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  1. Happy Birthday Kotakis!

  2. Happy Birthday Kotakis!

  3. Happy Birthday Kotakis!

  4. Happy Birthday Kotakis!

  5. Awesome help guys thanks.
  6. Hey sivar thanks for the links although I already read them and that's what led me to starting the thread. Thanks jaeks for the extra info again very useful doc it pretty much hits it on the head. But I'm still stuck the pathfinder package is a comfortable price point for me but it brings me back to the one seater. The digital pirate and freelancer are pushing what I can afford but still do-able the idea of being able to board ships and bounty hunt sounds fun but can the cutlass handle deep space exploration or is it more of a "police" the star system type roll? The freelancer sounds like it might be the one just hate the fact it would be the most popular. I like being different but whatever I guess one of the biggest questions is if I pledged toward the freelancer package and after more info is released or I finally get to play it and then find the cutlass is more suited to me how difficult is it to get the cutlass or hornet or any other ship. Is it really only the lti I'd be missing out on? The constellation sounds exactly what I would want but at $250 that's a pipe dream for me. Thanks again for the help
  7. Thanks jaeks that write up is great although just as I thought you were going to pinpoint my choice I was at the end hahaha. Although it was a great help. The pathfinder package sounds more suitable for me but again it leaves me with a single seater. How much more would it cost for a constellation or cutlass and would a cutlass be suited for deep space?
  8. Oh also forgot I noticed firedancer saying something about needing a bed to allow for save where you are in game. I'd need that aswell incase my game time gets abruptly stopped.
  9. Hey guys been away for a long time due to expanding family not alot of time for gaming. I'm cursing Jayvyn heavily right now for telling me about this game and I need some serious help figuring things out. Seems the more I read the less I understand and more importantly the more questions I have. So here we go, please keep in mind ill need to stay on budget as I won't have the cash to buy multiple ships like some have as in addition to buying the ship I am going to have to do a massive upgrade to my system inorder to run a game of this capacity. anyone tossing any stuff out let me know hahaha. So although I have about a year to build up funds to do a CPU upgrade I don't have the time to wait on getting a ship and hopefully having someone melt it down to take advantage of the lifetime insurance. Because I won't have the serious game time I've had in the past so I'm looking for a ship that allows me to be in the game, help the guild and doesn't require an hr or two just to get going. The exploration of the game sounds intriguing but I won't go too far into that as that's a whole nother boat load of questions. I guess to the root of my question I'm looking for help in picking up a good all around ship. I'm still trying to catch up in my reading but again I'm trying to make the right choice with the funds I have. I like the idea of being an explorer but also maybe doing a little under the radar "product" transport and don't know what ship would be best to explore but also be able to fullfill the role of smuggler. The cutlass sounded good until I noticed it didn't sound like it had any long range abilities. Then I looked at the freelancer and again not totally sure of its abilities. Then there is the 315p but that is a single seater. Although I am aware I could potentially be alone exploring the edges of a system I like the idea of having at least one npc crew member to blame things on when they don't go right hehehe. Anyway thanks again guys for the help sorry for the long email. Kotakis Ps great to see you again firedancer look forward to catching up with you at some point
  10. Ok awesome I've been afk past couple days have family in town but I noticed this morning that throne has found me. He's parked 20m away on tat sampling
  11. Can't seem to get a targeting macro to cycle the targets. Only the ones I've resently selected any ideas?? Also grim I'm using your sample macro with the mood change and I'm still timing out
  12. What is making you all the cash are you just running missions?
  13. Yes it was fun boring at times and lonely but as you got stronger it really got fun. I remember the first time a bounty hunter cam for me. It was a blast. Although the unlocking process wasn't as easy as described earlier. It was random for everyone as to what badges you needed to get. It might have been all profession badges or all poi badges or theme parks. It was different for everyone. The way its listed above it makes it sound like to those that didn't know they could just master something easy like marksman and that's it but the profession you might need to master to unlock is bounty hunter or image designer. Apparently the badges were different for everyone and predetermined at random at time of character creation. Ill look for the post I seen somewhere explaining the force sensitive unlock process. It's interesting to read.
  14. I'm going to try and be on for this ill either build a rifleman for the ranged db's or a tkm if I can get on It's always tough playing with different people but if we can form a platoon of members it would e fun
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