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  1. man just started playing GW2 again and saw she passed, bummer, she was awesome
  2. I am actively playing this game, and will be there for Elsweyr
  3. I am playing @Xugrel is my handle
  4. We moved to east why would we move, and Grim when you hit 50 you work on prestige level, like you do in diablo 3 i believe, plus have you seen the map, I am almost 40 on the East Server and I have barely touched it.
  5. i just started on west server Lvl 14 Wizard, its a quirky fun game so far
  6. I have been playing a little, Forsaken is a good expansion
  7. Xugrel


    Congrats Vessa
  8. Thing is kinda cool, can't play at work, but I can crack whip on followers
  9. Xugrel - Xugrel and Xuggrel
  10. Good info, wI'll have to check it out
  11. played about 5 min before date night, game is pretty cool so far, love grabbin the demons and crushing their heads
  12. I picked it up cheap on Greenman, I will check it out later
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