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  1. I have been steadily playing and enjoying the game the last couple of weeks. My warden is level 32 now. I mostly group up with Grim and Xugrel, because they are usually on when I am.
  2. I am going to train one of the new admins on how to create a group section for this game. Hopefully, he is on discord tonight. Thanks for volunteering to get this moving.
  3. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  4. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  5. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  6. Approved. Welcome to the community.
  7. it's too bad that the game didn't release in it's present state. I played the game a little when it first released and just recently came back to it. I really like all the changes that they did to the game.
  8. We will setup a section A few members have been in alpha/beta with it. Are you playing it now? or interested in playing it when it releases?
  9. Thanks for the update.
  10. My stamina warden is level 20 now. I have had a blast playing him. I ran a few dungeons with Xugrel and his friend and leveled up like crazy.
  11. Thanks for the update.
  12. i played War Thunder for a little bit yesterday. It was different, but fun. In WoT, you have x amount of hit points based on your tank and the tank blows up when it goes to zero or below. In WT, the tanks blow up after your crew is killed. Operating the tanks is the same, so it was fun. in my first match, I wiped out 7 enemy tanks and stayed alive to earn 1st place on my team. I was feeling proud of myself until I got smoked the next two games. Interesting to watch a round penetrate a weak spot and send shrapnel flying inside my tank, which promptly killed all my crew. WT allows you easily jump between, tanks, ships or planes which is a nice feature. In WoT you have load up WoT and WoS separately. Since I also like WoS, I naturally had to try my hand at running a few ship battles in WT. Again, the game is different but still fun. The sea battles seemed to run faster. I don't think they have battleships in the game. I will have to play it more to get a better feel of the game. I might have to hop back on WoT/WoS for comparison.
  13. Have you played War Thunder?
  14. what's it like playing Wot on a console? easier?
  15. WoT, sigh.... We had an active chapter a long time ago and it was really fun to group up and do the large battles together. Always funny to play with a drunk Ernie. We still have a WoT chapter, but only a few people log on here and there. You could hit up discord and see if you can generate an interest in the wot veterans to play again. Bakath, Hesh and Grim play the game a lot, when they aren't playing other games. Lately, I have been thinking about playing War Thunder. I just downloaded the game yesterday. Anyone have any comments on War Thunder?
  16. i have a 26 Imperial Templar, a 10 Stamina/Sorc and I just rolled a new Orc Stamina/Warden. So far, I am having a blast with the Warden. add me @Damis
  17. We use discord. https://discord.gg/aPUpz5J
  18. My old characters are Eboneheart. Does it matter what alliance we pick?
  19. I restarted my ESO account, but it's been a long time since I played. I am currently looking at creating a Nightblade Werewolf. Do we have any active werewolfs in the guild? Any suggestions?
  20. We had over 60 people join the SC organization and we were projected to hit the ground running with over 100 active users, but that was six ago. We had a list of users and ships, but I think that thread was lost when we moved the SC forum. We actually have or had a handful of members who own the Idris. Six years is a long time to keep excited about a game. A lot was promised. Any updates on the game?
  21. Damis

    City of Heroes

    I started out on the Rogue thing. Once I hit level 20 then I will have to decide to either go Hero or Villain. Too be honest, I spend way to much time on creating different costumes. It's fun.
  22. Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our great gaming family.
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