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  1. Groats

    Crowfall Action

    I saw an announcement to prepare for war but have no clue what that means havent played in about a year?
  2. Groats

    Fallout 76

    I am late to the party but would love to team up with guildies in fallout 76.
  3. I havent been keeping up with progress. Anything going on? I bought in for baron/mayor a while ago.
  4. I will be a backup if someone changes their mind.
  5. Groats

    Rend: Hybrid PvX Epic Survival Game

    I am thinking of taking the plunge in Rend. You guys are on US West - Muspelheim, Order faction.
  6. Hi I am BOMJ and just reinstalled SWOTR looking to play casually for a bit. If we have a guild and I can help can I get and invite? Thanks
  7. Hi I am looking for a new game over XMAS break. I really like mmorpg's played most of them so looking for something new. I am signed up for crowfall, dark and light and COE and recently purchased H1Z1 ( my 1st fps). I enjoy civilization on skyrim. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
  8. Groats

    Roster Sign Up

    I signed up as a backer and ready to play whenever the guild has something going.
  9. Groats

    Expansion team forming

    Could you give me some advice on choosing between these? Backer Bronze Gold Thanks
  10. Groats

    Expansion team forming

    Throne I have been searching for some PVP. I have been playing Dark & Light but I am bored building. I am waiting for COE to start early access. I can't go back to BDO. Can you let me know how to get involved and participate to help the guild. I can purchase early access just need to know what to buy.
  11. Can I play for free and get a feel for the game?
  12. Groats

    House upgrade