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    1. I'm on several evenings during the week and weekends so if you guys are doing something or need help, yell at me. I'm always up to help folks out but I'm bad about watching chat so be patient with me. I have a few characters, but I like my templar and nightblade the most.
    2. Is anyone using voice chat, if so is it Mumble or Discord? I haven't used voice in a few years and wasn't sure what is being used these days and didn't want people to think I was being anti social.
    3. I preordered Eisweyr and have been messing around a few days.....no clue what I'm doing at all If someone in the guild could send me an invite that would be great. Game name is @faradii.
    4. Good to know, thanks. I'll feeling like I'll probably be checking it out.
    5. Is there any interest in ESO with the new expansion coming out this summer?
    6. Thanks for sending out the email, otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue what was going on. I'll give it a look.
    7. Happy Birthday Faradii!

    8. Dammit! I even Googled Synchronized Equestrian Skeet Shooting. Got me!
    9. A complete list of the new advanced life quests. Most are pretty easy and you get sharp and hard black crystal shards as rewards. The black spirit guide will lead you through the entire chain including pre-reqs. I believe if all your skills were high enough you could probably get 30+ of each type of shard. http://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/2016/06/01/new-life-skill-quests-list/
    10. BDO Lokien's Joy of Cooking - BDO Cooking Calculator and Recipe Guide Not sure if this has been linked somewhere yet or not but this is by far the best cooking tool I've found. I would suggest making a copy to your own google drive to make it easier to use. https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/48uf2c/bdo_cooking_calculator_and_recipe_guide/
    11. Welcome to the guild ChuNyu! Once your 24 hr wait period is up please whisper one of the following in game for a guild invite. Faradii, Hyacinthe, Kurado or Segina (or Kynsi)
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