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  1. Grim

    Welcome Yakarue

    Welcome to the family. Make yourself at home. Atlas Online Cheers Grim
  2. Grim

    Yakarue Member Application

    Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our great gaming family. Cheers Grim
  3. Grim

    Diablo 3 Season 16 Tomorrow!

    Welp, here it is again. Another season of Diablo 3 is set to begin sometime tomorrow. You can get the lowdown on it here at the Blizzard website. Here are some builds that look pretty good, at least until we see how things look for sure. Cheers Grim
  4. Grim

    My First Experience in Atlas

    Day 2 I logged in expecting to wake up next to Bakath and Damis, but the game had special things in mind for me this morning... Somehow a wolf had somehow jumped through 2 doors or a very heavily constructed wall, killed me but apparently was nice enough to spare Bakath and Damis, lol. Glad that they knocked out the weird bugs, LOL. My respawn screen had me in the ocean somewhere and I forgot how to specify my respawning back onto the island so I just hit 'respawn'. Well now I was back at newbie island and had to drown myself to get back to the fort, lol. Thank goodness for voice coms. Got back to the island, no Grim corpse, guess it bugged, rotted away or someone looted it (the best possibility). I had to re-outfit. Luckily there were things around, which allowed me to do that. A nice pirate outfit, axe, pick and a pike. I proceeded to cut down trees, gathered wood and mined for a bit of iron. The wood to be used hopefully towards Damis's replacement ship and the iron to repair the tools and pike as needed. Damis you should really better keep track of where your ships are, just a thought...hehe. :D Oh ya, while chopping wood, a wolf decided to eat my face and I managed to kill it with my new pike that I had grabbed while re-equipping, yippee... hehe. Someone knocked at my door, I was given a few Grimmy do things and had to log out. Got finished with my chores and restarted my computer. I saw Bakath on Steam, we messaged a bit, he had to take the dog out, prep his coffee maker before jumping into game and... I fell asleep at the keyboard (I wish I could say that was something new and unusual hehe). I woke up later that evening, saw that Bakath had logged for the evening and I had missed Damis. Both working stiffs, so it is understandable. An interesting game, indeed. I can see much fun in the future. Cheers Grim
  5. Day 1 Welp I finally knuckled under and grabbed the game. I was amazed that it downloaded and installed as fast as it did. I was not surprised that I had to set everything to rock bottom, in order to be able to play it. hehe. While I love my computer and it I consider myself fortunate to have it, at 10 years old, it is beginning to feel the strain of the new games. I will be updated it sometime later this year, hehe. So I get things set up, log into the game and Bakath meets me at the newbie island. I was pretty surprised, I was not expecting a little old crazed, starved fellow to meet me (If you know Bakath, you know what I am saying, lol). Imagine an old crazy looking leprechaun. We jump into his newbie sloop and for the next half hour, he tells me how we are going to die, on our way to the guilds island. We did get close to death several times. Between the ghost ships running around and insane waterspout attacks, it was both nuts and really fun. I was amazed how well the game looked and ran, once we got out to sea. Long story short, we make it to the island, not before several deaths via vitamin deficiency and freezing to death. Thank goodness Bakath had the foresight to drop a bed onto the boat before we left, lol. Bakath made us some warm clothes, Damis some metal tools. life was nice... Well then we were hungry and thirsty again, at least it was fairly to solve that, with a bit of hunting, fishing and those lovely rain barrels. I grabbed my shiney new tools and went to harvest things, getting reacquainted with the game mechanics. Pretty much as I remembered Ark, less the dinosaurs. Ended up running back into the fort, slamming the doors close as a level 30 snake thing tried to make me his next meal. As I was trapped, I decided to log for the evening. I laid down next to the snoring Bakath and Damis and reflected on my time in game. It was much better than I had feared, but I was glad I had waited to get into game, until after the initial chaos of the games release. I had fun, the game hitches a bit (due to my computer) and I am good with that as I will be upgrading in the near future and more than that, it was a great feeling to hook up with CotP in a game again. Enter the fond memories of AoC, Darkfall and many other games... Cheers Grim
  6. Grim

    My email from the VP Mike Pence

    Well if you are looking for an older son or someone to whom to send a shiny new computer to, I'm your dude, LOL! Cheers Grim
  7. Grim


  8. Grim


    As long as you are on server Skyfire, the side no longer really matters and is more of a personal preference. Most of us have characters on both sides... Cheers Grim
  9. Grim


    Most of the servers were merged. We moved the guild hall from a tier 3 to a tier 2 hall, in order to make it more affordable to maintain. It is still pretty big and we have a ton of room. It is now fully functional, other than some more decorations, which is not a priority, but is being worked on daily. Currently the only folks that were there from CotP before are Chimaeros, Morg and I. We have a few new folks so far but is almost seems that players that are looking for a guild are few and far between, but we continue to search. All of the new folks are returning players, which kind of seems to imply that the game is gaining, at least in some small part, a resurgence in popularity. Cheers Grim
  10. Get it while its hot! Your very own copy of Subnautica, the underwater survival game. Until December 27th, get it here Cheers Grim
  11. Grim

    Christmas Comes Early!

    World of tanks Christmas has come early this year. They have decided to have a nice set of gifts, based on the amount of time that you have had an account with Wargaming / World of Tanks! You can start grabbing your Tankmas presents November 28, that's tomorrow, woohooo! For the specifics, you can go here... Cheers Grim
  12. Proof of concept footage #2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHZiIltYvAQ Cheers Grim
  13. Welp, here is something that I have been waiting for. More Core Online stuff! The Core Online, Proof of Concept!. While the game not be available for Alpha until April 2019, it is still a great sign that progress is on track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78KTSWN8Vv8 Cheers Grim
  14. Make sure, if you got one of these Steam keys that you use it. You have a few more days, before the key is no longer valid. Cheers Grim
  15. Grim

    Destiny 2 Interest

    I agree, way too fun. I am glad that they gave this one away for free, then had a sale for the rest of the expansions for $30.00. A whole lot of very cool content for the buck. I just need to get a bit less rusty in the pvp experience. I get killed a lot, but unlike many games, I am having a blast in my death spasms, lol. Cheers Grim