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  1. Happy Birthday Jobe5150!

  2. Happy Birthday Jobe5150!

  3. Happy Birthday Jobe5150!

  4. Happy Birthday Jobe5150!

  5. What's up my little stud muffins? How's ya'll doin? Anywho, so I just came across some interesting information today... http://www.vg247.com/2014/01/25/soes-unannounced-mmo-dedicated-to-star-wars-galaxies-players-says-smedley/ AND http://www.trademarkia.com/star-wars-galaxies-76329360.htmlhttp://www.trademarkia.com/star-wars-galaxies-76329360.html I'm a grown man and I cried...
  6. Yo wazzup Kamen!! I've been good, how's things on your end? Glad to hear you are close to being done with school!
  7. Alright, semester is done and I'm sorry for not keeping up in the past few months. I see our city has become a ghost town and I have not kept up on maintenance on my buildings and they have disappeared...along with all the goodies inside. Well, I'm free until Aug so if anyone wants to get this back up and running just let me know!
  8. Hey, I'm in game on Radon, in the city..I'm on mumble but I need permissions again please. Cannot join the channel
  9. Ok, I have all my stuff packed up, moved into the bank on Lok, GH is down, all my toons are at the Lok SP Just let me know when someone is gonna be around, date and time so I can get in the guild and settled in! Thanks!
  10. Anyone around? I'm on Radon right now, ready to get all this taken care of!
  11. Oh trust me, I don't blame you! It makes the city look great, I 'member what it was like on live...I loved the layout...and freak made me plop my houses down at the edge of town...down near that dirty rebel base we never got to destroy.
  12. Thanks Throne! And aveno, I know Lok wants Tat housing, but generics can be placed on any planet. I have my Generic GH on Tat right now. I know I buck the trend with the tat arch, but I just never liked tat houses, the layouts or the designs...I know I'm a rebel! I need to get on this weekend and make the move, I'll try to get on mumble sometime this weekend, join the guild and move in. But also keep in mind, this is still Alpha! It will all be wiped when the time comes...so getting re-organized now and knowing what's gonna be where and who and such is great. I'm glad to see CoTP get back into this. I've never given up on it! lol
  13. I only have a generic GH...I don't like the look and layouts of the tat ones.
  14. Oh dear Lord in heaven...LOK! This isn't your daddy's Lok...this is Bas's Lok....evil...deadly....sinister.... I have a generic GH, and I think I have a small generic house stashed somewhere.... Moving is hell...maybe this weekend I'll hop on mumble and see who is around...I'll provide the pizza and beer for laborers
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