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  1. I played the alpha game looks promising.
  2. Hey Im a mayor which domain and settlement should i select?
  3. I saw an announcement to prepare for war but have no clue what that means havent played in about a year?
  4. Groats

    Fallout 76

    I am late to the party but would love to team up with guildies in fallout 76.
  5. I havent been keeping up with progress. Anything going on? I bought in for baron/mayor a while ago.
  6. I will be a backup if someone changes their mind.
  7. I am thinking of taking the plunge in Rend. You guys are on US West - Muspelheim, Order faction.
  8. Hi I am BOMJ and just reinstalled SWOTR looking to play casually for a bit. If we have a guild and I can help can I get and invite? Thanks
  9. Hi I am looking for a new game over XMAS break. I really like mmorpg's played most of them so looking for something new. I am signed up for crowfall, dark and light and COE and recently purchased H1Z1 ( my 1st fps). I enjoy civilization on skyrim. All suggestions welcome. Thanks
  10. I signed up as a backer and ready to play whenever the guild has something going.
  11. Could you give me some advice on choosing between these? Backer Bronze Gold Thanks
  12. Throne I have been searching for some PVP. I have been playing Dark & Light but I am bored building. I am waiting for COE to start early access. I can't go back to BDO. Can you let me know how to get involved and participate to help the guild. I can purchase early access just need to know what to buy.
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