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  1. Cheers to the winners! Hmmm, Damis, you name isn't up there again. hehe... Cheers Grim
  2. can you please point me to the ventrilo setup 

    thanks wapofoc

  3. Welcome to the family. Make yourself at home. Path of Exile Cheers Grim
  4. Welcome to the CotP Community! We hope that you will enjoy your stay, with our great gaming family. Cheers Grim
  5. For those old World of Tanks veterans, don't forget to claim your vet rewards! It is based on your account creation date... I got my shiny new Tier VII Super Hellcat and a bunch of other goodies! https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/seniority-awards-2019-start/ Cheers Grim
  6. Really fun game, I'd be playing more often and will again, after my current family crisis has had a chance to pass... I suspect to be on more after the first of the year. Cheers Grim
  7. Once again today, many people are experiencing problems with connecting to Discord. Apparently not everyone is effected, it is just a crap shoot as to your ability to log in. They just posted that they are aware of the issue and I suspect that Discord will be down for several hours again. Cheers Grim
  8. Grim

    Smite - Free To Play.

    Always a fun game to play. Tho I seem to play a little worse than when we played before, lol... Grim
  9. Fine, I will install it and hope that Discord un-poops itself in time to hang out! I suppose we can always hang out on a public Mumble server. Grim
  10. I try to play it every day, at least for a little while... I usually end up mining for hours, lol... Grim
  11. Vegetto71 is both playing and streaming SWG on Star wars galaxies legends server. He has a guild going there, so there are folks to hang with, which would make things a bit easier to ease back into SWG! https://mixer.com/united_legions And also on: Cheers Grim
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