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  1. Happy Birthday Liquid Wolf!

  2. With their most recent update they appear to be using the same back end that World's Adrift uses - SpatialOS https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/soulboundstudios/chronicles-of-elyria-epic-story-mmorpg-with-aging/posts/1592188 SpatialOS creator/information page: https://improbable.io/learn-more I remember this being a very interesting tech, but admit that I didn't give it too much attention because their flagship/featured game was a survival/building/sandbox game. Well it looks like that is also a bit more of an MMO as well, so if you want to see how CoE's backend system will run - World's Adrift may be a good example... when it is released. https://www.worldsadrift.com/ Looks like it might be worth checking into, and starting up an Alliance for those that are into this kind of thing. They seem to be holding some kind of "Design your own island" competition to be put into game at release. Based on some of the islands/buildings I'm seeing, it has an Everquest Next feel to it... though I don't want to give anyone any false ideas. I have not touched the editor yet, but might give it a shot when I get home. *sigh* so many games....
  3. Liquid Wolf


    Just discovered this last night. Nifty feature, and made my life easier. I'm still going with the same game, and have two new colonized planets... but I am still slowly creeping up the resource ladder. Clearing planet tiles for construction, waiting for population to increase, starting new space stations, and trying to get the hang of outposts. I was at a severe disadvantage when my home solar system had no resources other than my home planet. Man that hurt... Took me forever to get my machine going.
  4. Liquid Wolf


    I could see the mid to late game slow down...but Mid to Late game never really bothered me in these types of games because by default I absorb smaller enemies/allies, or ferment hatred against one big entity with allies until we can all take them out without me suffering too many negatives. They'll all join me soon enough. They can either get out of my way, or become the steps I use to climb to greatness.
  5. Liquid Wolf


    Picked up the game and played for a few hours yesterday. First thing - I made my own custom race/species. A little tentacle floating species like the Netch from Elder Scrolls. I made them Materialistic, and Xenophiles. Basically we love other aliens, and their stuff. I made them intelligent and adaptive, but had to pick a two negatives to balance it out... I think I made them weak? Less durable in a ground fight. Started a game with 600 stars in the galaxy - 17 other random races/species and 4 of those were going to be more advanced than me. I then spent a few hours getting used to the interface, and scoping out nearby star systems for resources. I was a little dissappointed I can't "seamlessly" transition between the star systems, but pushing E became second nature really fast and I felt it was a better approach overall. I had 4 science vessels scouting systems and other planets, so bouncing between them was much easier than if I had to scroll across the screen or use a minimap. I'm still working on building colony ships, but don't quite seem to have the population necessary to hit some of those technologies. Having to setup the factories/food/energy on each habitable planet is interesting, and I like that I can customize the output - or perhaps even improve it. One of my science vessels was blown up by hostile forces, and I know I didn't quite understand the technology tree I was using. I might start over with fewer races on the map and try again. Especially if I'm already bumping shoulders with some other race right within the first few hours, but have no resources I can make use of in my home system. Really like it, though.
  6. Having playing a number of MUDs with this kind of remort/rebirth system - i'm happy to see it coming into an MMO. The dynamic story/quest engine is also intriguing and I look forward to that. The bolstering system really grabs me and pulls me back to Vanguard - Saga of Heroes. My friends love these types of things. So many questions, concerns, and ideas... but this is something I want to see. Sure. I'll support.
  7. Very nice site - THere are quite a few things on there I like but didn't want to spend the Amazon amount for. Looks like this site gets me $20 off the Corsair Void, or even the $100 off the MMX300... Very nice indeed. So many possible purchases.
  8. I'm actually wondering how well things are running for the company with these recent releases of content. Dark Brotherhood is supposed to be next, but man... this is approaching almost a year later than I was expecting it.
  9. I'll see if I can jump on this today. The game is now installed properly and I'm able to login and got you upgraded. I'll check on gfpope when I get home tonight.
  10. Happy Birthday Liquid Wolf!

  11. Still working on that. I canceled the installation because I didn't have enough space, but now when I try to reinstall it keeps trying to use the already full drive rather than my empty one. I've not had the time to get it worked out, but will try tackling it again tonight.
  12. I recall there being a few members that had it on console. I've got it on PC, but I recently got a steam link and hope to use that to broadcast to my television.
  13. Kylo has a religious fervor about him that didn't exist with Sidious and Vader. Those two were more contemptuous of the Jedi and felt that their way would be a better approach for the Galaxy. Kylo Ren, however... believes. Believes so hard he killed his own father. I don't even think HIS master, whoever that was, has the same fervor as Kylo Ren. Sidious and Vader = Corporate Evil Kylo Ren = Religious Evil
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