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  1. Thanks for the update and link. I read and watched the youtube, it was good stuff.
  2. Damis

    Favorite teams

    I am a Chicago Bears fan old enough to remember watching the 1985 season who should have went undefeated if it weren't for Miami.
  3. Thanks for the update.
  4. Well.... First, Caspian is extremely long winded and takes forever to make a simple point and even then it's not totally clear. Second, I feel sad for the people who invested their money and hopes into the game.
  5. So, basically Discord caught the virus.
  6. Well, at least they are still working on improving the game, so that is a good. This game will be a watch and see if it improves.
  7. With nothing else to do, I have be logging on the game every other day to craft tax certificates in order to level all my combat skills to 55. Yesterday, I finally finished my goal of having all my combat skills maxed out at 55. I was hoping for a slight bonus like the old days, but all I got was a shinny new achievement medal. As a side note, my constructions skill is also maxed out.
  8. Thanks for the update. I wish they had mentioned something about JTL.
  9. which server do you play on? I heard one of the servers has JTL working now.
  10. Who is interested in playing this game? https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/13/amazons-first-mmo-new-world-gets-a-may-2020-release-date
  11. If land grabbing is going to be an issue with the game, then I won't be interested in playing it.
  12. No, it's the opposite. Colossus will be released first. There is a debate going on whether the developers are rushing Colossus out so that they can use it to showcase their MMO engine, because they want to sell licenses to it instead of focusing on CU. Ashes of Creation did something similar with Apocalypse which turned out bad. I still don't have an opinion on it. I will keep an open mind and hope for the best. Besides there are a bunch of other MMOs getting ready to release such as Amazon's New World.
  13. Nanulak, You have been a long term backer and supporter of the game, what are your thoughts on the latest news?
  14. I hit tier 10 with Izanami last night. I really enjoy playing her. I have a speed/crit build for Izanami that allows her to rip through Gods like there is no tomorrow. I am the process of testing a new build that does insane amount of damage, but at the cost of making her a lot slower. One item slows targets when attacked while another grants 15% damage bonus to gods who are slowed. There is no cool down for the items, so it's a constant slow and damage bonus against opposing players. I am also going to have to review my build for Scylla after the update. I played her for one match last night and with a jungle buff, i had 1250 magic power. The max is 900 , so i looks like i can drop some damage items and pick up other items. She is tier 7 and I will be working on getting her to tier 10 this week.
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