements and other useful information in the Legends of Aria forum section located in our Chapters section. Send me a PM or reply the Volunteer link if you are interested in helping. Game info: http://www.legendsofaria.com/ Volunteer Info: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/53370-legends-of-aria-guild-beta-rules/ Chapter page: https://covenantofthephoenix.com/gc/24-legends-of-aria/
  11. Fallout 76

    When does Beta start?
  12. 2018-06-14 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday.
  13. 2018-06-13 Birthdays

    Happy Birthday.
  14. june update are in!

    I have an Alpha account, but not the pre-alpha.
  15. june update are in!

    Thanks for the update. I have this game on my radar list and plan to play it.