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  1. Damis

    15.61 Patch Notes

    Wow, that is a lot of good change to the game. Looking forward to the update.
  2. Damis

    My email from the VP Mike Pence

    Ten million united states dollars! Darn, you are so lucky Perfectd. Don't forget to send them your back account and password so that they can process the check faster.
  3. You heard me right, Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed is back! Well, maybe not the game itself, but the experience of going into battle with multi player ships is in Atlas. Words are hard to describe the rush of working with guild mates to keep a ship in afloat and in action during a raging battle. A battle in the middle of a storm no less. I was in the process of moving a npc to a different cannon, when the ship took a major hit to the bow. Water immediately starting pouring in from multiple leaks. I ran to the bow with my repair hammer and discovered that one our wood panels had been blown off. The water was ankle deep while I ran back to the stern to grab a spare panel, and by the time I made my way back to the bow, the water was up to my chest. Even after hammering the panel into place, I thought the ship was going to sink, because the water was now over my head and still pouring in. Luckily, I wasn't the only one hammering out repairs and fixing leaks. Throne and Gradrock were also busy fixing repairs and between the three of us, we manage to patch up all the leaks. The SS Skoldr wasn't in the best of shape, but at least it wasn't sinking. Needing further repairs and supplies, Throne navigated the ship back to our main port, avoiding enemy ships and storms in the process. I didn't have a chance to fire any cannons on this trip, but I had a blast playing Atlas last night. I was totally immersed in the game. While our sea battle was going on, CotP and Alliance forces were running a ground a offense against the enemy, so it was a pretty busy night for everyone.
  4. Damis

    Patch 10.0

    Looking forward to the changes.
  5. Damis

    Week 1: The SS Skjoldr

    Damn, I love this game!
  6. Damis

    ATLAS: Present and Future

    Atlas is the MMO that we have all dreamed about. I challenge people to take a minute and list all the features that you think should be in a MMO. Better yet, imagine that you were given a Billion dollars to design your ultimate MMO. What features would you want in it? Now, take that list and compare it to Altas. Personally, I think it would be easier to list what is not in Atlas. It's not a space or high fantasy game. Just a few features off the top of my head and not in any particular order: Huge open world sand box game. Player impact on the environment. Eye popping graphics - I have been awe struck quite a few times playing this game. Player immersion Housing and the ability to build anywhere. Your imagination is the only limit. Creature Taming/Handler Pets Mounts Harvesting / Gathering Crafting Trading Weather and it's actual impact on the player. Large scale pvp Ships - Rafts all the way up to Galleons. Easy to create a small sloop and sail to your heart's content. Sailing - I love this aspect of the game. Exploration Survival game.
  7. Damis

    Resource Heaven

    I was trying out different starting islands in order to find some sugar cane and chanced upon M7. Oh my gosh, that island has all the resources a starting character needs. Plenty of metal, water, fiber, sugar cane, hide, ect. It's not like the islands that we started on and had to scramble just to stay alive. I am going to try to load up on sugar canes and fiber, and then make a run to our base in the North. I am also going to scout for tropical islands closer to our base so that we can set up harvesting outposts. Trusin joined me, so we are going to make a sloop.
  8. Damis

    Upcoming patch 8.8 and 9.0

    A lot of good changes.
  9. Damis


    What are you using for voice comms?
  10. Damis

    Atlas Gameplay Screenshots!

    Looks like you all had a great time.
  11. I feel sorry for the folks who threw in the towel just because the game had server connection problems when the game was first released. The game is shaking up nicely if you ask me.
  12. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Perfectd flogged for flogging someone on Christmas Eve.
  13. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Flog the person above you for whatever reason you want. Example: User 1 posts: I like pie. User 2 posts: Flogged for liking pie User 3 posts: Flogged for not using a period at the end of the sentence.
  14. Damis


    server just rebooted for patch 6.1, Hurry up and log in if you need to be invited to guild. contact me on discord.
  15. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Perfectd flogged for talking about a Kangaroo.
  16. A simple poll to generate some activity while we wait for the game to release.
  17. Damis


    Well, by that time, you should be able to logon. Currently, we have a room full of people waiting to log on.
  18. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Elric flogged for having 131 reputation.
  19. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Flogged for using an exclamation point.
  20. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Elric is flogged for only having five letters in his name.
  21. Damis


    Most old games get revisited from time to time. So, we should see you folks on discord. Good.
  22. Damis

    Flog A Crewmate

    Flogged for not following the rules and flogging the person above him.
  23. Damis


    Did all the servers get merged into one? Benny still holds the guild hall on one of the servers, but starting out new is also fun.
  24. Damis


    While you wait for the game to release, go take out your frustration by flogging a crewmate. https://covenantofthephoenix.com/forums/topic/53685-flog-a-crewmate/