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  1. Grim

    Christmas Comes Early!

    World of tanks Christmas has come early this year. They have decided to have a nice set of gifts, based on the amount of time that you have had an account with Wargaming / World of Tanks! You can start grabbing your Tankmas presents November 28, that's tomorrow, woohooo! For the specifics, you can go here... Cheers Grim
  2. Proof of concept footage #2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHZiIltYvAQ Cheers Grim
  3. Welp, here is something that I have been waiting for. More Core Online stuff! The Core Online, Proof of Concept!. While the game not be available for Alpha until April 2019, it is still a great sign that progress is on track. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78KTSWN8Vv8 Cheers Grim
  4. Make sure, if you got one of these Steam keys that you use it. You have a few more days, before the key is no longer valid. Cheers Grim
  5. Grim

    Destiny 2 Interest

    I agree, way too fun. I am glad that they gave this one away for free, then had a sale for the rest of the expansions for $30.00. A whole lot of very cool content for the buck. I just need to get a bit less rusty in the pvp experience. I get killed a lot, but unlike many games, I am having a blast in my death spasms, lol. Cheers Grim
  6. Grim

    Welcome Galbsadi

    Welcome to the family. Make yourself at home. Multiple Games Cheers Grim
  7. Grim

    Galbsadi Member Application

    Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our great gaming family. Cheers Grim
  8. Get it while its hot, meaning before November 18, 2018 @ 10am pac time. After you get your key, use it fast as they expire on November 22, 2018 @ 10am pac time. Then you have a nice new shiney game, yours to keep forever. Your very own copy of Sins of the Solar Empire: Rebellion for FREE, from Humble Bundle! (a savings of between $9.99 and $39.99 on Steam, depending on if you get it on sale or not). It has both single and multiplayer available. You can get your Free Steam Key here! Cheers Grim
  9. With all of the changes, I will say that for now, this is the best update that I have seen. Color me extremely happy! Cheers Grim
  10. The 6.30 update just dropped this morning. This is the first part of some massive updates coming to Fortnite: Save the World! If you have played before, you will be needing to log in, grab your goodies and get your game squared away, as they have changed how many things are done. They have also made drastic / logical changes to how things look. If you have never played, it is still buy to play, with free to play postponed until at least the first quarter of 2019. They moved the ftp start date, so they could really put some nice polish on the game first. You can find links to the patch notes, comments from some of our players and youtube videos, relating to the new changes and how to get things set up. Cheers Grim
  11. Earlier this month, Warframe's newest update dropped for the pc! A new open world element has been added, which eliminates my most major complaint about the game. While I have not played the new update personally, I have been following on several Twitch streams and it looks pretty spot on. You can find out more about the new release here... Cheers Grim
  12. It looks like we could use a place for folks to place their links, so we can all link up. You can earn quests, a new emblem and exclusive gear! You can get your own code here then reply to the thread and we will have more people to click on, lol. Just click on the name of the person that you want to add to your linkage... October Pirant (Grim) Cheers Grim
  13. If you have been having fun playing Destiny 2 and are interested in the Forsaken update, along with the 2 other mini expansions, you can get it on the Blizzard website for only $29.99 This also includes a boost to level 30 for a character. You can get more info about this, if interested, here. Cheers Grim
  14. Grim

    Diablo News from Blizzcon 2018

    I think that they got hit a bit harder than they had expected. As of this morning, they lost another $1.00 per share. Cheers Grim
  15. Grim

    Diablo News from Blizzcon 2018

    Ya I watched that announcement live and man the boos were crazy. Someone asked if it was an out of season April Fools joke lol. Apparently their partner is also heavily invested in to pay to win mobile games, including the one that the new Diablo is modeled after. Supposedly there are some other Diablo things in the works that were not ready to show yet. This according to the Dev that Bluddshed was interviewing, while he was playing the new game (on his Twitch channel). Only time will tell... Cheers Grim