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  1. Perfectd

    Wintersday 2018

    Wintersday has returned! You know what that means, get in game!! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/december-11-2018/
  2. Perfectd

    Updating my Phoenix Family

    great to hear that you can get a diagnosis and back into the work force. I know from personal experience of watching my wife go through similar things that getting the correct diagnosis and getting on with a career are two of the hardest things! Good on ya, mate! (as they say here) I am glad you shared your story.
  3. Perfectd

    PD's Broncos vs Throne's Troopers

    8-24 now! Great win this week in 2018
  4. I'm a couple days late, but there's some changes worth mentioning! https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/november-13-salvage-runes-and-sigils/
  5. Perfectd

    Diablo News from Blizzcon 2018

    meanwhile we bought the D3 for the Switch. So that gave them some of the 3.7b back.
  6. Limited time from October 25 to Nov 4. I encourage you to buy this if you ever thought about trying this game Information clicky
  7. Perfectd

    LotRo Lifetime Founders Accounts for Sale.

    I haven't logged into LotRO for ages!
  8. Perfectd

    Diablo 3 new season

    I still dabble every once in a great while... I find things keep changing every time I log in 😛
  9. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    I'd like to give back more, but I just don't think I'm on enough any more
  10. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    think the longest part doing it so late after release was finding people to do the legendary bounty in one of the zones. Took me a few days of keeping an eye on the open bounty groups and then spamming in map chat.
  11. Perfectd

    Griffon mount

    FINALLY! finished my griffon mount this morning. I was working on it again after completing chapter 3 of the current living world season. Then had to pause it briefly while I did chapter 4 on one character. Phew, that took me entirely way too long On to the next challenge.
  12. Perfectd

    World Boss Portal Device

    I bought it as well the day it came out. I think it's worth it when you have a lot of collections that require you to complete different boss fights. Don't have to alt tab to check wiki when the next fights are coming up, the machine puts a message in your chat window I like it as well!
  13. Perfectd

    FF is Dumb

    I've been pulling out wins for years now without having participated in a live draft, or even keeping up with the NFL... This may be my last year though, we'll see when it's time to sign up again next year 😛
  14. watched the trailer. it looks good centers around Aurene.
  15. Perfectd

    GW2 these days...

    Leah has NEVER been one to follow a meta