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  1. I might be interested if you have an opening
  2. Jakari

    First Seven Days:

    One thing that i found out while playing is that Earth Elementals are not rocks at all but actually Earth Elementals.
  3. So how does 144 sq kilometers compare to the size of the other maps?
  4. Not tempting when i already payed for that game but have to pay again.
  5. Happy Birthday Jakari!

  6. Jakari

    Server Down

    Do we have any idea when this is gonna get resolved?
  7. You need to add grain to your vinegar recipe.
  8. I farm only high quality and special stuff and dont think i get in the 80's 20-40 HQ and less than 30 for Special
  9. I do a bit of farming but dont really pay alot of attention to the yield of each one. Was it at 100% when you harvested? 83 does seem like a lot though.
  10. Went through the 180k cart in 2 overnight loops but got a lot of levels on my 2 tier 3 horses. But the fact that the 180k cart will only last you around 24hrs of time is dissapointing.
  11. Read somewhere that all the awakenings would brobably come out at once.
  12. Been running ok so far this weekend. Only crashed twice. I havent done anything diffferent either.
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