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    1. I think I am going to check it out then...I've been pretty sick lately with a tough work schedule on top of that but that will get better soon....
    2. So how are things going with Destiny 2 so far and CotP? I've been away for almost a year due to health and personal reasons and was playing Conan mostly before I left the scene. I've missed gaming since then and have read many positive things about D2 so far even though I don't think I've ever seriously played a turn based game. Is there anyone I should talk to so I can get the 411 on Destiny2? Thanks ahead of time... Twisted
    3. Hey everyone. I've had some medical issues involving some relatively minor surgery but it has been much tougher than I anticipated to rebound from this (3 surgeries in 3 weeks). I think I am on the way to mending and will be back in game very soon. Twisted (Mark)
    4. Twisted - Release (at this point). I favor PvE games but am willing to try it.
    5. Happy Birthday Twisted!

    6. Happy Birthday Twisted!

    7. Happy Birthday Twisted!

    8. Don't get any ideas Jurick....unless you come with a dowry.
    9. FYI...without much knowledge about it I am also downloading the PTS (Public Test Server) piece.....guess what it is the same big ass download so I am guessing when it is done I will have two versions of ESO....can you hear the hard drives moaning yet? Twisted
    10. Ok so I pulled the trigger on the Digital Imperial version. Be forewarned that the download for the game files is rather large (about 30GB even though it says less). Installed it will be about 60 gigs. Due to either their download server limitation or high demand it took a long time to get it downloaded. I recommend if you are going to play ESO that you get these files downloaded now whereas it will only get worse. Twisted
    11. Happy Birthday Twisted!

    12. Twisted

      Where is CotP

      Hey everone this is Twisted...been off for a year. Was hoping to try out Secret World. Can anyone provide me Mumble access...seem to be stuck with almost no access. I will (based on discussion thread) join the Templar faction on Cerberus. Thanks. Twisted (mark)
    13. Due to the character transfers available and the desire to preserve our Alliance with the other Order guilds recently established I have compiled some raw data and links below to explore. Basic Stats to help in putting the information below into context: Data From Waralytics (updated 12/28/08) Outdated. *Note these two websites have significantly different figures. I believe WarDB?s numbers are more accurate/current. Gorgang Total Population 15,652 Destro 9,411 Order 6,241 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.5:1 Magnus Total Population 20,153 Destro 10,556 Order 9,597 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.1:1 Volkmar Total Population 21,426 Destro 10,882 Order 10,544 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.0:1 Azazel Total Population 20198 Destro 10416 Order 9782 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.06:1 Data From WarDB (updated daily) Gorfang Total Population 6535 Destro 3616 Order 2919 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.2:1 Magnus Total Population 7114 Destro 3720 Order 3394 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.1:1 Volkmar Total Population 12992 Destro 5997 Order 6995 Ratio of Destro to Order 0.85:1** This imbalance could cause problems. However these numbers could change rapidly over the next few days. Azazel Total Population 10671 Destro 5438 Order 5233 Ratio of Destro to Order 1.01:1 The link below highlighted some of the concerns about the Sept ?08 cloning of Volkmar due to congestion issues. FYI Magnus was the equal or clone of Volkmar. *Note: Each server depending on its hardware configuration both at the physical level (many of the servers are virtual servers) and the virtual level have hard coded ?caps? for the number of players at any given time. This ?cap? is not a fixed number but rather is different on each server due to differences in configuration, content affiliation (i.e. RvR/PvP/PvE weights) on top of each servers ruleset (i.e. Core, RvR, RP, etc). This can effect playability and queue times. http://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/41191 Below is a link to a Volkmar forum which is informative. Lots of positive things to be seen about Volkmar. http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=133 Below is a compilation of basic Warhammer server stats: http://www.waralytics.com/warservers/index/page:1/sort:count/direction:desc A note of importance that refutes the common mantra by Destro that they are ?outnumbered? is that Destro outnumbers Order on Azazel. Also note that Gorfang has many more Destro than Order 1.5:1 ratio. Overall we are still devoid of some important information that I have not been able to get. Namely the distribution of accounts on each server in the Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific time zones whereas these stats could reveal much of what is better or worse about choosing a server.
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