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  1. Happy Birthday Friduwulf!

  2. Happy Birthday Friduwulf!

  3. Happy Birthday Friduwulf!

  4. Happy Birthday Friduwulf!

  5. Friduwulf

    Hey hey

    I haven't been here in a while. How is everyone?
  6. Friduwulf


    Dang only two people posted. I must not have been missed.
  7. Friduwulf


    Someone moved this thread to "public Lounge" and for some reason when I click on the public Lounge forum IE will freeze....ever other forum works but this one. I guess I'll have to get Mozilla. :embarrased Hey Kaobang what are you playing now days?
  8. Friduwulf


    Lol sorry for losing that boat on Vanguard hahaha.
  9. Friduwulf


    Just wanted to let yall know that I'm still alive. Oh....and heyyyy
  10. Yes...that is cool but my question is will it provide a real substantial performance increase (for gamers) or is it just a marketing ploy? As far as HD movies goes buy a DVD player.
  11. Friduwulf

    Hello cotp

    Umm... Hello!
  12. Friduwulf

    I am on Server 1

    I made an accout on the open beta (server 1) I don't know if the guilds were restarted with the patch but my name is "Friduwulf"
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