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  1. Hello COTP! I hope you are all safe and health. I did a search for Valorant but nothing came up. Is there a forum location for FPS and other of those games for us members to gather and make the connections? Thanks!
  2. Well said Grim. 🙁 We have known for a while she was fighting that stupid cancer. Every post her son put with her, they were smiling and having a great time. It's been an honor to share time with someone that cares so much for others. I am honored to have called her my friend too! I'll have a toast in her honor. 🙋‍♂️ Monty
  3. Happy Birthday MontyXXX!

  4. Happy Birthday MontyXXX!

  5. Please make Cannon balls and be ready by 7:00.
  6. I bet there are 2 factors that come into play for skills: Horse Tier/Level and the trainer's skill when the horse levels AND rng. I have 2 T4s that one has 2 skills and the other 6. Same level too.
  7. 1) Under settings, inputs, remap your shift/evade key to the #7 on the keypad of your keyboard. 2) Turn on your number lock on your keyboard to keypad 3) Start auto pathing 4) While holding 7 on keypad, press NumLock You should be sprinting. It will turn off if you alt tab or minimize. Thanks to Robin/Moden for sharing!!
  8. So this is a game where you can't give much away but one thing I've really enjoyed about this guild is how we help each other. How can we help I this game? "Pay it forward" So how can you help each other and the guild? 1) Get in Mumble: I learn 2-3 new things everyday from the incredibly knowledgeable people in there willing to share and help. 2) Start a group: If your not 55, why the F are you not in a group? Bonus xp, more xp per hour, more fun, safer from PKers. It's easy to do. Click on name in guild chat and invite to party 3) Scroll groups: Unless you have a expiring scroll, always do these in full GUILD groups. I try to gather 4-6 before I join a scroll group. Others do it differently. 4) Powerleveling. I was helped to level and I help other too. Make sure the mobs are not purple to the lowest level in the group. Have a high level person helping kill doesn't hurt the xp. 5)Keep an eye on guild chat if your not in mumble. 6)Don't be shy, don't be discouraged! Ask, ask and ask again. I can go all day asking for peeps to join me. I know they are busy, afk or not interested at that time. That's OK. Amazing groups and friendships have started from the groups that DID form up. And those same peeps will back you up for other things like PVP. MontyXXX
  9. From another post: "Would it be faster to go with a higher lvl to kill reds or for a group of similar lvl characters to go out and kill purples/reds?" ----------------------------- Answer: "Much faster to go with a higher level and kill reds than to stick with a same level group and kill purples. The trick to leveling is speed of kills. With that being said, don't pass on a group of similar levels or exclude someone. Just take the similar level group to a place with all reds and wait on the purple area until they are red as well. For speed leveling from the mid 30's I'd recommend the following: 34-41 - Abandoned Lands. There isn't another place that even comes close to speed of leveling. That being said, this isn't going to get you much gear drops, just xp. 41-42 - Oze Pass mine area. This one can be good if not over camped. This is a good point to make sure your done with your Black Spirit quest chain. 42-45 - Trina Fort/Sauni Battlefield. Right between the nodes is a hill that has a huge group of mobs with an amazing respawn rate. You can get these levels insanely fast. 45-46 or 47 - Catfish, Kaia Lake area south of Calpheon. The mobs are dense and not overly farmed atm. Makes for an easy couple of levels. 46 or 47 - 50 or 51 - Abandoned Mines/Manes/Rogues/Helms any of the lower level Mediah places with good mob density. We took Bakath and Grim to Helms at 47 and got them to 49 in about 20 min. That is an easy one to get some higher levels to help with as its a daily area for us. Same with Abandoned Mines. 51-53 - Sausans is best in a group, but if its over camped or having a hard time finding a group, Helms is next best place to go to solo. Manes and rogues are good for this too, but they have more high hp mobs that can hurt a lot. Helms has some as well, but much lower density of them. When solo leveling, just ignore the high HP mobs, kill the small guys in a group and move on. Again, its all about speed of kills. 53-55 - Sausans is your best bet still. Elrics is your second choice for solo leveling. Elrics has some casters though that hurt bad, so be careful there and focus them first. Helms isn't a bad choice for these levels still just because of speed of kills, but won't give as much per kill as Elrics. 55+ - Sausans"
  10. Like most of you, I'm a casual gamer very much enjoying this game. It took me a long time to get the basics of the game and system and wanted to share some insights. The game has so much to do that it's super easy to login for weeks and gain very few levels. Are levels important? Yes and no. In other games ALL your skills level as you level. So hitting max level leaves you with less to do. In BDO, after hitting max level in combat xp, you may still be a novice in many other things. there is still TONS of thing to do. Gear, quests, trading, making ships, improving your horses, alchemy, cooking, fishing, etc. So why level up first? PvP and node wars. Levels and gear are huge in PvP and getting the levels is likely to get harder. But even if it doesn't get harder as a guild the players that can help us level may not be available anymore. NOW is the time to take advantage of the calm before the storm. Squirrel or not to squirrel? In this game, if you don't have a plan when you login, it's very easy to log out hours later without much accomplished. My time plan pre-level 55, right now, is focused on leveling: 50% gaining xp 25% improving my gear or money 25% horse/quests for contribution or scrolls So, where I afk fish or drive my wagon is based on what my plan is for the next day. I'll accumulate lots of scrolls and do them in batches every 4-6 days. "Power hour" I plan for a focused hour or two of xp grind. In that hour, I will be maxing the efficiency by doing most or all of the following: 1) Grouping up. Xp per hour is much higher in groups 2) Food: Milk Tea +8% combat xp and a combat type of food that increased my accuracy and/damage or AP 3) Health/Mana potions 4) Wagon with supplies near grind spots and a space to dump loot (horse if nothing) with space 5) Xp scrolls: I have saved my +50% combat xp scrolls for level 52+. These cost 300 loyalty or pearls. 6) Empty bags 7) Have high durability on my equipment. 8)Set loot to green. Sell the rest. Roll only on needed 9) Mumble!!! Speed up xp, grouping etc and friendships!! 10) Start a group and ask for others to join you. It can take an 30-45 minutes to get prepped for and gather the people for a power hour. And same for the wind down of selling, repairing, moving to a good afk spot. For that reason, I prefer to do two hour at a time but life happens. Groups are YOUR responsibility Soloing is for chumps, so, so xp and boring as heck. Whenever I am doing something that others may need to do, I announce it in guild chat AND in mumble. Remember, we have 2 guilds!! More friends to group with. Making a group is a simple as clicking on a name and "invite to party", set loot and you're done. If someone says they will be leaving soon, I start announcing it to allow for travel time. I'm sharing my plan and thinking in the hopes you can learn something from it. I hope other makes comments that help fill in any gaps and correct any mistakes. Thanks in advance and I hope we still have plenty of time but am concerned we are close to running out of 'play time'. MontyXXX
  11. Taming practice can be done at Florin too. There is a quest that makes you jump and squish fruits. The main thing to remember about lassoing is the hit the forward button IMMEDIATELY after the lasso hits. Then watch for the horse getting ready to go up. It will move its feet like a small hop before rearing up.
  12. Altinova has a stable upgrade for five contribution points. No need to buy prior houses.
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