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  1. My sorc is CXP 12 or 13... I HAD full 208 pvp gear fully augmented. At the new grind rate I'll never have a full set of pvp gear, Whats not to understand?
  2. They really need to do something about gearing, canceled my sub lastnight. I'm pretty pissed about 5.1. Being a casual player I'll be dead before I can get competitive pvp gear.
  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday Kamen!

  4. Was 3 degrees where I'm at on Thursday morning. Balmy 22 out right now..
  5. i got the survey. Yeah I'm not happy with the gear changes. I have never ran an Op but now i might be forced to so I can get gear to pvp?? Takes to bloody long to get gear now. i was happy with having 2 sets of gear.
  6. I feel ya, i don't have central air and my computer room gets blistering hot.
  7. Grim

    Happy Birthday Kamen!

  8. So my main character and 1 alt are in the guild now flagged as ember. I log in and play both of those characters every week, because of my job I cannot log in enough to make my personal conquest, So I should be expecting both of my characters to be purged from that chapter??
  9. Before Kotfe you'd go armormech. One of your companions had a +5 to armormech crit. Now I have no idea...
  10. Kamen

    Are they gone?

    Looks like to me they are still around, I searched for House of Blackrock in google. I couldn't log in tho, said I wasn't registered on their site.
  11. My comodo fire wall was interfering with it. Thanks for the help guys
  12. It just says It's stoped working when I try to launch it. i believe they use flash/shockwave. Unfortunately I can't launch the program to shut that stuff off. It just says "Google chrome has stoped working" then the program crashes.
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