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    bump, what is a jarl anyway! sounds like some kind of wild hog
  2. What is a Jarl anyway? Sounds like some kind of wild hog
  3. Ok, I see no one knows this here, I'll ask somewhere else
  4. Did you get a guild invite yet? Are you on Dalaran server or Durotan server? What is the name of the toon you are playing?
  5. Does anyone know the current population of COTP? (active members)
  6. WOOHOO! That's great Mad! I'll blow the dust off my mage Frostybob (lvl 60) and spend some time tuning up my mage skills and do dungeons to level up. You have saved me from having to finish leveling a mage on the Dalaran server with those Alliance nuts! They talk down to Horde there the same way we talk down to Alliance on our server. I have been tempted to harass them on their server but thought maybe that would be unwise, haha
  7. Ok thx Wow, my post count really took a dive.
  8. Hi, is the WOW chapter on Dalaran currently active? All my toons are Horde but I could transfer my 110 over if we have an active presence there.
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