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  1. My son has a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, and I'm trying to figure out how to make it so it cannot print. He's autistic, and doesn't seem to understand (or refuses to accept) me telling him he cannot print from the tablet because he's using all the ink with his pictures. Every time I turn off the print service it seems to come back on, so is there a way to completely uninstall the ability to print?
  2. Elyrian, but I might upgrade one or two levels later.
  3. So, the game goes live in one minute for PC. Who all's playing?
  4. Aztos

    Steam Usernames

    Aztos = Aztos Aztos will always be Aztos.
  5. I'm looking for an invite as well. Character is Aztos. Thanks!
  6. Grim

    Happy Birthday Aztos!

  7. Grim

    Happy Birthday Aztos!

  8. It was a really nice one, went by region and had all the nodes labeled with %, and was interactive so you could click on the entrance to the next area and it'd load it (like the map in ff).
  9. There used to be a resource map that someone here had shown me: http://www.disciplesoftheland.com/maps.aspx However as you can see if you click it, it's now "access forbidden". Does anyone know of another map of where all the harvest points are?
  10. Before the wipe. I'm now Aztos Drakkus and I wonder if that's why I never see anyone online ever.
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