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  1. Skyfire ( help )

    Yes i am - in my own guild The Red Dragons. too many names to list just ask in gen chat for Rachab or Morgiez and i'll see it.
  2. COTP Discord Server

    i'm in, but under another name of Asheukae ( eq2 name) in general gaming 1 channel
  3. Skyfire ( help )

    Jeepers dude, thats a lot of plat! I have recently started playing again and re-familiarizing myself with the game. I found out tonight that I had started my own lil guild back in 2013. Guild level 21, casual, only 3 members right now, plus alts. if you want into a small guild with no raiding plans right now hit up Morgiez in game
  4. Expansion team forming

    I was talking about the guild. Yes you can solo in pretty much any game, however to be competitive on a larger scale, take part in political actions etc, a strong guild is needed. For me, what I loved about SB was the political fighting and then the full scale wars that were a consequence of that. It's also the reason I loved Darkfall.
  5. Expansion team forming

    In reading through the various forum threads, it looks as if quite a few of the same people are looking at several different brand new games coming out. My question is this: Will this still be a viable CoTP chapter after say 2 months? This is NOT one of those games that you can play casually. Not if it's anything like SB, and so far it sounds like it IS like SB only better.
  6. 9|11

    I lost friends in the trade center. It will NEVER go away for me personally.
  7. There will be lots of sheeple, does that count?
  8. I am biding my time until beta 8 in crowfall. As that is the game I expect I will be in until the servers close down Especially if it's like Shadowbane.
  9. 1 more day!!! Buahahahaha ummm is friendly fire allowed in this game?
  10. Albion Online

    I am interested if you still have one available Oldtimer
  11. If you ever played shadowbane, then you would see that mass amounts of players online all doing "things" needs to be tested. Random PVP ( if enabled this early) class builds city structures siege equipment, runes, bane stones, graphics etc etc all need to be thoroughly tested. I expect the pre alpha tests to be non structured. Just wish i was in on it LOL
  12. Just saying Hello!!!

    Hi Aveno! How ya doin? I definately remember you
  13. Roster Sign Up

    I want to play this game!! User name Morgie434 - no pledge and prolly on release!
  14. Server Merge

    I finally got my comuter back. So will be playing again, well once i either remember my passwords or find my box with my passwords in it!