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    1. From my limited knowledge, JQ is still going ok. Usually not top tier but that's ok. Now days they have two servers team up for the wvw. So it's 6 servers out there running amok.
    2. if only it were that easy my friend. time stops for nobody. I was still in my 20s when I joined this fine group... now into my 40s. Oof.
    3. I am excited for this as well. But I too have not been playing much due to college. College at this age, and online, is kicking my butt.
    4. There's very few players left in the NFL that I have actually seen play now... I'm both old, and been away from the US for too long.
    5. I mean, how can you not have fun? This is the OG game.
    6. it's called Endless Conquest. It brings old and new players back to Camelot. Leah would have loved this news. Once I'm on break from my college courses I might have to have a look! I'm sure I won't stick around, because in January classes will start back up again, but still... have to have a look
    7. who's dropped out? do they have a better team than me? lol
    8. Apologies, this is late...College has been eating up all my spare time. Your invite is sent and will be waiting on you when you log in next.
    9. I can shoot you an invite, what's your account name, to include the numbers at the end?
    10. haha! Servers aren't as important here anymore unless you want to pvp with someone. I will say that there pretty much is not a guild in GW2. You can be in 5 different guilds on your account, but only "represent" one at a time. So those of us left that actually play are are in COTP but don't represent it in game.
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