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    1. Happy Birthday Sevitoth!

    2. Sevitoth

      Uthgard Relaunch

      I plan to play on Midgard at launch though, I've always been a huge norse mythology fan and love the Midgard realm.
    3. Sevitoth

      Uthgard Relaunch

      I'm the same as you, I don't get to play on a regular basis, so I tend to fall behind everyone else. Plus I like to craft. ha Sure, we'll figure it out prior to launch. Hey maybe we can get a group of CotP playing. We had a guild on the old Uthgard server but I think it died out.
    4. Sevitoth

      Uthgard Relaunch

      I'll be playing Mid at launch (Shaman). None of the new MMOs do anything for me, so I still play the old school games. I'll play around on Hib during beta, just to get my DAOC fix. It's been too long.
    5. After further research, it appears that you have to enter one of the channels under the server you are trying to login to. Confusing and hopefully I pick the right server.
    6. Yea, I guess the server is full. Ugh. I guess I'll check back periodically throughout the day to see if I can enter.
    7. I'm trying to log into our server but it's missing the enter button, along with a couple of other servers. Does that mean that the server is completely full and I have to wait for spots to open up? I should have waited a few days to use my 7 day guest pass, I'm wasting the time....
    8. I tried SWGReborn a month or two ago and got bored and quit after only a couple of days....just like the official NGE when it released. I thought it would be interesting to give it another shot all these years later, but it just reminded me of how boring it was. I still hop on SWGEMU every few months when I need my SWG nostalgia fix, but usually don't stay too long. I'm waiting for the game to finally launch, but who knows how long that will be. I've been playing it off and on since 2008.....and it's 2016 next week. lol
    9. Happy Birthday Sevitoth!

    10. Happy Birthday Sevitoth!

    11. ESO is like WOW, it will run on almost everything. Like I said earlier, I spend most of my playtime at work, on a very average Dell computer and it runs just fine.
    12. Just found this on Reddit... http://m.ign.com/articles/2014/04/18/elder-scrolls-online-hit-by-duping-bug?content_only&ign_app_ios&ign_app_android
    13. Oh, I agree. Very few MMOs have released bug free and complete. You would think that game companies would learn from the failures of other MMOs, and wait to release them when they are ready. But they don't....
    14. I have had very little lag myself, I wonder if it's a location thing. I even spend most of my playtime from work on a very average computer and not so fast internet connection.
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