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  1. Horses lay down after 30 minutes, and vanish after 1 hour of being left alone.
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    Happy Birthday Azog!

  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday Azog!

  4. Soon as you said Skywise I knew this was fake
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    Is anyone interested in taking on the role of guild lead? I am unlikely to be able to continue playing with classes and castle sieges in BDO coming up.
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    The 20 100% health/stamina are daily gifts. Portable auction house and storage, and free instant travel ticket that can be used anywhere. It's pretty amazing.
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    Fennec fox only gets 7 day duration
  8. Peeps wanted a guide, I don’t know why I decided to comply. Ranger’s role in Black Desert Online is that of a pure dps machine, without any other real use in groups. You have the highest sustained dps of any of the classes. None of your damage skills have a cooldown, and your AP scaling is suburb, second to none. However, you lack any real hard CC, AoE damage is in a cone, and your sick acrobatics can only do so much for you once you are getting chased down by a more mobile class (Blader, Giant, Sorcerer, and Tamer), making you a very weak solo PvP’r. In groups however, you excel. Once someone CC’s an enemy, or pulls off an enemy from you, your job is to immediately annihilate that enemy. Base your movements on your allies and there CC, and always use/backstab/abandon your allies to the fullest extent. You are one of the biggest threats in a fight, expect to be focused out of the fight. This is where your sick acrobatics come in handy, use them to position yourself where you ally can most assist you. Always go with the flow of the battle, and keep yourself alive while also making sure your never letting up your relentless damage. Skills Here are some neat skills you should be using (I don’t have a skill calculator or the game open so most of these names will probably be made up.): Dagger of Protection: No. Will of the Wind: Keep tapping your key binding while you are using evasive shot. Always keep this debuff up on the enemy, and if your within melee range you can spam it. Does well against desyncing/iframe/obviouslyhacking classes. This sill is also amazing in farming (Our explosive shot got nerfed, shotgun got nerfed, all of our farming skills are inevitably going to get nerfed apparently. Expect the worst.) Round up your enemies in a very large group, and begin to spin around the group with this skill. Keep in mind this skill will do more damage in melee range, and will also do more damage when hitting from behind. This skill has enough mobility to constantly put you behind your enemy allowing for instantaneous clear times. Awaken this with 5% crit. Evasive Explosive Shot: While it got nerfed in damage pretty hard, it is still amazing at mobility. It provides super armor for the duration of the animation when the skill is not on its 12 second soft cooldown. But most importantly: this skill does not require stamina to use. You spam this when you run out of stamina and still remain mobile and constantly moving. Stamina as a Ranger is everything, and you can recover It while doing this. Razor Wind: Great for farming world bosses due to its immense accuracy boost. Kind of useless in PvP, and also farming. Pretty much all of your skills are going to out dps it. I don’t really use it. Tearing Wind: 4 different versions based on how long you charge it, only the last 2 are good. Takes a while to charge it up, and in that time you could have probably done more damage just using WoW/Shotgun. But the skill has a very long range, and when you use it to instantly cast your Penetrating Shot it has hidden knockdown effect (very low chance though). Hold shift to shoot the shot btw. Would recommend using it as the last shot in your barrage. Makes you immobile, which is usually death for a ranger, but in the right circumstances/positioning can be pretty devastating. You don’t always want to run in to a giant battle, or into a wizard blizzard. The range is pretty neat. Flow: Call to the Sky: When walking, briefly hold Shinazzy and left click. Gets getting use to but looks pretty cool. Provides an iframe while you’re in the air, and if you super Mario someone it can daze them for a good amount of time allowing you to get off your attacks. I kind of use this when my blasting gust is on cooldown since its another CC, and it provides me with an iframe. Looks cool. Fun to use. Uses a lot of stamina kind of got to watch that aspect. Ultimate Evasive Shot: Allows you to actually use your skills. Ranger is all about canceling your abilities now you can fire them off instantly and remain mobile in the process. This skill takes stamina to use, and when you run out you will awkwardly start auto attacking and walking around. This is how people die. Really need to keep track of your stamina, and remember Evasive Explosive doesn’t use stamina, still mobile. Number one mistake I see in arena night is people using this, but not following up with any skill. It’s a waste of stamina, the shot does close to nothing for damage and costs you stamina. Don’t waste any of your movements, if your going to use this skill than follow it up with Shotgun/WoW/Blasting Gust. You can use explosive shot, free of charge, if you’re trying to move around. Make all of your shots count. Awaken this with 10% attack speed. Descending Current: Great for sieges, the second portion of the shot does immense damage, but it now has a soft cooldown so keep an eye on that. Can also be pretty good for farming World Bosses if you’re afraid it might hit you. This has immense range, great damage and is one of the reason why big guilds want so many of us. Charging Wind (Shotgun): Pretty much all of your damage. Neat skill. Hold left click, direction key and space to use. Hold down both forward and A/D to reduce the recoil. Can easily land every single shot, and all of them will be crits/down attacks when you are shooting a knocked down enemy. This is how you kill people. Range is limited, the further you are away the less damage it will cause. Firing it into groups of enemies you will do less damage as it will be spread out among them. Which is why I don’t farm with this skill, WoW is better for groups. Cool trick is you can hold down shift to sprint, hold down left mouse button + directional key + space and you will instantaneously fire off the shot when trying to close the distance to a knocked down enemy. Sprint at the last second though, conserve your stamina. Running at your enemy, without any stamina as a result will make you just auto attack them while in melee range with no way to get away. Don’t do that. Projectile originates from behind you, so if you’re touching any walls it will blow up on it and do nothing. Blasting Gust – Your pretty much only guaranteed CC, mid-range skill, 8 second soft cooldown (won’t knockdown while on cooldown, and using it during the cooldown will refresh the cooldown). Open with this skill, and whenever it isn’t on cooldown use it again. If your enemies are on the ground, they are going to take more damage from your shotgun, and they aren’t going to beable to do anything. Land it, and close the distance with my above stated trick. You should be able to land multiple full shots since it lasts so long. I will sometimes be using Call to the Sky to try and stun them and avoid being hit while waiting to be able to use this again. Pretty much all of your damage is going to come from knocking them down, and bursting them down. This is why we work so well in groups, since our tools/allies are going to be knocking them down for us. Using this skill as a cancel will consume immense amounts of stamina, and keep refreshing the cooldown. Also you can’t knockdown an enemy by canceling blasting gust, you need to go through the animation. You can use this to do some cool tricks while canceling. Hold down middle mousing button, your camera will lock in that direction, than you can cancel your blasting gust in a direction and be able to shoot ahead of you or shoot while fleeing. Very fast movements, can be useful in some situations but it takes a long time getting used to and I never really use it. This skill is cool, use it nonstop. Think that’s all the skills, important ones at least. I would link you my build but I already have all the skills lol. So here is the skill priority: Max dagger of protection Evasive Shot Charging Wind Will of the Wind Max descend current 1 point in tearing arrow Max penetrating shot Max tearing arrow Mastery Monster hunter Everything else Max razor wind Getting skill points is so easy farming solo now, that you’ll probably max all this pretty quickly. Gear Liverto – Duo it before touching your armor, your ap is more important. 4 piece Grunil – until you get boss armor the +7 Ap is really nice Bronze Dagger – till you can get your hands on Bhegs gloves, than swap to steel ASAP. Crystals 2 Assault Gems in your gloves 1 +2 crit -1 attk speed on weapon, other is up to you I would reccomend the red battlefield power if you can afford it. 2 Evasion gems in the helmet 2 Cabane? gems in your chest 1 +2 movement speed and 1 adamantine gem in your boots Jewlery - Whatever you can afford really, as long as it gives only AP. Do the main quest line to get 2 +7 ap rings. Would recommend the ancient seal/core combo. Theoretical Boss Armor Bheg Gloves – Stupid OP on rangers, allows you use steel dagger which will increase your AP by like 13-17? Idk it’s dumb. Muskan Boots – Evasion is pretty huge, people say it got nerfed but it’s still amazing. Have your friends give you 200% fury, use your super infusion (60 evasion) and go stand in the nearest pack of mobs. If you don’t get hit, you don’t get CC’d. This is why you always take Muskan as your weekly scroll, all the others aren’t nearly as important. Idk about the other pieces and I don’t really care, those are the neatest ones. Battle theory Ok here is where I tell you how to fight stuff Farming Use Will of the Wind and circle around the packs, this will allow you to start landing back attacks on your enemies. Quickly and efficiently clears anything in your way. Sorcerers Keep mobile, constantly. If they charge you start evasive shooting now you can dodge there attacks. Try and land your blasting gust and they will die instantly. More than likely you won’t though, will of the wind tactic won’t work since they are constantly desyncing. About the same honestly, your team isn’t going to be able to cc them either and they will chasing after you. Just save your blasting gusts for targets you can guarantee a hit on, it’ll be more productive. Wizards Immediately knock them down with blasting gust and try to end the fight right there. Once they get up they will try and teleport away to a safe spot. After the initiation you need to save your gusting wind for 3 scenarios: He channels lighthouse, he goes into normal lightning animation, or he channels meteor. You pretty much counter this class. In groups kill them first always, save all of your knockdowns for him. Your call to the sky will stop his normal lightning animation and you’ll be able to easily evade. If he ults quickly backflip out of range than start channeling tearing arrow, wait till the channeling ends and he teleports away then fire your 3 shots + penetrating wind. Don’t try and sneak around behind him, by now all wizards know that they can move their ultimate/blizzard. Bezerkers Try and ignore and avoid. When they are red and charging you they can easily be knocked down. When they are aren’t red and are charging you then they will have super armor, jump off to the side. In groups, work around them. Valkyries Ignore them, they don’t have the mobility to chase you and you aren’t going to be able to kill them In groups also just ignore them. Fighters Ignore them, shields op bro In groups, also ignore them they are more of a threat do more damage and have more mobility but you can still usually just avoid them. Rangers This is where it gets fun. The fight depends on lands the first shot usually. Open with arrow, and keep using it. Try and super Mario them after. Burst them down, but it usually is just a broadside dps race. Shotgun/WoW/Blasting Gust are going to win the fight. In groups, focus them first they are going to do a ton of damage and be the ones that kills your entire team. Kill mages first as always, but they are a very close second. Bladers Like a more irritating sorcerer that does less damage They are going to be constantly harassing you in fights, try and ignore them and keep the blasting gusts on your prioritized targets. Summary tips Don’t waste your movements or stamina, only use evasive shot to use a skill that will do the most damage. Evasive Explosive allows you to be mobile without stamina Blasting gust is your best friend that allows you use shotgun much more efficiently Holding W + A/D + Left Mouse + Spacebar will fire off shotguns with reduced recoil Sorcs trigger me/bladers suck Don’t fight indoors or near objects, not because they will obstruct your movements and lower your survivability but because all of your shots will bug out. Stamina is more important than your health bar Hope this is helpful to someone. This class is awkward as all hell to start. Coming from any other game where you could stand still for some shots will be very offset by this inability to stand still in any situation. Not only for survivability, but simply because none of your skills are able to be used immobile. We can’t fight in enclosed spaces at all as all of our attacks will cause us to start bugging out as our skills hit the walls before they fire off Practice makes perfect, you’re only going to get better by getting you’re @#% kicked repeatedly so keep at it. Get to the Arena/Battleground night and spar with your allies. Than go kick our enemies butts afterwards.
  9. Could use max health increase familiars as well for guardian.
  10. Azog

    Character Names

    When you delete a character it takes 30 days for the name to also get deleted. I'm out of 3 names now. :/
  11. Not on the list but Black Wind is amazing for Guardians. Little pygmy horse gives me 10% increased Physical Defense, and can buff me with 20% movement speed.
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