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    1. Happy Birthday Meander!

    2. how does my app what? if your asking about space bus, its released on android, but not ios yet. I just paid the $99 fee for the IOS developer license. So far I've made a whopping $6.30! But as an educational game, I didnt think it would sell a lot. I just wanted to get the process down with the first one. Thanx for asking though. You can click the Bus in my sig to view the free one in the google play store.
    3. That was the part I cut and pasted from someone else. Not the word I would use. What it wants you to do is open up the launcher.settings file in notepad. It is probably in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Farts/Bio Unaware/SWTOR copy the above lines into your clipboard (CTRL C). Include the commas at the beginning of the lines. Look for the lines starting with , "PatchingMode": Highlight from the beginning of that line to the end of the line that says, , "bitraider_disable": "true" paste the lines over the lines you highlighted (CTRL V) Save the changes in notepad. Then delete the folders according to the instructions above. I think I oversimplified it, but there you go I'm x army and like to do things by the numbers. btw I'm typing this slow cuz I know you PvE
    4. yea October, you can also reinstall from disc if you want. That gets rid of it too.
    5. I recently found out that SWTOR installed bitraider some time ago. Probably old new to a lot of you, but it is causing performance issues for some. I went through the following process to uninstall it, and it worked. I also am getting better performance now. The big issue though: YOU HAVE TO DO A COMPLETE RE-DOWNLOAD (25 GBish). Here are the steps I found on the interwebz that worked. To Disable either uninstall and redo the install from disks (if you have them), or do the below and it will install again as SSN. So open the launcher.settings file in the main SWTOR directory with notepad and reflect the below lines. , "PatchingMode": "{ \"swtor\": \"SSN\"}" , "bitraider_download_complete": { } , "log_levels": "INFO,SSNFO,ERROR" , "bitraider_disable": "true" SAVE the changes. Delete the BitRaider, Movie and Asset folders then start the launcher. NOTE - This is a complete new game download
    6. Happy Birthday Meander!

    7. Section 1: Q1. Crafter of the Year A1. Azareah Q2. DPS (All TYPES) of the Year A2. Vile Q3. Healer of the Year A3. Azareah Q4. Tank/(Defense) of the Year A4.Pwnalisa Section 2: Q5. Best Chapter run Event of the Year A5. our 3 year pvp marathon Q6. Recruiter of the Year A6. Dag Q7. Most Helpful Member of the Year A7. Melkor for his constant helping of Odesea, a new member. Q8. Officer (of YOUR Chapter) of the Year A8. Chebar / Freakster Q9. Rookie of the Year 2014-2015 (new member) A9. Wally7051 Q10. PvP Player of the Year A10. Dag Q11. Player of the Year in YOUR Chapter A11. Dag (Question 10 and 11 are the same, arn't they?) Q12. Strategic Planner of the Year (Guild wide events, raid planner, social organizer etc) A12. Azareah Section 3: Q13. Photographer (in-game) of the Year A13. Dag Q14. Videographer of the Year A14.Dag ( http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZvUbg0zZYJ7-78U4vt0heA )
    8. Happy Birthday Meander!

    9. Happy Birthday Meander!

    10. I hope is IS more pvp but I didn't see any of the ships break gimble lock. It would have been nice to see a ship do a loop and then break away, just to be sure.
    11. I convinced the Neverwinter people to change my @name to @Meandah. I felt that having my actual name as my handle was a security risk. I wish they explained that better when I select my name. Course I am famous for not paying attention It only took 2 months for them to change it. I don't know if it will drop the friend if you friended me at the old handle.
    12. this was a pretty good read. The astral diamond part was mostly new info to me. http://www.gamebreaker.tv/mmorpg/neverwinter-101/
    13. Lots of good stuff from ten ton hammer today on Neverwinter. Here is a guide they published about the first multi player dungeon, The Cloak Tower: http://www.tentonhammer.com/neverwinter/guides/cloak-tower-dungeon
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