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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Congrats! Not sure if I'll ever finish a legendary, but I think it will need to be a staff if I do. I use staff so much on different characters.
    2. My fondest memory of her is still hunting around on the DAoC frontier. She was utterly fearless, going everywhere. In her memory, I've made a ranger in guild wars 2 named "Leah Kelle" so her name is still in the game she and I played for so long. -Jeff
    3. jaif

      KDF Fleet

      Did a COTP KDF fleet ever materialize? I'm logging in sometimes, and I rather enjoy blowing up Feds, so I could put some effort into the fleet if we had one.
    4. Just curious - does the game allow you to make different nationality ships, eg Dhow, junk? Or is it limited to vaguely European designs?
    5. the legendary bounties are really tough to get groups for. you have to pay attention. a couple of times since then I stopped doing things and helped with some open world missions, simply because I've been in the hard spot before.
    6. I haven't played much, but the first thing I did after the beginning campaign mission was to go to settings and remove all the special close-up cams. It's neat the first few times, but they drag the game out a lot.
    7. It will help population by cramming people together, but I agree that alliances will be very powerful and will dominate. Still, will see how that plays out.
    8. FYI, according to the forums JQ is now open for transfers: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/24757/jade-quarry-is-open
    9. Jade Quarry died, then our own forum died. Sign of the times. :-(
    10. It's gone, completely. I really miss the game - it was fun for those weeks when work was overwhelming, and I really didn't want to work hard at my gaming too.
    11. I'm not much of an FPSer, but I loved the gameplay and aesthetics of this game. I miss it.
    12. I'm in the mood to throw fireballs. I don't want tons of options, I want to throw fire and watch things drop. So name that game, especially with the steam summer sale on! Oh, and story, thin or thick, doesn't matter so much. I want to cause wanton destruction with fire. :-) -Jeff
    13. I haven't watched a lot, but this looks interesting:
    14. Passed the cosmic trial with Thor! :-)
    15. My Mister Fantastic was and still is the same way. The ultimate nullifier and the doomsaw, just because! I will say this - if the boss doesn't move or CC you, it MELTS. Recently, though, I've been working with Thor using a godly smite build from the forums. It really gets me the vibe that I always wanted to Thor; lightning everywhere, and big smacks. -Jeff
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