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  1. Hello all, I logged into the game, and my characters are all in the guild! It will be fun to see you in game. Litewave
  2. Hello everyone, I did transfer all of character last fall. Now I need an invite to the guild, if anyone can send me a note, with a date and time they will be on, I will jump on mumble and coordinate with you to get my characters back in the guild. It is been a craze last 3 years for me, but hope to become more active in COTP again now that things have calmed down for me. Looking forward to seeing my COTP family again. Litewave
  3. Congrats Byntar! I will definatley get my tickets for each lottery Litewave
  4. Woot... way to go team !! Now I am broke and tired... think I will nap today What an exciting finish that last hour was exciting and intense !! I forgot to breath a couple of times.... lol Litewave
  5. I am trying the loot drop... it is nice to have especially since I set my Auto Loot to on. Before this addon, I could not see what I was looting.. I love to loot, lol
  6. Glad to be a part of this faction... hopefully the internet issues will be minimum... fingers crossed... Litewave
  7. ShadowRed, I sent my friend key to you. enjoy.
  8. I am looking forward to playing this game. I think your plan is great Eendiwena.
  9. I also have an extra beta key... Just PM me. First request wins.
  10. I am looking forward to playing this game. Skyrim was a lot of fun, and the graphics and character set up are better now. See you all in game. Litewave
  11. Welcome to COTP Althar ! Litewave
  12. Welcome to COTP Faith ! Litewave
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