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  1. Perfectd

    Xanoric appointed to Paladin

    Congrats buddy, well done!
  2. Perfectd

    My email from the VP Mike Pence

    no Damis, I cannot. I think that will jeopardise my Ten million united states dollars. Because they don't ask for my bank account, just my full names, my residential address and my mobile cell number.
  3. Perfectd

    My email from the VP Mike Pence

    I mean.... I've never heard of Benin Republic. but meh, what evs.
  4. I know we should keep politics out of the forums, but I just have to share my email from the VP! Check it out!! GREETINGS TO YOU DEAREST I am Mike Pence,Vice President of the United States and this is to inform you about your Bank Check Draft brought back by the United Embassy from the government of Benin Republic in the white house Washington DC as your compensation fund been mandated to be deliver to your home address ,To avoid wrong delivery of your check draft worth Ten million united states dollars ( 10.000.000,00 Million) Kindly reconfirm to me the below data1. Your Full Names..................2. Your Residential Address ......................3. Your Mobile Cell Number.......................Contact Email Address: (pencem568@gmail.com)YOURS SINCERELY,MR MIKE PENCEVICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES
  5. If you want to unlock mounts in GW2, now is the time to buy the expansion! 50% off until 14 Jan!
  6. Perfectd


    They traded their tanks for ships in Atlas I believe mate.
  7. All or Nothing is live. Make sure to log in to unlock it on your accounts people!
  8. Entitled All or Nothing, read all about it here! All or Nothing
  9. Perfectd

    Flog A Crewmate

    Damis is flogged because it's Christmas Eve.
  10. Perfectd

    Flog A Crewmate

    BaronBrewzer is flogged for thinking a kangaroo is a giant rat.
  11. Perfectd

    Flog A Crewmate

    Damis is flogged for having a first name with four letters.
  12. Perfectd

    Flog A Crewmate

    Throne is flogged just for fun.
  13. Perfectd

    The Never Ending Tale!

  14. Perfectd

    Flog A Crewmate

    Throne is flogged for thinking TEXAS is the only state in the US.