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  1. Grim

    TrionWorlds Sold -- Mass Layoffs

    Wow, that is a surprise... Cheers Grim
  2. Grim

    Beta 1 Starting

    You forgot, the deserter of Fortnite: Save the World and other great games... Cheers Grim
  3. My new shirt. Cheers Grim
  4. Grim

    Guild Daily Set time

    Most evenings I am in Fortnite, but other than that, I am in MapleStory 2, if gaming... Cheers Grim
  5. Grim

    Classic Game Postmortem: Ultima Online

    Ya I watched that a bit ago, good stuff indeed. Cheers Grim
  6. Grim

    MMO Champion -- FYI

    They must be using Norton to secure and notify them of issues, lol. Cheers Grim
  7. Grim

    Diablo 3 new season

    LOL and now is season 15, things have changed a lot since then. Cheers Grim
  8. I really love my Cannon, not the newest model but still works great and the prices was really good as well. Cheers Grim
  9. A place to show off your kewl stuff! Cheers Grim
  10. Grim

    Wildstar coming to a END!

    Ya I read about this one a short while ago, I am a bit surprised that it lasted as long as it did, with the bean counters of today. It was fun, but was not, unfortunately, for me... Cheers Grim
  11. Grim

    Maple Story 2 ( Oct 10th )

    Just wow, that dance event, LOL! Cheers Grim
  12. Grim

    Maple Story 2 ( Oct 10th )

    Xugrel moved from West to East and got his founders items on both servers. Cheers GriM
  13. Grim

    Beta 1 Starting

    Typically beta comes after alpha and one with alpha should have all of the testing phases... Have you checked the testing schedule and tried to log in to make sure? 😛 Cheers Grim