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  1. Happy Birthday Gopher!

  2. Happy Birthday Gopher!

  3. Happy Birthday Gopher!

  4. Happy Birthday Gopher!

  5. Well not sure were Texas A&M will play OleMiss, would like to make a road trip to there on of these times. Thought the Sced would be out this week but looks like it has been pushed till next week. One leak though is it has A&M's first SEC home game against FL at College Station. which will be a great time, but guess we will find out next week hopefully.
  6. You want to see what football is really like in a small town in South Texas http://search.espn.go.com/s/overlay/videoOverlay?searchString=outside%20the%20lines&id=7308084&dims=6&start=0 No I don't live there but we use to play them in Football every year even back to when My Dad coached, Lucky my school didn't play them this year our it would have been really bad. When I played, we would only lose to them by a few points, but dam this is bad.
  7. Just like last seasons playoffs ended, this playoff season begans with the 2 heavy weights going at it!!! Your going down this week again Throne!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Here is the first round, Can the Gopher knock off Throne for a second straight year in a row in the play-offs?
  9. Your right it will never be what SWG has become, but it will be like the old days and when SWG was great. I jump on the other night and waiting for more to get on and will start playing it again.
  10. WoW, what a great celebration and press conference, even seeing the SEC boards and all the love, this is why we have to leave this crappy conference and move on to the best conference in the US. It will be very tough, I know that, but you have to beat the best to be with the best. We will prevail after a few years.
  11. http://www.secdigita...conference.aspx Also: http://www.tamu.edu/athletics/announcement.html
  12. Gopher

    A&M and the SEC

    Oh this is good, someone saw this on a broadcast, they show the billboard!! http://www.kxxv.com/story/15529851/man-arrested-after-trying-to-steal-copper-from-middle-school Its at mark 1:15
  13. And I will be there Saturday for the game, early birthday gift from my bro, Whoop!!!! Will be a hell of a game!!! Aggies 38 - pookies 31
  14. Gopher

    A&M and the SEC

    LoL, just LoL!!! What has just been reported and happening is so funny. t.u. got rejected by the PAC 12, I love it, ESiPN and them made a bad bed that they cant get rid of and no one wants that crappy lhn. How do you like it now t.u. fans, oh wait, no one can see lhn anyway. Kinda surprised that the PAC 12 wouldn't take OU and OSU, they were on the up and up and are a good school, I do understand t.u. with that crap network and having to bring tech with them, but WoW. Today has just helped out Texas A&M to the SEC with out gaylor pushing the crap they they tried to push. Oh gaylor fans, how do you like this billboard on your way to the stadium? http://i48.photobuck...b/billboard.jpg Lets go SEC and also BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE POKES THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Gopher

    A&M and the SEC

    Well it looks like Monday all hell with break loose.
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