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    1. Downloading now. Looking forward to playing with some of you again and some of you for the first time!
    2. Howdy everyone! After many years of having a computer that is behind-the-times, I have a new rig arriving next week and will finally be able to play modern games. BDO is high on my list. Please help me understand why! What are your favorite two things about the game? What is the annoying thing that you can help me minimize? What are the things the guild needs more players doing? Reviewing class guides now, but any recommendations are welcome. Sadly my weekday play time tends to be 5am-7am pacific (before work) so I may be missing most of you most of the time. -Dan, once player of Chatsuane of Leth Nurae, the elvish bard responsible for the massacre at Veshkal's Exchange. (Vanguard)
    3. Gener - Human Warden, Sage 67 so far...
    4. I'm at my work computer and didn't remember exactly what the URL for this site was, so I Google'd it. Google, of course, fills in what it thinks you're typing and shows you how many times each of those possibilities has been searched. "Covenant of the Phoenix," for instance, was searche 1.2 million times, and the lowly "Covenant of the Ark" was searched a mere 1 million times. :wink1
    5. Just got my computer up and running in full working order, i.e. I ditched my HD3870x2 and bought a GTX260. Just registered, hope to buy the game and play... Dedicated healer, buffer, and for crafting: Enchanter. I don't know if the other two would work, but I have always been a researcher and the Enchanter profession is going to need some brains behind the research project, most likely. I know very little about the mechanics of the game yet, maybe this isn't possible, but if it is, then I think it's what I want to do. Which brigade do I fit in? -Chat.
    6. I have yet to join the game, but we may need an active-yet-undeclared alliance with another guild, for a subtle and rude reason. Suppose there are three guilds: guild A, guild B, and we're guild C(otP). Is it permissible for me, from guild C, to enter into the town of guild B and just hang around, trade, etc? If someone from guild B kills me, and we're not at war with guild B, does that make that person a PK-er, and therefore that person is going to have a hard time going to big cities, etc? Suppose guild A is at war with guild B, and we're not. Suppose guild A is raiding guild B's town. Suppose guild B is a wee-bit trigger-happy. Suppose I am walking around with a bunch of guild A members. Someone from guild B is going to kill me. And get marked as a PK-er. This labeling is a weapon stronger than any other I could carry! Now I don't know if this is how the game works, but from what I read it sounds sort of like it. Maybe mechanically this doesn't work, but if it does / can, then a group of guilds working together have a nasty weapon to use. And if so, we should totally have an alliance or two that are not declared in the game.
    7. Hi folks, I'm back at the helm. (I.e. the game is out now and so people have more info and I'm checkin' the boards.) Looks like this concept is a no-go. The "1 character per server" thing really sacks it. That rule sucks, too, because I was going to make a ganker and not tell the guild about it. Whoops! Kaobang: I was a systems analyst professionally for a few years (not computer-systems, systems-systems - look up "Systems Engineering"). Now I am a researcher. PhD, handful of MS's, couple of BS's. I promise to overanalyze everything because I find it fun to do so. You should have seen the logic chart I made when trying to decide if I believed the woman I was dating who seemed to believe she could do magic. So, in summary: play yer own snarfled character! -Chat!
    8. I will join soon. My wife and I are having a baby soon, so I don't know how much I'll be able to play.
    9. The second character is on a second account, and exists solely so that I can go online and whisper to the Main character to make sure no one else is playing them at the moment. Alts will also abound in this game: why have my main character with his expensive armor crafting (and getting stabbed in the back) when I can have a no-equipment alt do it instead?
    10. Howdy folks! For the group who played Vanguard, this is Chatsuane. You'll remember that I over-analyze games and such... why should "Darkfall" be any exception. Here's what I read: No levels, no exp, just skills Use a skill enough, it goes up And here's what it translates to: He who plays the most is the strongest. That makes sense and it's like lots of other games. Here is what I propose: Three or Four Players One Character One dummy character I live in the Pacific time zone (GMT-, I work a regular 1st shift job, and I get to play in the evening. If someone in Greenwich (GMT+0) worked 1st shift and played in their eveing, there'd be no reason we couldn't play the same character. And someone in Japan? Korea? Somewhere on that part of the globe or in the US with a 2nd shift job? Same thing. The disadvantages: Don't have full control over every aspect of your character Have to jump on the dummy character (2nd account) to make sure no one is on the main character Can't party with your friends because they play the same toon Someone has to front the bill, and share account access Your "friends" could rip you off, maybe even in the real world if it's not set up correctly Your in-game aquaintances will be confused by your multiple personailities. The advantages: Character gets much stronger, as if you were playing 20 hours a day That means less getting ganked So... Anyone want to share my character? -Chat
    11. Regarding mitigation, see the new thread. It's easy to calculate and there aren't many types of sources. (AC, +xx melee mitigation on some equipment, and your abilities.) Regarding damage, I have thrice run experiments and taken data to figure this out, and I have not succeeded. The possible causes are "the description of my abilities are all wrong," "there is natural variation between two (level, dot & name)-identical monsters," or "I messed up in taking the data all three times." First is most likely. I also have only one piece of +melee damage rating equipment, so I can't tell if those all add then multiply or if they each multiply. What I have learned is that you should not care unless you're trying to decide which weapon to use, and then you should just try them both out.
    12. Okay, you can do a little better. (I wrote that guide without benefit of my recent work on equiment sets.) From equipment you could actually get: +683 Parry +399 Dodge +194 Evasion but the parrying dagger involved is only 18% vs level 48, so probably 14% vs level 50, ie maybe not the best in the game. It does give 30 parry skill and 104 evasion, which is like another few percent. With these numbers, including Stance (10% parry), 14% P2 from the dagger, Civic D (5% parry, 5% dodge), and the warrior buff (3% parry, 3%dodge), your Evasion is at 79%. (BTW - small races get +2% evasion, which would move this up to almost 80%.) And since you asked, the equipment you'd need is: Amulet, Cloak, Arms, Helm, Ring, Ring, Ear, Ear, Gloves, Weapon all crafted T5 UR made for Parrying (only, not parry+dodge+block). Legs, Boots, and Wrists crafted T5 UR made for Dodge Efreet Mask of Doubletalk Flamesinger (aforementioned parrying dagger) Zuthalias' Mail of Evasion This list comes off of the searchable database at vg.Curse, which doesn't have APW gear, so there's likely better legendary gear available. And before we all rush off and pursue this (yes, Akroma was fun to watch the other night, standing quite some time vs 2 6-dot 53s), let's think about what 79% evasion (84% after decreasing opponent's accuracy by 20%) means to a Bard: four out of five attacks will miss you, and the one that lands will spread you out all over the floor. So instead consider the reason I began making a DK: +380 Block +187 Parry +185 Evasion Stance + Shield for 10% p, 15% e, and 30% b2 (vs level 50; 24% vs level 53 crafted shield) DK Ability for +15% b Civic D for 5% b, 5% p Warrior ability, Bard song for 3% p +6% p And your chances are... 45%, 32%, 30%, and 30% for a net 82%. (Still rounds to 82% if you're small.) And you're a DK. The armor is heavy, the chest piece is still open (and boots and writst), you don't have to worry about the skills being capped at 900 or not, and ... you can take a hit. Your Mitigation is what happens after they do score a hit, and with this much UR T5 armor, your AC will be high so your mitigation might be near its cap (65%, or ~80% so that it's still 65% vs level 53). Now *that* would be a tank. Chatsuane!
    13. Don?t Get Hit! Evasion explained The formula is E = 1 - (1-e)*(1-d)*(1-p)*(1-p2) When you hover over your Defense stat, the tool-tip has text like ?21.83% Evasion (4.77% Dodge, 8.79% Parry)? and this guide explains exactly where that number comes from. Depending on your class, you have a ?maximum? chance to dodge and a ?maximum? chance to block or parry. Block and parry are interchangeable; a class that can parry cannot dodge and vice-versa. A parrying class can use a parrying dagger, a blocking class can use a shield. For the sake of this guide, we shall consider parry for most things, but you can replace it with ?block? while reading, if you play a blocking class. Also for the sake of examples, we?ll use the Bard, because, well, I?m a bard. The Bard has a maximum chance to dodge of 6% and maximum chance to parry of 16%. We?ll also use level 50 in our examples. In order to attain your maximum chance to dodge or parry, you must have your Dexterity at its maximum value of 18*level, and you must have your Dodge or Parry skill at 10*level. In order to attain your maximum chance to block, you must have your Strength at its maximum value of 18*level, and you must have your Block skill at 10*level. The skills are nearly automatic upon playing the character, but the attribute caps are significantly more difficult to hit. Notice that in order to maximize Dodge and Parry, the parrying class needs to maximize their Dexterity, but to maximize Dodge and Block, the blocking class needs to maximize their Dexterity and Strength! A careful eye will note, however, that the Dodge, Block, and Parry skills can be extended past 10*level with equipment. Doing so increases your maximum chance to dodge, block, or parry by an easily calculable amount. If your parry is 500 and you increase it to 550 (+10%), your maximum chance to parry is increased to 17.6 (+10%). At level 50, you must have 900 Dex to get this parry chance. If you have less than 900, your chance to parry scales linearly as 2.5 + (16-2.5)*Dex/900. Dodge is about 3.75 + (6-3.75)*Dex/900. I don't know the formulae for other classes. That?s what you can see just by looking at the numbers, and here?s what?s less direct: You actually have 3 numbers that combine into the Evade number, and one number is actually derived from 2 others. Evade (E) is a function of evade (e), dodge (d), and Parry (P). Parry (P) is a function of parry (p) and parry (p2). (e) evade is your natural chance to evade an attack. For the Bard at 50th level, this is 10%. (d) dodge is your dodge chance, found on your Defense tool-tip (p2) parry is your chance to parry based on your parrying dagger. If you aren?t using one, this number is zero. (p) parry is your chance to parry based on everything else: skills, stats, buffs, songs, dances, Civic Diplomacy effects, etc. (P) Parry is your product chance to block, found on your Defense tool-tip. The best way to think of this is that there are four chances for you to get out of harm?s way. (e) evade. If that didn?t work, (d) dodge. If that didn?t work, (p) parry. If that didn?t work, (p2) parry. Thus the formula is E = 1 - (1-e)*(1-d)*(1-p)*(1-p2) Or if you prefer, E = 1 - (1-e)*(1-d)*(1-P), where P = 1 - (1-p)*(1-p2) Or, restated, your chance to get hit is: 1-E = (1-e)*(1-d)*(1-p)*(1-p2) Knowing all of this, what is the best you can do, if your goal is to not get hit? To my knowledge, the best is to be a Bard. With equipment, (mostly UR T5 crafted) you can get your Parry skill up to ~1150 if it is not capped. (It may be capped at 900, I don?t know.) With 900 Dex, that gives you 36.8% chance to parry (p). Add all available buffs to that: 10% from your Dance (your Dance provides no other benefits, I promise), 6% from songs, 3% from a certain warrior buff, and 5% from civic diplomacy. (p) = 60.8%. Parry dagger = 15% (p2). Dodge is still 6% from skill; it is 2.66 times as effective to raise Parry instead of Dodge, so you have no equipment slots left to raise Dodge, but then add songs 6% and that warrior buff 3% to get to 15%. Natural evasion is still 10%. This puts your chance to evade at 74.51% versus an even level foe! And if you?re a Bard, you can also do your Hideous Screech and decrease their accuracy by 20% from 94% to 74%, bringing your total chance to not be hit up to 81.14%. There may be other buffs I didn?t consider (small race = 2% evasion bonus, but where does that play into this? (e) = 12%?). There may be parrying daggers superior to mine. There may be an equipment slot with no +parry equipment but some +dodge equipment. But at this point, we?re talking about maybe up to a 1% swing in the total chance to evade. There are certainly other temporary skills I didn?t consider, like the ones that automatically block or dodge the next attack, but those are left out for obvious reason. If you need more protection than this, invest in some mitigation as well. That?s everything I know on the subject. Good luck out there, and Don?t Get Hit! -Chatsuane
    14. Just so the casual reader knows, and I haven't tested this... I heard a few players talking and evidently: Invis to Undead == Invis to PCs == great for PvP!
    15. I'm harvesting up while at level 6 on one particular toon, so I face a slightly harder challenge: where do you harvest without mean monsters biting you? T1: easy, almost anywhere with T1 stuff has pleasant, relaxed monsters. T2: Stone: Three Rivers, on the eastern side of the chunk. There're lots of nodes there with no monsters around. There are also lots of T2 stone monsters and many times there're people who'll do the "kill these" quests while you harvest the stone. You'll find some trees and tin here too, but not in the same quantities. T2: Wood: Vault of Heroes, very Western edge (Northern side of it). Lots of trees here, very few monsters. No other nodes of note. T3: Help me! I don't know where! Best place I've found is the road leading to New T, in the chunk East of Southwatch. But there aren't many nodes and they're mixed 2-3. T4: In the valley in the chunk W of Tursh village. Nodes of every flavor and zero monsters! T5: Don't know yet. And as always, the KEY TO HARVESTING: Be in a group, your skills go up 2x as fast. Doesn't matter if your group members are 3km away and adventuring.
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