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  1. You can do eet! PVP is so carebare nowadays, typically no drop and gives a person something else to do. Grim
  2. Just make sure that it is the good kind of pirates! Grim
  3. PvP is great, but PVE is a good way to unwind from all of the killing, lol... Grim
  4. Cinder and Cleaver are my main cups'0 tea. I love using my human captain skill and punting people into the whirlpools. Next would be the Bloodfin, for Ramming Speed! hehe Grim
  5. We have a CotP guild that Dryaad created... Just a casual group atm, but who knows where the future will take it. There is more info in the WoW Classic channel in our Discord. Grim
  6. Well I played the demo and got the free stuff and took my Dwarf this to tier 3... Perhaps we can hook up and give a spin sometime, lol. Grim
  7. Thanks for that info, Vraith Much appreciated! Grim
  8. I really hesitated at re-subbing into WoW Classic, after playing since beta and the retail version just not doing it for me... But then I had an epiphany. I really needed this, for WoW to be re-released in the classic form... I realized that I had lost interest in WoW retail a while ago, it is just missing the feel of adventure and more than that, friendly people that you meet... I have already met so many really nice folks, where in retail that, to me, is missing. I am truly having a blast, adventuring around the world and going alt bananas again. hehe. It almost feels like, something that was missing, has been restored. I really hope that they will continue to develop this version and not make is the same as it is in retail... Cheers Grim
  9. I broke down and re-subbed, to give classic a whirl... I am curious to see if the feel is what it was when I played beta forward. I sent out a few friend requests, under my user name pirant#1300 Not sure the class I will play yet, but it / they will be on Pagle... Cheers Grim
  10. Ya there is that... Grim
  11. The introduction video reminds me of both Borderlands in space and Starship Tropers hehe... https://outerworlds.obsidian.net/ Cheers Grim
  12. Destiny 2 is leaving Battle.net and moving to Steam! Move your account! Cheers Grim
  13. As long as we keep our friends in our memories and thoughts, are they really gone? I'd like to think that they are all still with us, even as they pass to the other side, to continue their journeys. Grim...
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