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  1. Happy Birthday ye old geezer ?

    1. Grim


      Thank you my son! hehe  :D




  2. Need a guild invite Twilight_Walker, im on most weeknights
  3. Still need patron to own land, but they have added lots of land and revised the family system. I own a good back corner of white arden 2 8x8(its almost a 24x24 spot), 8 24x24, and 2 28x28 plots.
  4. Hey Amanda, ive been playing on Ollo too, maybe we can team up sometime?
  5. Happy Birthday Bendarek!

  6. I dont think they took a look at the whole population, if you average the hardcore vs normals the rent cost is scewed towards the hardcore hurting the majority of players. Hopefully they keep a close eye on it and adjust when they see they set the bar too high for the normal players
  7. Its a holdfast, i think spy has a town or village, i have a town and row, not sure who else has what. So still room for a couple towns or several village and rows. Now that they have released the property tax info im glad i got tax-free deeds.
  8. I have a bag full of plot types, just let me know what type and where and ill toss em out. Now that the final wipe has happened, ill get the PoT setup again. How many row/village/town lots should i start with?
  9. I have added Findupre as a connection, but my bet is they will either not connect us because we are not next to each other, or move one of the towns to make the connection. Also Findupre needs to add CoTP as a connection for his to work.
  10. Sorry im out in the field this week, ill be home this weekend to continue working on the town. While im out take a look around and when i get back we can make place more lots and the npc building and npcs(2x)
  11. so i just checked out the handy dandy "homes merchant" and he is selling a village lot deed for 250,000 gold, town lot deed for 400,000 gold, city lot deed for 800,000 gold. he also sells a basic list of houses ranging from 10,000 to 40,000 gold, looks like the 10,000 are for row homes, 20,000 for the village, and 40,000 for the town. let me know and i can toss out the homes merchant or any of them it looks like, but can only have 2 NPC's down at a time.
  12. Soo as a dynamic PoT, everything is flexable. My bank was loaded when i logged in, 280 some items because i have all the different lot markers, all the different NPCs for the town, all the npc buildings etc. That being said, let me know and i will place you a lot where you wantz, we have a large island so we can have a very tight nit town setting or we can spred out, the total square cant exceed our towns size. Also need help figuring put what npc/npc building to lay out, i have all of them but can only place one at a time
  13. The link below has a map about half way down showing our towns in-game location, i was able to run to it with one death on a freshly started char, one death. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=56150#more-56150 Our town is located in the south east corner of the north east quadrant (quadrant 1 like we asked for) The city name is Covenant of the Phoenix.
  14. Based off the release 24 instructions it does not look like we will be able to get our POT in until release 25. https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=54858#more-54858 At the bottem of the instructions it has a map of the world, i beleive that its the most up todate list of town names available currently
  15. So, getting back to the real questions. What should we name the town? I get the feeling novia NE=1, NW=2, SE=?, SW=?, Hidden vale N=?, S=? The underground looks interesting, im leaning towards island/underground?
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