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  • Welcome to 2021, let's hope it is better than 2020.
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    1. Happy Birthday Fantomas!

    2. Happy Birthday Fantomas!

    3. Happy Birthday Fantomas!

    4. Happy Birthday Fantomas!

    5. Happy Birthday Fantomas!

    6. Thanks! The reviews have been really good for the most part! If there are any fellow CotP'ers in the LA area swing by and say hi on June 2nd!
    7. For those of you who may be interested in zombie movies, I have just released my first book "Blood Splatter: A Guide to Cinematic Zombie Violence, Gore and Special Effects". It is an in depth look at how the zombie genre has been defined by gore and violence. It includes gore reviews of over 300 zombie movies, highlighting almost 5,500 effects shots, 35 exclusive interviews with genre professionals including Greg Nicotero, Tom Savini, John Russo, John Vulich and Lloyd Kaufman, over 320 never before seen photographs and production sketches. It has received very good reviews from genre authorities such as Fangoria and Dread Central and was actually reviewed in the April edition of Fangoria with Cabin in the Woods on the cover issue 312. They called it "A must have". I will be at Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA on June 2nd signing it and have a panel at the Phoenix Comicon on May 27th. http://phoenixcomicon.com/guests/category/books-authors The book is available on Amazon and numerous brick and mortar stores are starting to carry it. http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Splatter-Cinematic-Violence-Special/dp/1456525727 Cheers! Craig
    8. Thanks everyone! Hard to believe it's been eight years already. It seems like only yesterday I was standing around Mos Eisley spaceport when an Imperial Officer called Ceraphim and his entourage walked up and offered me food and shelter. The rest is history. I'll still never forget the ominous "Qui Gon's Noble End" music playing as I drove my speederbike across the Lokian desert to Blackrock Imperial City. Good memories...
    9. Fantomas

      The end is here

      How anti climatic.....
    10. Fantomas


      Thank you SWG for all of the wonderful memories.
    11. Fantomas

      SWG Final Days

      I think I am going to jump in for the end for old times sake. So many good memories...
    12. That is an end of an era....
    13. okay, next year is here. Nominations are now being considered! AZCentral Best Of 2011 Try this http://www.azcentral.com/best/2011/ Hoping to get my improv troupe The Gentleman's Club nominated and not get disqualified this year Under category Arts & Entertainment - Who is the best stand-up, sketch group or improv troupe. The Gentleman's Club. You don't have to complete all fields if you don't ...want. If you vote, let me know so I can thank you.
    14. Amazing Arizona Comic Con was this weekend and Robert Kirkman, Jon Bernthal, Steven Yeun and Melissa Cowan were there. I won the Walking Dead zombie standoff costume contest. This is me with them. One of the best weekends of my life so far.
    15. Thanks! Really excited. between this and having just sold my first screenplay, next year promises to be really exciting for me.
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