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    1. I have been playing a little, Forsaken is a good expansion
    2. Happy Birthday Xugrel!

    3. Thing is kinda cool, can't play at work, but I can crack whip on followers
    4. Good info, wI'll have to check it out
    5. Yep I will need to test my Musa when I get home
    6. Was hoping to see AP/DP fix for Musa/Maehwa , unless that was hidden in their pvp balance fix, good to see boss fight loot adjusted hopefully worth doing L/XL
    7. There have been many concerns with the Pre-Order Horse not living up to the standard of other Tier 5 horses. We heard you and made a point to forward your Global message to the Developers hoping to find a solution once and for all . After multiple discussion we have reached the decision that the best way to handle this matter will be to issue new horses to Conqueror Package Owners. We would like to apologize for the delay, as it took quite some time from both sides to understand what could be done and how big of an impact this situation had. The whys and wherefores are sometimes obvious for some, but final decision still needs time to be thought through. We also would like to apologize for the lack of details regarding the pre-order horses contained in our packages. On May 6th every Conqueror Package Owner will receive one Tier 5 Female Horse as well as a Breeding Reset Coupon for Female Horses. As many of you probably know female horses are significantly more rare than males, so we have chosen to provide a female to make up for lost time. We will offer this through the coupon system to redeem, this will be found on your account page. Again, we apologize for the delay in this conclusion and appreciate your patience.
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