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    1. Happy Birthday Mcmanus!

    2. Happy Birthday Mcmanus!

    3. Im all over the place. I like the Zerk and Wizard so far but I haven't really fell in love with anything. Ranger seems fun as well. Im just rolling and deleting non stop at this point and once I figure out what Im going to do I'll jump on board with the chapter and start getting into it. Still in research mode.
    4. Happy Birthday Mcmanus!

    5. Happy Birthday Mcmanus!

    6. Greetings all. Been away from MMORPG's for a bit but still see a few familiar names. Hope all is well with everyone old and new. This may be a question better suited for about a month in the future but Im getting kind of curious. Im not sure how answerable this is but Im looking for someone that has beta tested this game and played DAOC RvR heavily. I see some people in general around other forums and comment boards saying that it is very similar. The concept that is. Not so much the engine or mechanix. Any DAOC RvR vets played the PvP in this that can confirm? The RvR in DAOC was the last game that I truly truly loved to PvP in and I have kind of thrown in the towel but wondering if this might be worth at least hoping for. Thanks for any input.
    7. Happy Birthday Mcmanus!

    8. Mcmanus

      New Game

      I am definitely eying this game but the make or break is if its a f2p or not. I'm done with monthly subs. If they go with a model like Tribes or Gw2 I will be all over P2.
    9. Can't wait to see how this works. This could be one of the coolest things I've seen in a MMO.
    10. Just had to give props to Tera. They handled the Q like I've never seen before. I thought I wouldn't be playing on our server or a month or so.
    11. I'm just talking about times when its like an hour before bed or something like that. VoT still my main. My schedule is just weird where I don't have any specific times I get on. Its usually a spur of the moment thing where I have an hour to play from that moments notice. No biggie tho. I'm just gonna goof around till the Q's chill out and just play VoT whenever I can.
    12. Do we have a PvE chapter or somewhere people play when they cant wait in Q? I know it will chill in the coming weeks but there are times like now where I'm going to a hockey game in 2 hours and don't want to wait in Q for 90 mins to play for 30 mins. Anyone hangin anywhere when they have little time to play?
    13. I didnt get one either. Is it for the CE or sumptin?
    14. I decided to give this game a shot and intend on playing Beserker. Apparantly the name Mcmanus is inappropriate according to Tera so my new name shall be Ragnar.
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