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  1. Happy Birthday Delmar!

  2. Happy Birthday Delmar!

  3. All done moving. Thanks for the helpful info Zen
  4. Happy Birthday Delmar!

  5. Happy Birthday Delmar!

  6. Um, yep, might help to know I'm Delmaranon in-game. Grim, you can invite/promote.
  7. I created a supergroup in Marvel Heroes called Covenant of the Phoenix. If anyone wants an invite just post your name here or let me or Grim know.
  8. Congrats Vessa! You certainly deserve this promotion
  9. We had a CotP group for online D&D 4th ed. which ran for quite awhile and was very fun. Unfortunately, time constraints ended up pulling me out of it. I was also playing at a local comic shop weekly until a few years ago. If you are looking for a group and there are no CotP members who are available to play, I suggest checking out sites like EN World. If you do a google search, there are a number of sites that help bring players together, either in RL or over the internet. Our CotP internet games worked very well and were a load of fun (at least for me), but if you can swing it, RL games can't be beat. If you want to try to set up an online game, the resources that we used are all set out in the D&D forum under pen and paper games. Its been a number of years now since I played, but if you have questions I'll try to help.
  10. I loved Baldur's Gate when it first came out (and for a number of years thereafter continued to play it) and I really enjoyed NWN 2, playing it through multiple times. It's tempting to reinstall NWN2 and check the mod out. thanks for the tip.
  11. I'm also waiting for new classes/races. Though I enjoy the game so far, it is not yet compelling when I have many other games and limited time. We'll see what new ideas they implement as we come up to the end of beta.
  12. I'm enjoying it as well. My seven year old daughter (who loves comics and superheroes) is also playing it with me.
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