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  1. Blocker thread

    It's related to the animal lore skill.
  2. Click below for the invite. Ping Skywise, myself or October for permissions and tags. Invite: https://discord.gg/pkYvYwX Application DL: https://discordapp.com/ Reply here with any issues
  3. Blocker thread

    Thanks Perfectd.....will do.
  4. Blocker thread

    I need all the milk anyone can spare for leveling up cooking. Please drop it off in the kitchen area.
  5. Request

    Keep doing what you're doing man....it makes a big difference waking up to progress in the village.
  6. We've given enough warning to everyone here about cutting down our neighbors tree farms. They now have the green light to kill on sight anyone from CotP they see cutting down trees in their farms. Don't do it, it's not worth the risk to your stats or our diplomatic relations.
  7. Please do not cut down trees at nearby tree farms. Cut down wild trees until we have our tree farms up and running.
  8. Birch Sprouts for Throne

    thanks man, I'm planting the hardwood forest north of town.
  9. Blocker thread

    Animal Lore is currently being blocked by lack of chicken coops.....need someone with 30 construction to get some up soon.
  10. If you are being blocked by something in order to advance in your chosen profession, please post it here and we'll get it on the to do list.
  11. Profession Sign up

    Anything you see that doesn't have two names next to it...go for it.
  12. 2018 hype!

    Happy new year everyone!
  13. Invite me!

    Hop in mumble when you guys are online and we'll send those invites.
  14. Here we go....

    We use mumble primarily for this chapter. I'm generally in our discord channel as well, but mostly for people to send me PM's.
  15. Here we go....

    Glad to hear from you Faradii.....based on our experience in Wurm, this one is right up your alley.