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  1. Thanks for the invite! I've gotten sidetracked by SWTOR recently, taking advantage of the double exp. I will still be on ESO from time to time though.
  2. Is anyone active in ESO? Started playing again, first time since launch. I'm mostly solo questing and crafting (at a snail's pace) but wouldn't mind guilding up, even if our presence these days is minimal. I'm @arelos !
  3. Happy Birthday Arelos!

  4. Happy Birthday Arelos!

  5. Happy Birthday Arelos!

  6. Happy Birthday Arelos!

  7. I like what I'm seeing! A lot of cool stuff to look forward to. The justice system should be interesting...
  8. I'm the same as you, I'm always looting containers and collecting nodes. As far as your bags/bank being full... I have mules which roughly fit each craft. For example, Arelos Blacksmith carries all my ore, ingots, and heavy armor/weapons that can be researched. But for all my odds and ends, there's Arelos Odd and Ends. It's tough keeping inventory on everything in this game but having a few mules can help organize and clean up your bank. Logging in and out of the mules can be time consuming but until I find a better method that's what I'm doing.
  9. Very cool! I can't wait to take part in sieges.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tJGk4ofc18
  11. That went over my head. What are you trying to say?
  12. Stealth is incredibly useful as Liquid Wolf said. If you go with Nightblade, consider the Shadow skill tree. Shadow Cloak (invisibility) counts as stealth so any abilities that are affected by stealth will be affected by Shadow Cloak. For example, Veiled Strike "sets enemy off balance and stuns them for 4 seconds" if stealthed, and that applies if you are using Shadow Cloak as well. If you're fighting an enemy up close you can't go back into stealth because you'll be detected, but Shadow Cloak allows you to do that. I use Surprise Attack (morphed from Veiled Strike) while invisible because on top of the stun, it reduces enemy armor by 40% for 12 seconds, so you can get more DPS in there. I'm not even playing melee, but if an enemy gets too close I can pop a Surprise Attack to weaken it and create distance. It's versatile. I'm only level 10 so I haven't explored much beyond that. But a melee DPS Nightblade will naturally want to go with Assassination, and some Shadow would be really beneficial.
  13. They're spending their time wisely. Where's the statistic for downtime?
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