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  1. cool and nice job. i wouldn't mind joining you to help with something like that some time as well. sounds like fun. Still need to add all you in game so my char name is Dagnus Norfal if you want to add me to friends as not sure what all your names are in game. Also Krefy is my alt mule atm mostly
  2. weird i posted in a couple of topics for this game and they are all gone? Did they get removed for some reason?
  3. https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/311708/
  4. Happy Birthday Dagnus!

  5. I will be playing at least for a bit. in game name will most likely be Krefy but I don't get access till 2nd.
  6. Download available now as i just got email saying so so i would assume cb2 clients can be updated as well.
  7. Dagnus

    Albion Online

    you can also just hold the left mouse button in in front of you where you want to go and it will keep moving. Still not the best but better then constantly clicking. I got low lvl founders pack last night so far not sure how i like it. It does somewhat remind me of UO though as movement was like that in it to as well as perspective you are placed in is alot like uo as well. As are some other things I think. Haven't got far yet just in starter zone only played an hour or so tops so far got t2 and got bow but i am thinking i may go back to sword board for now to open up that tier to see what weapons in it are like. I know should pick one and stick with it but beta is time to experiment so that is what i am going to do. Still also playing aa though so not sure how much i will even play this. Was hoping nanu would play as well but doubt he will not that we know about the click to move etc. If we have a guild in game let me know and maybe i will join well i will if I decide to play but for beta doesn't really matter i guess. But i will if we have one anyway.
  8. Happy Birthday Dagnus!

  9. hehe funny you shold say that a friend in game trying to get me to apply to forsaken as well so i may do that now on my main at least. worried about server dieing as well now and a possible server merge at some point if that happens. ie i hear a ton of people are going to xfer to other servers.
  10. Dagnus

    CotP on Skyfire

    wow people still playing eq2 cool I think my chars were on nagafen if i remember correctly or both there and freeport i can't remember not coming back atm though just seen posts here thought i would say hi etc
  11. nice. I have 3 accounts going atm. did have the 3rd one in the guild but had to leave to be able to use some land a friend has and has it set to guild. Anyway nice on the money making side. I have way to much land myself atm. main has hmmm a gaz a pav both 24x of course and 2 16x on alt has 1 24x gaz, an upgraded farmhouse to mining one and 3 16x spots and just other day i got a 16x on new alt in halcy to be able to stage packs from hs and also got him one near one of my other lands:) on mains 24xs i have larders 17 on one and 18 on other ie gaz holds 17 pav holds 18, alts 24x i have honey and some lemon trees and a few coops to get enough mats for quests. other ones are mostly trees atm rubber trees as they give rare or rubber but also have got 3 ts trees from from so far so double chance at a rare drop makes them nice although not that many logs per harvest from them you can fit quite a few on a 16x. I do make enough to pay for enough apex for 3 accounts but not enough to upgrade gear etc so need to work more on that My in game char name is krefy if you need anything let me know. Guild i am in now is very small but its all i need as friend in it also lets me use his land if needed and we trust each other to so that helps with not getting ripped off etc. he owns a ton land in lilli in area near the border to gweon. some of mine is there to and rest in gweon
  12. hehe sorry forgot to check back to see if anyone replied. I am sort of still playing to for sure sometimes. 3 accounts actually all paid for with apex or i won't be playing So what do you raise on farms to make money enough to do that amanda as i can't seem to find anything to grow to make much so i mostly been doing trade runs and stuff but i kinda don't like them
  13. nice. you still playing? or is anyone still playing? think i seen a cotp member in game other day
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