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  1. Awesome! The link worked. Thanks for the info!
  2. Hey everyone, I was an active member back in wrath and have recently returned to the game. I am interesting in getting into mythic dungeons and casual raiding. I am currently playing horde on a distant server but would be willing to swap for the community. So I guess I would really just like to determine how active the guild is and see if I could get an invite before deciding to spend the money to change realm / faction. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tylr!

  4. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tylr!

  5. Grim

    Happy Birthday Tylr!

  6. Tylr

    Flying epic mount

    I have my epic flyr on both my hunter and pally. I got my epic on my pally just after Wotlk came out and i found it to b a pretty good investment seeing as how the new northerend area is so big and it costs u about 5-7 gold to fly across the place everytime you want to go anywhere and with the epic flyr i dont have to pay the flight path fees and get there much quicker. As far as the gold grind goes i dont think there is any easy way to get arround it but if u find yourself not needing to buy a bunch of stuff i would start saving for an epic flyr. I think its worth it.
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