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  1. Damis

    Beta 1 Starting

    Give me a beta account and I will. Otherwise, join us in MapleStory 2.
  2. yes, I just have to search for the info.
  3. Always causing problems, Bakath.
  4. Damis

    Guild Daily Set time

    Mon - Friday: Usually around 7 -10 PM Central. Saturday - anytime Sunday - Morning to 9 PM Central.
  5. There is a player called Candy who has a house with all sorts of gadgets which you can go around activating to earn Trophies. it's an easy way to earn a bunch of trophies. Just look up the player and enter her house.
  6. I would like to take guild picture of everyone in MapleStory 2. What is a good day and time for everyone?
  7. Damis

    The Gear Bragging Place!

    Why don't you show off that awe inspiring shirt you made?
  8. This one single aspect of the game will provide endless hours of entertainment for people interested in creating their own custom content. I am excited to try to make some cool looking robes for my Priest and Mage. For inspiration, all you have to do is search for rpg mage robes on the internet. Anyone ever heard of Raistlin? Well, now you can look like him. Daz3d has some nice outfits too. https://www.daz3d.com
  9. Here's a little tutorial for making your own User Generated Content (UGC) Outfit in MapleStory 2.
  10. I am still leveling my Priest, but I plan to roll a Runeblade next. So, what do you folks think of the Runeblade? Post a pic of your Runeblade.
  11. I know the feeling. Kind of ashamed to tell folks I am playing it, but it is such a blast to play. So much to do in the game. I was laughing my butt off playing with Grim. I really like the dance contests. Oh, don't expect to get your pizza delivered on time if the delivery guy is Grim. LOL
  12. I am looking forward to playing the Runeblade. Just two more days.