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  1. Bakath

    Fractured MMO

    Not digging the give us money for a game that might not come out for years or never anymore. When it is released I will give it a shot, looks cool
  2. I only played 20-30 mins it's very pretty but also very generic gameplay.
  3. Game is in head start for the next week before launch
  4. Feeling great I got some of their stock last year
  5. The lost of this game killed me man, I want it back tells these dudes to get movin!!
  6. Sorry man, come join me in the Amazon Alpha
  7. I finally got to play and was so disappointed I logged out within 10 mins, so I agree man with the wait. The game might not be for me anyhow as I did not realize it was a click a button wait for cool down kind of game, had to fire my bow by hitting the 1 button, boo Also kind of early to judge anything else but I will say I hope all the art assess are just place holders and the engine has an upgrade path as the game felt like it was 10 years old already. I know sorry, Bak the bringer of rainbows and unicorns
  8. I have been wanting one for the last few years now and though there are some good ones out there, they all have issues. So I continue to wait for a good one to be made but it should be noted I am picky. Black light bleed issues, fake 10 bit color not for me. Only advice I can give you is screw ACER and their forced splash screen on power up. Nothing like turning on your monitor, seeing your desktop for a half a sec then having to sit through a 5 second AD for a monitor you own. I started a big uprising on their forums and they said they added a feature in settings to lower it to 2 seconds but I have not bought once since so I do not know.
  9. You are most welcome man.
  10. Yeah I am resisting upping to alpha Seems I am not alone not being able to see the beta server, seems to be an issue in the official forums.
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